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July 23, 2010
Hollywood Dreams is one of my favorite Henry Jaglom films. It?s funny, moving and, at times, shocking. Tanna Frederick is great as Margie Chizek, Iowa girl who?s come to Hollywood to be a movie star. And she?ll do anything to see that happen. From her desperate beginnings she rises, first hooking Kaz, a movie producer played by Zack Norman. She goes through all kinds of changes in her obsessive pursuit of her goal. Frederick sizzles on the screen with the handsome Justin Kirk who plays a straight actor who?s pretending to be gay. Will they ?make it? in Hollywood? Fabulous supporting roles by Karen Black, Melissa Leo and Daivd Proval (Richie Aprile of the Sopranos). There are a lot of hilarious scenes. From what I?ve heard this is more like the ?real? Hollywood than any other film that pretends to protray the real Tinseltown.
November 13, 2009
Anchored by a terrific lead performance 'Hollywood Dreams' is a refreshingly different take on someone following their ambitions to make it onto the big screen. The ensemble acting compliments the lead, in fact Id go as far to say that this baby is a hidden gem well worth checking out if you fancy a breather from the mainstream.
September 4, 2008
Quirky and strange, but funny.
August 10, 2008
Interesting movie....it didnt capture me FULLY with its plot...but the twist at then end was like *BLOW!* i liked that part ;)!
August 21, 2007
No poster, no interest.
½ June 8, 2007
painful experience. in a great way. difficult to watch at time. justin kirk (weeds) shines. tanna frederick "goes dobles." see it before it vanishes.
June 7, 2007
Once you get past Jaglom's style - the long takes, the quirkyness, this is a pretty compelling movie.
May 30, 2007
hmmm... sounds like other movies i have heard of and seen.
May 18, 2007
IT kind of sounds interesting
May 17, 2007
dotn know have not seen it yet
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