Something Like Happiness Reviews

October 27, 2006
Honest and incisive, a film without a message, just telling it like it is.
September 3, 2006
...the dedication of the writer/director and his cast make it a worthwhile film for the movie buff.
September 1, 2006
It's the comic, touching glimpses into a society run aground that make Something Like Happiness special and link it with the gentle fables of the Czech New Wave films of the 1960s.
August 14, 2006
Sláma has captured those type of childhood friendships grown into maturity which are encircled by loosely connected parents all long time acquaintances because of their kids.
February 8, 2006
The [entwined] stories have been purged of cinematic trappings to the extent that they have almost become too mundane to really captivate or merit our attention.
February 3, 2006
Third time's the charm for Czech helmer Bohdan Slama, whose talent for locating the dignity in the downtrodden of his native Czech Republic is on moving display.
February 3, 2006
A thoughtfully performed, gently quirky human drama about choices made and their often surprising consequences.
December 31, 2005
September 26, 2005
In the film's evocation of industrialized squalor you get an emphatic sense of location effecting personal action.