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December 11, 2009
7.5/10. Cut from the mold of Todd Solondz and oddball relationship dramas like L.I.E., Dear Pillow is an incredibly startling debut feature from self-proclaimed porn junkie Bryan Poyser.
December 10, 2009
My friends Bryan and Jake made this film, and it's really great work with characters that I've not seen anywhere else.
August 1, 2008
This movie was 84 minutes of me feeling very uncomfortable. Not just because I am so anti-porn, but because of the subversion the protagonist.

It took me a while to get interested in it, and then I was only vaguely interested at best.

I was hoping for a dialogue-driven film like many underground indie films (see the Mumblecore Movement) but this film wasn't very driven at all. I didn't dislike it though, even though all the characters are easy to loathe.
April 7, 2008
Resourceful in its economy of means and audaciously ambivalent in tone.
December 28, 2007
This one was interesting, I'll give it that. It's the story of a boy on the verge of 18 who becomes drinking buddies with a gay writer, Dusty, who writes for the porn magazine "Dear Pillow". Dusty takes Wes under his wing to teach him what makes for good porn. And we go from there. This is a very explicit movie, not in terms of what we actually see, but what is talked about, including bondage, phone sex, and other various predilictions. Watching this with "Pleasureland", a short film included as one of the extras and in my opinion superior to the feature, ultimately I think both these movies are about the line between sexual fantasy and sexual reality and how far apart they really are. Beyond that, well, I couldn't say if there is any more beyond that. In the end, it's a well-shot, well-made indy film. Besides Viviane Vives as the landlady, I don't know that I cared much for the characters. Lots of whining and pretention; in other words, indy film characters. If your sensibilities aren't easily offended, it's still definitely worth a look.
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