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January 5, 2015
Too freakish funny wild flick. Damn this dude problem is just too much. Lmfao.
February 8, 2012
Guy gets dumped by his gourgeous GF, his buddies convince him to go out with lots of women. A decent, if somewhat unoriginal premise. However, the guy spins out of control, becomes extremely unpleasant, and we also learn his best friend is not very pleasant either. Since the movie concerns mainly these two characters, you might guess the movie is somewhat unpleasant, and you'd be right - but warrants a few points due to an overall interesting message.
½ April 23, 2011
What a STUPID movie! I thought with the cast it would be much better... this movie sucked so much I had to start doing other stuff just to make it through to the end. Not recommended- EVER.
½ March 22, 2011
A vile and disgusting movie about a man that ruins his life because he lost the best looking girl he ever dated. Personally I wanted him to get a few stds and die at then end, I felt that there was no reason to allow him to redeem himself after everything that he did.
February 23, 2011
It is hard for me to say I liked this. I was interested to see Fred Savage in another post-Wonder Years role. This movie is disturbing on many levels, not unlike American Psycho, but with a slightly clearer and much quicker descent into depravity. Savage is usually such a likable character, watching him go from good to very bad had me pretty engaged.
February 2, 2011
the last run is a film mainly about sex. basically this guy who has a beautifully girlfriend finds out she is cheating on him. so he goes on a run to see how many woman he can sleep with until he gets over her. eventually he becomes a sexaholic and things start to turn really really bad. there is a lot of sex and boobs which some people will like but i felt it was a bit over the top. he soon finds true love but by that time he is a sexaholic. can he give up sex with prostututes and random women in order to be with the girl he "loves"? and yes the main character s fred savage...from the wonder years.
½ June 19, 2010
Freebie on Netflix. Always liked Fred Savage, but this was pretty poor.
½ May 24, 2010
What started off looking like an adult comedy soon transpired to be a lot more than initial impressions indicated. Instead The Last Run turned into quite a serious examination of how hetrosexual men fuck things up with women and how one guy on the rebound becames a sexaholic just to get back at his ex. Fred Savage has turned into quite a cutie and it's apparent that this tale with its rampant sex and ripe language is his way of cutting off his association with his Wonder Years and doing something more adult. It succeeds but fails to fully hit the mark by being so relentlessly one note.
Super Reviewer
April 12, 2009
Urgh. Shudder. After spending the best part of two thirds of its running time objectifying women, in the most horribly misogynistic way possible ("half these girls are dumb cunts"), The Last Run tries to redeem itself by showing Steven Goodson (an icky Fred Savage) the error of his ways. Well, I'm not buying it. With the original American Pie films, however juvenile they may have been in execution and in terms of dialogue, they succeeded by presenting mostly likeable characters coming to terms with sexuality and being mature about their relationships. By contrast, The Last Run is populated almost exclusively by repugnant men and airheaded sex-mad women (flouncy, "not-that-hot" Amelia accepted). Lead character Steven is utterly repulsive, best friend Jack behaves out of character whenever it suits the narrative. Amy Adams, the only actor to hint at breaking free from the DOA script, has hopefully escaped the curse of ever having to appear in dreck like this again. I need a shower.
½ March 20, 2009
Yeah I don't really understand how anyone could like this. Everyone is unlikeable. It lacks any kind of humor.
February 25, 2009
Men are not like this! Who wrote this? A woman?
Started cool, the first 15 minutes got me into it, but then it just did all the wrong suff to keep my attention! I even did zapping to see if there was something better on the tube, but there wasn't so I finished this, and I regret it
½ February 22, 2009
Savage is back in an average movie. He gets the bad news of his girlfriend cheating on him, which he should have already known. Maybe his that clueless. Any way he takes his boys advice to the max. Its not that bad but most guys will just feel disgusted by this movie. I say there are some guys out their that are just like him.
February 4, 2009
Dodgy soft porn dressed up as a comedy, with the kid off 'The Wonder Years' showing he's not a kid anymore. I can't find anything good to say about this film, other than there's plenty of tits n ass.
December 28, 2008
Haven't seen yet, but want to.
December 25, 2008
This is in no way funny, so it must be serious. In that case, it's surprisingly incredible, or the characters must be total losers. I'll make that my final conclusion, so I won't recommend it. I would personally bring down people like this, smiling.
October 12, 2008
I've seen a lot of movies in my day. And I must say that this film is nothing short of brilliant. Superb writing from the beginning to the end. The experience was like watching real life on film. Do not judge this film by the cover because the low budget dvd cover looks like a National Lampoon type of movie. Coming from a male point of view, I can say that any American man, doesn't matter if he is as young as 21 or as old as 71 can appreciate this movie over and over again, and learn a few things from in the process(My father thinks this is one of the greatest films he has ever seen, and thats 7 decades of film watching credibility.) This film is definitely without a doubt in my top 5 of all time brilliant well-written movies. (The first three are the Godfather franchise, so that says a lot) Overall, I would love to see more from this director, writer, and actors in the near future. Addiction is a serious thing, and some of us can stay aware & recognize it within ourselves and counteract to it. On a technical stance, I loved the lighting in this film, which played a highly important role. And may I add a darn good soundtrack, as well. Go rent your copy of The Last Run at your local blockbuster, today!... or Netflix if you prefer. This was definitely the film of the decade!
September 23, 2008
Good to see Fred Savage from The Wonder Years again. Had forgotten about him.
September 1, 2008
I dug it. It's got a low-budget feel and a fairly predictable storyline but it's still pretty entertaining throughout. Fred Savage is pretty good in his role. I didn't think he could pull off being a sex addict but I bought it. Steven Pasquale had most of my favourite lines and was great in his role too. The only thing I didn't like was that his character didn't like Amy Adams. She was great as always and I seriously can't imagine anyone not wanting to be with her. Erinn Bartlett was also pretty good but the real joy for me was Jillian Bach. Along with Amy Adams, she's one of the reasons I wanted to see this movie and it was totally worth it. I love both of them. There were also a bunch of hot chicks in this movie and they all served their purpose. I don't know, the movie's nothing special but I liked it. It was enjoyable.
August 23, 2008
What started as formulaic rom-com quickly spiraled into a study of sexual addiction. Not really a comedy.
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