Nov 21, 2019
For the most part the jokes fall flat and the result is rather bland.
Jul 18, 2014
The dull romance between Sadie and Ben is revealed as little more than a prop for the comedian's patented schtick.
Jun 7, 2013
It's exactly what it looks like from the commercials -- a one-joke movie, and that one joke isn't even funny to begin with.
Nov 3, 2012
I would honestly rather watch the Holocaust In Colour than sit through this again.
Jul 6, 2010
It's enough to make anybody squirm.
Oct 18, 2008
It's a bit short of laughs, but there are a few cute ideas in this formulaic, predictable romantic comedy.
Aug 25, 2008
Sadly, License to Wed lived up to my expectations 100%. That is to say, it was unfunny and uninspired.
Mar 3, 2008
As someone engaged, I felt they disrespected what marriage can and should mean. And most importantly, I'm offended at their attempt at cringe-worthy humor.
Oct 31, 2007
Predictable wedding comedy is all about Williams.
Oct 24, 2007
You know it's bad when there are more interesting things happening during the outtakes in the closing credits than in the movie itself.
Sep 12, 2007
It's not quite as bad as some would have it (it will not, for example, kill puppies), but it is really very horrible.
Aug 18, 2007
This movie is an ecclesiastical disaster and, like the Rector of Stiffkey, Williams should be thrown to the lions.
Aug 10, 2007
Forget Wedding Crashers... this is a plain old Wedding Disaster.
Aug 10, 2007
The worst film I've seen so far this year.
Aug 10, 2007
The biggest letdown, is Williams, whose manic improvisations now bear all the hallmarks of a pub bore.
Aug 10, 2007
Robin Williams is back in this horrifically embarrassing and misconceived wedding comedy.
Aug 10, 2007
Josef Goebbels had a home movie made of the failed 1944 Hitler assassins being hanged from meathooks with piano wire. It probably had more laughs, more fun, more feelgood moments than this family comedy.
Aug 10, 2007
The comedy, starring Robin Williams as a reverend who won't marry couples until they have passed several ridiculous tests, raised a good few laughs.
Aug 10, 2007
Divorce is more fun than this film.
Aug 10, 2007
I now pronounce Licence To Wed a total flop.