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September 5, 2015
Expertly shot and the greatest troll movie I've ever seen. Warning: You will be upset from this movie and have no sense of resolution when it's over!
August 8, 2015
Great build of suspense and fear, but the villains got tiresome toward the end, and one little 10 second, nonsensical scene destroyed the entire movie for me. Were they magic? What the hell was that!?
½ July 27, 2015
The direction this film takes, makes it great!
½ July 2, 2015
It's incredibly tryhard. It doesn't watch like a demented film, it watches like a film trying to be cool and demented.
½ June 26, 2015
Funny Games is a moviegoer's worst nightmare: a film you wish you hadn't seen, yet can't get out of your head. Purportedly made as an indictment of society's hunger for violent fare, the ends does not justify the means, so cruel is this film. The Exorcist is more fun to watch than this excremental piece of celluloid. Never see it. Please...
June 24, 2015
One of the best remakes ever made and one of the best films ever made.
½ June 18, 2015
I guess it's important to understand I hate torture films. They serve no purpose and I fail to see how any film under that genre has an audience. Funny Games wither the original or this shot by shot remakes does nothing but disturb, it doesn't entertain, it doesn't intrigue, it doesn't delve into any psychological issues. No it's torture. That's it. Do you like that? Fine, just don't talk to me.
½ June 14, 2015
Underweighted by all the cliches, "Funny Games" offers nothing but a poorly written plot and the poorly acted cast.

You may as well call "Funny Games" Crappy Games, as this could quite possibly be the worst movie I have ever seen. The story takes place with a family who are on vacation, the movie opens up with the family playing this awful metal music in the beginning. The family goes to their summer home, they soon see these two men outside their backdoor, the two men break into their house and force the family to play their games in order to survive. The mom (played by Naomi Watts) and the dad (played by Tim Roth) are possibly the dumbest characters in this film, they always portray themselves to be weak and helpless, their son seems to be more brave than them. In one scene of the film, one of the two men picks up a remote and (literally) breaks the 4th wall to rewind time, I never understood this part and did not even care either after watching this film for an hour and a half.

To put it this way, "Funny Games" sucks, the movie is entirely forgettable and you will not want to watch it ever again after watching it one time. Do not even bother wasting your own time and money watching this catastrophe.
½ June 13, 2015
Usually people go on about remakes, you know how dare someone rewrite and direct one of their all time favourites! It's a common and acceptable thing to get angry about, I've seen many a remake, some good, some woeful and some completely unneeded. The important part about this however is the unneeded part, usually when a remake is unneeded, the original source material was wonderful and a different director takes the helm, not long after the originals release and makes a shot for shot immitation, usually missing the spirit and performance of the original. Thing is, Funny Games 2008 is actually a word for word, shot for shot remake by the exact same director but shot in english and with american/british actors. The point, i'm not entirely sure, possibly to try and break American cinema. The thing is, that this remake, had you not seen the original, would astound you, its haunting, relentless and horrifying, but knowing exactly word for word what is about to be said is, well slightly confusing, especially by the same director, with a film that looks the same, with the same script and dialogue and character traits and the unique breaking of the 4th wall. If you have no idea about it, Funny Games is one of the most intense watches you will find in cinema, period. Directed by Michael Haneke, a family visit their holiday home for a much needed getaway. On arrival they notice some strange guests kicking about with the other families, its not until these guests descend upon their house, that the true nature of their problems arise. Haenke, revels in long, long takes, painfully long, most of the time with little sound. You are in the moment and it hurts, a lot. He forces a lot from his actors and luckily here, his cast are pretty much on par with his previous one, Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Michael Pitt.. In fact Michael Pitt actually over shadows his former with a stunningly frightening and maniacal performance, from a young actor people really need to start noticing. Everyone is great in this, but then of course they would be, everything was there from the start and what confuses the most is that the actors do not in anyway change up the characters at all, apart from Pitt. Begging the question, what is the point in this films existence? It brings nothing new to the table in any way, it it shot identically and performed identically. This need not exist, unless you are too lazy to read subtitles from the original. However lets put that aside and critique the film. Its ominous and brooding, the sinister duo, seem friendly at first and watching the subtle performances turn violently nasty over the course of the film is wonderful. Watts shows off her acting chops in a big way and Roth is forced to do a lot with very little dialogue or screen time. Haenke also likes to get peculiar and against the grain shots, hes not interested in whos talking, hes more interested in showing you the emotional roller coaster the characters are going through, in fact most of the violence in this film takes place off screen, while were still in the room. It makes it more tasteful, if you can call it that. The film does suffer however whenever Pitt isnt in it, he is completely relishing the role so much, he is the reason this film didnt bug me as much as i thought it would, being a massive fan of the original, he just pulls off psychotic so well, even though his actions are horrifying you cant help but enjoy what the man is doing with the character. Its wonderfully lit, nothing hyper realistic, its all down tone, whites, soft, clean cut stuff, with an over abundance of close up shots and macro, its a very alienating film, much like the original, and a lot of people will not have the stomach or the patience for it. However not as raw as the original and slightly less subtle, this film still packs a gruesome punch over and over and over again, not exactly one for Haenke purists but if you enjoy Michael Pitt, then i strongly recommend giving this your time, just dont say i didnt warn you about how ugly this film can get.
½ May 17, 2015
Whether you enjoy 'Funny Games' very much depends on whether you first of all understand its exercise, and then if you do, whether you appreciate its "lesson" or not. Elated or frustrated by it, there is no getting away from the fantastic performances and precise, unnerving direction by Michael Haneke. Definitely a must-see for film fans, but perhaps one to skip for the casual viewer after some mainstream horror entertainment.
May 16, 2015
Truly, one of the greatest horror films I have ever seen because its so likely that it CAN actually happen. What makes it terrific and memorable too is that the movie breaks the fourth wall and invites the audience to participate in the torture of the family. Director Haneke does a great job of playing with the audience and torturing them with what will happen next. The movie is also great at not being conventional and cliche-driven like most horror films these days. Michael Pitt truly plays the perfect psychopath in this film and Watts and Roth are great too. This is truly a favorite film of mine. Is so much better than the unrealistic so-called horror films that focus on torture like Saw and Hostel franchises. I warn you, this movie is not for everyone and is very graphic.
April 26, 2015
This film has divided audiences and critics alike sinse 2008 when it was released. My first Michael Haneke film that I've seen and I must say i am really interested in his other work. On a technical scale this film is pretty much flawless. Cinematography is really great and really brings out the most even in small areas as a room, where the majority of the film takes place. The music choices are really strange with classical music mixed with Punk rock. That is however very fitting because this is a strange film and the strange music choices are there to boast the films nature. Call it genius or pretensious, I didn't mind it so much. The written dialouge is realistic which I really like and when it does that kind of hollywoodized dialouge it is kind of the point because the people in that moment are actually talking to the audience. I think it makes fun of horror and non-horror movies tropes and makes it really selfaware which I thought were hilarious. It references points about films and films themselves within this film which is really great and pretty intelligent. The performances are all great even though the characters were sort of superficial. However the picture was a bit slow at times and I didn't really feel totally invested near the end because I knew what it was going for, which was a big FU to the audience and I respect that. The film messed with the audeince and respected it at the same time.
½ April 10, 2015
Far too well crafted for such a piece of nihilistic cruelty. Near impossible to watch. And a pointless remake of vastly better original film from the same filmmaker. Not sure how it got so lost, but it did.
½ April 3, 2015
First half was great and then it lingered
½ March 17, 2015
In all my years of watching movies, I can honestly say I have never seen a movie I disliked this much. Why the 3.5/5 stars? The director, Michael Haneke wanted to make you as uncomfortable as possible, and he succeeded. I would not watch it again.
½ February 15, 2015
There have been a lot of films since the industry began that have attempted to push boundaries, boundaries of reality and fiction, boundaries of what is right and wrong, what is acceptable and unacceptable. "Funny Games" is Michael Haneke's attempt to be "ground breaking".
"Anyone who leaves the cinema doesn't need the film, and anybody who stays does."
Michael Haneke the writer/director on his film "Funny Games" said back in 1997. Originally this film was made in Austria and in non-English, Henke remade it for his English audiences so he can let his experiment be known to a much wider audience. Funny Games is an experiment in film making it's not a horror as most believe it is, it more a new genre where reality and fiction cross lines. Haneke stated that the film is a reflection and criticism of violence used in media. Funny Game is a psychological thriller that most will find hard to stomach. Those who are a fan of the macabre gene of cinema will have seen this already. I have decided to review it for the simple reason that I found it fascinating and couldn't look away. Sure it was graphic in nature, surreal and hard to stomach but the acting, the script, the nonsense of it all made it worthy.
George and Ann Farber, their son Georgie, and their dog Lucky arrive at their holiday home; a lake house ready for a two week vacation. When they arrive they see their neighbour talking with two young men all dressed in tennis whites, soon after one of the men knocks on the door; Paul. Paul asks Ann who is cooking in the kitchen for four eggs as a request from their neighbour, as soon as Ann hands the young man the eggs he drops them, Ann gives him another four eggs feeling a little annoyed and the man leaves. Georgie and Georgie are at the lake in their boat where they can hear Lucky their dog barking hysterically, soon after Paul is back at the door this time with Peter. The young men admire a golf club and then once again ask for four more eggs, apparently their dog Lucky jumping broke them the last time. Ann gets really frustrated after the boys ask for four more eggs and asks them to leave her home. Outside George and Georgie are fixing up their small boat and hear the dog barking nonstop when suddenly there is a yelp and the barking ceases. George and Georgie go back to the house to see Ann worked up and the two boys who won't leave, there is a slight disagreement and George slaps one of the boys. In retaliation Peter breaks George's leg with the golf club he was admiring earlier, it is then the Farber family are told they are being held hostage and won't be alive in nine hours...
Michael Pitt (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, I Origins) who plays Paul is brilliantly disturbed in his role as is his off sider Peter played by Brady Corbet (Mysterious Skin, Thirteen). Paul constantly picks on Peter's weight and lack of intelligence and tells stories of Peter's past only to then come clean that he has lied. When the boys first arrive they are so polite and well-mannered and as the film progresses they never lose that personality no matter what the circumstance is. They are cold meticulous and rather intelligent it seems so all you can ever wonder is why? Why are they holding this poor family hostage? What is the real reason behind the home invasion? As the film progresses it becomes harder and harder to watch but what makes it so unique is the way Michael often turns towards the camera and smirks as if to say "you know what's coming next don't you" there are a few words actually spoken to us as the audience as well at one point we are asked "who's going to win, do you want to place your bets?" It seems as only Paul ever acknowledges he is in a movie though often referring to the way movies play out and how he is running things to keep the audience (us) entertained. This has been done before but never with such an outrageous character.
Naomi Watts (Birdman, St Vincent) plays Ann Farber, Tim Roth (Lie to me, Pulp Fiction) plays George Farber with Devon Gearhart (Shorts, Changeling) as Georgie Farber. Ever character here is perfect in who they need to be it would have been a very hard role to play no matter who you were so I take my hat off to everyone on the screen involved. As I have already said this is not an easy film to watch and whether you decide to watch the original from 1997 or the remake from 2007 you will get exactly the same film, shot for shot. I love what Henke is trying to say here basically he has made a film where he wants you to walk out, he wants you to fail his experiment, he wants to offend every fiber of your soul, but if you do watch till the end what does that mean about who you are as a person? Let me say this last thing about this film, it's not a "Hostel", it's not a "Scream", it's not a "Salo" or a "Serbian Story". You don't actually see much of anything to turn your stomach it's what you hear and what you imagine that will make you ill. I personally wish there wouldn't mind more films of this nature, what this say's about me I'm uncertain.
I love a movie that can make me think for days afterwards, a movie you bring up in conversation with friends a movie that makes you wonder about life as a whole. As you can read; this is not a family friendly movie and I would only watch this if you feel mentally stable enough.
February 10, 2015
Funny Games is well directed, features fantastic performances and at least a handful of great scenes, but ultimately the film stretches its message thin very quickly, and is full of questionable character choices and conveniences. One could argue this was intentional and was supposed to add to the films message, but I would argue that it detracts from it. Overall the film is definitely well made and gets its point across effectively, but once its point is made there isn't really much else going on in the film.
February 8, 2015
saw this movie a couple years ago. have to say it still reigns as THE worst movie i have ever seen. even naomi watts in her underwear couldn't save this piece of garbage.
January 18, 2015
No es un bodrio , es mas las actuaciones de Watts y Roth son buenas , pero es un insulto!
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
A thriller movie with Naomi Watts and Tim Roth and they both are good actors. The movie tho are just decent i thought but watchable for sure if u like thrillers and hostage dramas.. some violence aswell but not all is showed to us but still there like , what happens ? but that works also for creepy moments. Enjoy
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