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½ June 23, 2017
This is one of the worst and most forgettable rip-offs of both Finding Nemo and The Karate Kid. The animation is vomit inducing and leaves a nauseous feeling in my stomach. The plot is a near mimic of the Karate Kid and the characters are forgettable and uninteresting. All in all this is an ugly and unnecessary piece of garbage.
October 7, 2016
might be interesting
December 14, 2015
You're going to take a little trip...through my digestive system.

A young fish in the open ocean sees his parents caught in a fishing net and dragged away. They tell him to go to the reef and find his grandmother. When he arrives at the reef, his grandmother tells him he is destined to do great things. Meanwhile, he comes across the popular girl in town and falls in love; unfortunately, a shark and his friends terrorize the town and want the girl. The young fish will need to save the town from the shark to win the heart of the girl.

"You questioning my credibility?"

Three directors collaborate to deliver the Reef (Shark Bait). The storyline for this picture is a bit cliché but very well done and fun to watch unfold. The animation isn't outstanding, but still very good and current. The voices fit the characters well and the film is fairly entertaining.

"There are some weird fish in the sea."

I recently came across these on Netflix and decided to add them to the queue to watch with my daughter. We watched this together the other night and we both found it fun and worthwhile. This isn't a masterpiece that belongs in your DVD collection, but it is worth a viewing.

"Such big heads. Such tiny brains."

Grade: C+
September 12, 2015
A cute fish film for kids.
June 7, 2015
This movie is NOT a "clone of Fnding Nemo". The story is no where near similar to "Finding Nemo". It's idiotic entries like this which push me away from this "review site". This show is a classic 1950s style story of a Biker Gang leader, a Girl who likes the quiet guy and a Quiet Guy who has to fight for the girl's honor. No where near Finding Nemo.
½ April 10, 2015
It's my best animated movie into the ocean after The Little Mermaid. And my kids love it.
March 8, 2015
Finding Nemo ripoff. For toddlers only.
August 31, 2014
Pretty much the only good thing I can say for this movie is that it's colorful. That's not to say the animation is good, because it's not- it looks like someone did it in his mom's basement on an ancient home PC. But, it's bright. So there's that. There's really not much plot to speak of, so if you're outside the 2-4 crowd, you're not going to find much worth sitting through.
June 11, 2014
What a hideous rip-off of Finding Nemo
May 30, 2014
This movie is has a cute story line, however it drags in some places. It didn't always keep my nieces attention, there were places where she didn't want to watch it, she's almost four. Also, I think it was inappropriately rated. The movie is rated G but it has suggestive statements in it, such as, "What the fish?" my niece is at an age where she repeats things that she hears. Children repeat things like that not knowing what they are gesturing. Due to this, I think the movie should have been rated PG at least. Other than that it, it had a cute story line and cute characters. Due to the parts that are suggestive, I won't be allowing my niece to watch it again at least for a few more years. It also said "You've got to be fishing kidding me." As well as, some others I can't remember, that is so ridiculous and unnecessary for a children's movie.
½ April 22, 2014
A commercial failure that thoroughly deserves it. Leaving aside the totally unoriginal plot, where this film really stinks is the messages they're sending to children, not limited to selfishness, witchcraft and submitting to abusive relationships! Left an appropriate taste of surstromming behind.
January 7, 2014
Pi le poisson part vivre dans le récif avec sa tante suite à la disparition de ses parents. A peine arrivé là-bas qu'il rencontre Cordelia, top modèle des mers dont il tombe amoureux. Il apprend également que cette dernière est convoitée par un requin qui sème la terreur parmi les habitants du récif. Pi va alors décider de faire face au requin pour conquérir Cordelia et libérer le récif.
DigiArt se lance dans le filon de l'animation sous-marine qui a déjà fourni pas mal d'idées auprès des pontes du genre (finding Nemo, Shark tale etc). Ce qui en soit n'est pas un problème quand l'histoire est intéressante et bien ficelée. Hélas, c'est loin d'être le cas ici. Sans compter un dessin moche au possible, les aventures de Pi sont loin d'être captivantes, et la séparation méchants/gentils on ne peut plus infantilisante. A limiter à un usage pour très jeunes enfants donc.
½ December 21, 2013
This film is extremely horrible, its officially the worst film I have ever watched due to the fact it's a huge rip-off of films that were Finding Nemo, Shark Tales and Karate Kid (plot). I also hate the fact people describe this film as 'not bad', NOT BAD?! I'm sorry but if you thought that was a good film then you must like every films in existence (even the bad ones). People may think I only watched it once and think that watching it again will change my mind...first off, no it won't change my mind, I have watched it three times just to make sure I wasn't being too harsh like with other films I disliked but this film gets worse the more you watch it. Here are the list of films I would rather watch than The Reef: Shark Bait - Plan 9 From Outer Space, Battlefield Earth, any Barney films, Twilight, Justin Bieber: The Movie, Fred: The Movie etc. The visuals and animations are poor to say the least. The plot seems extremely overused and overall too cliché and the comedy is so bland it makes you face palm. The characters are awful, why make a film about an annoying orange fish and a shark who eats fish but yet wants to be Cordellia's girlfriend??? What??? Is Troy an idiot or is that Cordellia for choosing to be his girlfriend (I know she only wanted Pi safe but I'd rather he was dead, sounded cruel? TOO BAD) and I know that people are going to say Plan 9 From Outer Space and Battlefield Earth are the worst films ever but and I have watched them too more than once and they are both bad films but were tolerable compared to this annoying film. I would give it a 0/10 but I'm giving it a 0.001/10 only because that Turtle (not sure what his name is) is a mediocre character but that's about it.
½ December 19, 2013
It was weird, it was awkward, the story was a bit disjointed at times, but R. Lee Ermey played a sea turtle and there were some of those doctored curses that I do love so in kid's films.
August 13, 2013
What started off as a mere Finding Nemo clone actually turned into something else and it turned into something pretty cool. While its clear where they got their inspiration from and wanted to cash in on it, does that mean it should be written off? It had moments of wit and some great humor, a nice story and loveable characters. The animation looked a bit drab when I first saw it but it grows on you pretty quick. It's odd but some of the scenes looked 3D specific as they looked different from the others, I doubt this movie was shown in 3D. I found the movie quite memorable to be honest. I liked it and I could recommend it.
August 6, 2013
I've. seen this kind of stuff before. I neerly fell asleep watching it. Over all I did not like it.
January 20, 2013
There are now so much copys of good animated movies, most of them are good, this one wasn't awful actually, but it cood be much better if it had a good animation, because the animation just sucks, but besides that, this is just a kids movie, only a kids movie, entartaining a few times, but as I said, this is nothing more than a kids movie, nothing more.
½ December 31, 2012
As yet another film trying to capitalize on the success of Finding Nemo, I wasn't expecting all that much, but with an all star cast, including Rob Schneider as the wise old turtle Nerissa, lots of beautiful, underwater scenery, plenty of funny one-liners and even yet another farting fish, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised. Not great, not bad.

I really like farting fish.
December 29, 2012
It's a cool movie :)
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