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February 13, 2010
It was an extreme blood orgy and not in a good way. I'm not squeemish but it did have me squirming. I guess if the story had been better or the characters more interesting, I would have liked it, but it wasn't and they werent. Jeremy Sisto is amazing in it though, you might want to watch for him.
January 27, 2010
Had some decent (and exceptionally gory) special effects but the story was convoluted, editing was choppy, and acting was sub-par.
January 20, 2010
Clare Kramer plays a woman that is dying and becomes a vampire to survive. Her boyfriend searches for her and then evnetually becomes one too. Potentially decent actors like Matt Keeslar, Jeremy Sisto and Adam Baldwin, all character actors, but they've been decent ones. Its an odd dark romantic comedy which I normally enjoy, but the writing and odd editing really detract from its potential. Even though no one will see this, Keeslar surprisingly shines in this one. Oh if you love large volumes of blood squirting and splashing this one is for you.
½ November 28, 2009
the acting was horrid, the actors were unbeleivable, the plot was dumb, and i enjoyed it.
½ November 27, 2009
This is one of the crappiest vamp movies I've seen, which is saying something. I was disappointed, considering the cast. I loved Matt Keeslar in The Middleman, as well as Clare Kramer on Buffy. Why on earth would they agree to this?
½ November 10, 2009
This movie is trying waaay to hard. The acting is laughable and the plot is no existent
September 19, 2009
Biggest disappointment! There's a host of Buffy/Angel alumni in this low budget flick which had some interesting ideas but just ends up being a joke. (But not a terribly funny one.) Don't be enticed by the tagline 'Requiem for a Dream' meets 'After Dark." If only someone would make THAT movie.
August 20, 2009
omg. seriously the worst film that I have seen this year, if not ever. was like a cross between soft core porn and overly excessive gore.

since when do vampires drool so much???

if it werent for the fact that it was incredibly boring and dead at work, I would have never even sat through this. at least it made me laugh a few times at its stupidity. for that, it gets one star.
May 22, 2009
I was hoping this might be a Rod Hardy re-make, but while it is completely unoriginal, it is not. It shamelessly slaps together Near Dark, The Hunger, and The Addiction while offering none of their nuance and trying to cover that fact with geysers of blood. Adam Baldwin is pretty hilarious in Firefly/Serenity mode, and Jeremy Sisto has a little fun with accents and the idea of vampire as poseur. Nothing else on offer here.
March 24, 2009
Everything I ever wanted in a vampire movie.
Super Reviewer
March 4, 2009
The bad editing and the camera work really took a pretty bad movie and made it worse. With the people that were actually involved in this movie, it should have looked better. As far as the cast, the acting in this was just as atrocious. Movie was too stupid to follow.
November 7, 2008
I couldn't make it all the way through because the trippy low budget effecrs started driving me nuts. It's a good story though and I like the actors. It seemed to be purposefully cheesy and way sexual.
½ September 10, 2008
This movie is so bad it made me waver for a moment whether it is intentionally bad, but it's quite obvious isn't. Matt's performance in it is quite similar to him in The Middleman - only that he's supposed to exaggerate in The Middleman for comic effect but in this one, nah~
August 14, 2008
I thought it worked as a romantic movie. lol
July 9, 2008
i like the general story line. but the end was sad.
June 26, 2008
This movie was DISGUSTING. It made me feel totally gross for liking vampires. Sorry, I love the hot ones, not the ones who completely EAT people. And WHERE were the fangs?!
½ June 9, 2008
I actually liked this because despite the obvious low budget, it reminded me of the grittiness of 'Near Dark'. Also a great film for spotting lots of tv actors, esp. buffy
June 9, 2008
Ok, it's not an oscar winner but a part of me enjoyed this gore fest - and liked the final scene - how touching
April 21, 2008
Points for interesting premise and decent actors.. But everything else was mediocre at best. Not as bad as others seem to rate it. I have see far worse vampire flicks.
April 11, 2008
A low budget vampire flick that could have been good but tries hard to be like Near Dark but has a rubbish script, week acting and no original ideas.
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