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January 18, 2014
All my favorite themes - quality of craft versus economic compromise, old hippie father raising rebellious son, life and love and bonding oneself to a small mountain town, the flaws of idealistic parents, consequences of the Vietnam War among those who opposed it - thrown together with gorgeous photography of Canadian mountains and woodshop porn (only the lumber is naked, and it'll make you drool). The son is looking for love in a too-small town while his father is ruining their woodworking business by his stubborn perfectionism. Then a couple of young hippies set up a tipi in the back yard, and the son is exposed to an overdose of counterculture - and a deep family secret. The question is whether the son will learn to tell his father to "f**k off" (to use the technical phrase of the script). No explosions, no car chases, no guns. Wonderful scenery, good acting, and character-driven drama. The ending is a little too jam-packed and ambiguous, but it's a great ride. I love it.
March 13, 2011
Kris Lemenche is too weak an actor to hang a movie off of. Matt Craven is good, but his role (and the associated conflict) is poorly-defined. Michael Hogan (the whole reason I even bothered with this movie) was suitable as Jim, but its as though he was never really allowed to sink his teeth into the part, so he doesn't seem very engaged throughout much of the movie.

I expected more on the woodworking angle to make me fall in love with the craftsmanship of these men, but that only came in a couple of brief, insufficient vignettes and almost nothing was done to convince me that Caleb was anything more than a helper, despite claims he's almost as skilled as his father.

The scenery is nice, but the story has no arc and the ending was dull & pointless. The script is broody & conflicted without really, fully explaining why. People keep advising Caleb to tell his dad off-what do they know that we viewers do not? Sure, Jim makes choices based on his heart, not his head, which makes it hard to keep the business afloat, but you never really get the sense that Caleb wants to strike out on his own.
October 6, 2010
A Beautiful And Moving Film. Great Dialouge, Albeit Some Questionable Plot Directions.
½ March 22, 2010
A Simple Curve is one of those low-key, coming of age, Canadian dramas we've come to expect out of Telefilm Canada. It does its job well enough though. At least I wasn't bored.
February 22, 2010
Oh! Canada! ٩(̾??̮̮?̾??̾)۶?
September 11, 2009
I wish more Canadian flicks were like this one! Despite a tiny budget, the cinematography is gorgeous. Part of that is of course due to the beautiful Slocan Valley where the movie is set, but beyond that, rookie director Aubrey Nealon has managed to get some exquisite aerial shots -- and even incorporated a sea plane into the plot -- that take the whole movie beyond the typical "funded by the Canadian government" aesthetic. Nealon's script feels like it was written by someone with way more storytelling experience, and features finely nuanced characters, obscure historical details, and mature relationships we don't get to see enough in movies today. The casting is perfect -- Kris Lemche, Michael Hogan, and Matt Craven feel like they are these characters, not just playing them.
September 6, 2009
A surprisingly solid piece of Canadiana, telling the story of post-hippie life in the Kootenays.
August 11, 2009
'A Simple Curve' moves a little slowly. I was actually really surprised that the run-time hovered somewhere around 90 minutes. I found it enjoyable and interesting, but it's definitely not something that everyone NEEDS to see. In fact, when I read the back of the box, I expected that it would be one of those things I would go check my email during or something. I'd now say that the description of the movie (on the box) doesn't quite describe it. It's not too big on plot, which is probably why it feels slow, but it is worth sitting down for if you like movies about people: their flaws, layers, emotions, and of course their relationships with one another. =]
½ May 10, 2009
A refreshing take on an overused theme -- dysfunctional father-son connections -- starts gently and gets more compelling as it glides along like a woodworker's sharpened plane over smooth surfaces.
December 23, 2008
A beautifully shot made in bc gem.
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