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April 2, 2012
heres the formula: memento+boyz in tha hood= this one
July 29, 2010
2010 as a movie year really does suck for me so far. So when I say that 'Splinter' managed to snatch number one spot in this year's 'Whew, this one really sucked'-list, it's no mean acomplishment. Basically everything in this flick oozes of mediocrity - script, story, pace, character development and camera work. To top it all off, Resmine Atis pulls of the worst acting job I've had displeasure to watch in a very, VERY long time. I'm sorry, I know saying something like that is harsh and unkind, but please, consider seriously a change of career. The only highlight of this disaster is Tom Sizemore, who plays a derailed, alcoholized cop and doesn't pull any punches when he puts in all clichées into his character. No, I don't mean that as a complement. Regardless, his performance deserves over the top rating when compared with the rest of the cast - something that is especially apparent in every scene where miss Atis is also present. Please, avoid this movie like an Ebola-carrying monkey on amfetamin trip.
½ June 12, 2010
I like Tom Sizemore - he's always interesting to watch. Interesting idea behind this movie, but I think it could have played with the "memory" theme more.
½ February 14, 2010
Decent concept, poorly executed.
January 20, 2010
An alright gangbanger movie that couldv'e been better, but I live by a bunch of gangbangers, so the acting was pretty authentic (considering most of them used to be G's anyways)
The big down side is that it gets kinda boring throughout the middle part, when the dude is trying to find his brother's killer and whatnot... but watch the whole thing, cuz the ending's kinda cool.
June 21, 2009
MIa peripeteioula gia na perasei i ora
½ June 14, 2009
ok...so i got this movie by accident, since i was looking for a movie by the same name that came out in 2008...but i decided to watch it anyways.

on top of the bad acting, and terrible plot, the overly cliché film directing was hilarious. i couldn't stop chuckling. the face off between Sizemore and the one cholo, and out of nowhere a plastic bag just flies in the scene, like a barrio tumbleweed. hahaha...

holy shit, stay away from this movie. almost everything about it was forced and unnatural. i didn't believe anything the characters were saying. even the tough guy, fucked up in the head antics - like punching a wall - was so unbelievable. i've seen better acting on youtube.

I actually think Noel Gugliemi is a good actor though, and he shouldn't waste his talent on exploitation films like this.
½ June 14, 2009
The movie was okay, not great, but it wasn total waste of my time either. Mind game was the most interesting part. But I wont recommend this to anyone.
½ May 13, 2009
Acting sucked, script sucked, screenplay sucked, cuts between scenes sucked and there were so many awkward lines. Terrible movie.
½ April 15, 2009
Good Titles.
Shit movie
March 19, 2009
Everything seems ok with this movie (cast, actings, director, etc.). It's something with the montage that messed this movie. All I see is potential for making a good movie left unexploited.
½ December 31, 2008
Yeah anywayzz...despite it's cool titles sequence this film offers anything new, exciting, or inciteful. Acting is horrible and the film is drab at best. The plot doesn't really know where it is going to go at most times and well...this film is just an all over the place mess. Stay away from this crap by all means. I still give it props for one of the best title intros ever put to film. Too bad their wasted on this shit.
November 12, 2008
A movie with an interesting twist that was just not pulled off effectively. It was painful to watch role actors with such potential struggle with such shitty dialogue when i know they are capable of more. Altogether a just okay distraction to fill up some time. PROPS FOR DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE BEING IN IT THOUGH
September 26, 2008
An interesting little tale which nicely avoids glamorising the Gangsta lifestyle
August 18, 2008
jees, what a shitty movie this is!!
July 17, 2008
People need to quit hating, it was genius.
Super Reviewer
July 2, 2008
I like these gang movies cuz it's a fairly interesting world and a lot of good movies of the genre have been made in the past.

I wanted to like this also but it came to be a letdown. Below average acting with a disasterous Tom Sizemore doesn't really help a fairly intereresting script. The cinematography was a positive thing with truly great animated opening credits.

This one is easily forgotten. Could've been better.
June 12, 2008
Dope. The female cop was a little bit too neurotic for an LAPD cop, in East LA, though.
½ June 4, 2008
tried twice to watch it...couldn't finish it!
April 21, 2008
I wasn't sure about this movie when it first started. I know it wasn't made by a big production company but this small group did a good job. I didn't care for some stuff but I understand where this was goin. Just so much that happens in the city of Angeles like this, you just have to see it for yourself I suppose. It was interesting to learn that this was originally a comic and even Dark Horse was part of it.
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