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March 2, 2015
Looking for alternative fuels? This one will cost an arm and a leg (but not necessarily yours). Alas, this one-joke pic runs out of (ahem) gas in its last lap.
½ August 2, 2014
In the near future gasoline costs $37/gal When a school teacher and part-time inventor develops and engine which runs on human blood he becomes a vicious killer in order to keep his car running to keep the eye of lady he likes. Some really funny parts (look for the scene when he gets car-jacked), but over all poorly-acted. Better casting would have helped as well.
Super Reviewer
½ February 14, 2014
This is a decent comedy horror that has a unique premise, but could have been done better. The idea of the film is quite good, and the creative aspect is sure to delight horror fans looking for an amusing, mindless film to watch. However, I felt that Blood Car could have benefitted from a few rewrites as the concept is very good, but it does fall short of what the film could have been. The problem with the film is that it tries to rush things while trying to grab your attention. If this would have been a slightly longer feature, with a bit more depth to its sheer ridiculous plot, then Blood Car would really have been a great horror comedy. However it does fall short. I'm not saying it's a bad film, but it's a film that needed some improvements. Despite its imperfections, this is somewhat enjoyable for what it tries to accomplish, and viewers looking for a fun, entertaining low budget B movie, will most likely enjoy this low budget affair. Blood Car could have been better, but for what it is, it's a decent film worth seeing if you love ridiculous horror films. For the most part, Blood Car works, but there are better B movies out there. I really liked the concept; I simply wished that the filmmakers would have made the film a bit longer, in order for the story to have a nice flow. As it is, it's a rushed film, one that doesn't reach its full potential and it's a shame because Blood Car could really have stood out. This is a decent film, but there is nothing remarkable about this B movie, but it's worth checking out if you have nothing else better to watch.
½ September 4, 2013
En plus d'être chiant, ça devenait nul.
January 3, 2013
This very small-budget production has got really nice moments, and would deserve to be considered by movie-lovers, as it is done with spirit, humour and generosity.
December 11, 2012
This is strange, it is a twisted sature about a car that runs on blood, human blood only that is, the price for that is apparently better then the price for gas (hope you see the distinction).
It has some good ideas, but the craziness really isn't enough, it should either have been more cult in the way it was filmed and in the scenery or it should have had more budget to really make something out of it. It lands somewhere in between, there are some great ideas and elements, but they really doesn't go all out there and doesn't become as black and weird as they need to be to fully make it work.
October 22, 2012
The premise sounds promising: Vegan kindergarten teacher accidentally creates a car that runs on blood. Unfortunately, the execution is lacking. Even at only 76 min., the film feels padded. It probably would have made an enjoyable short at a 1/4 of the running time.
½ September 2, 2012
Wonderful idea but after an hour it becomes tiresome and trite.
Also, could've done without watching children being shot on screen. Bad form I say!
½ June 17, 2012
Often hilarious and over the top black comedy. The first half is better than the second half. Still a must see.
April 10, 2012
biting and fun satire
April 7, 2012
Great low-budget dark comedy! Reminisent of "May". WILL become a cult classic.
½ March 4, 2012
There's an interesting novelty here, but overall the movie isn't worth watching.

Sure, the premise is unique and there's some fun moments. It accepts its B-movie status, doling out some nudity and plenty of gore. It's low budget, but that's not what makes it so bad. However...

Acting: Anna Chlumsky has a good performance, but everyone else is subpar. The lead is particularly bad.

After the first 30 minutes, the novelty is over and the movie fails to develop.

Nice try for a low-budget movie, but it's not good enough to make it up your list movies to watch.
March 1, 2012
In the near future where gas prices are so high, no-one drives anymore. High school teacher Archie Andrews (Mike Brune) is working on an engine that will run on wheatgrass, however when he accidentally cuts himself and drips blood into the mixture, he discovers the secret ingredient to make his vehicle go. With Government agents on his tail, and a tug of love between two rival girls, Archie goes to extreme measures to keep the car running! Alex Orr's horror-comedy harks back to the glory days of the eighties where imaginative ideas and real passion more than made up for budgetary limitations. Yes, it looks cheap but there's a sense of fun you rarely see these days which bodes well for Orr's future.
February 20, 2012
Very enjoyable and funny B-Movie.
½ January 26, 2012
In the not too distant future the gas prices have risen so much that no normal person can afford to run a car. But while working on his own engine design, high school teacher Archie discovers an alternative fuel source that puts him on a murderous road.

What we have here is another good example of what happens when low budget film makers do something right. The story is suitably over the top and the satirical black comedy is done very well, with a few moments that made me giggle. As the story progresses it just becomes sillier and the ending does leave you with a smile on your face. The characters are all generic, but they are strong enough for you to take notice. The gore is very limited and quite primitive, but there is still enough blood sprays to keep you happy. Obviously with all low budget movies there are limitations and this is no different. The direction is a little sloppy at times, and the acting is a quite wooden in places. You can also tell that the locations were either free or borrowed from friends. In the end, this is a little movie that is quite fun to watch and with it's homemade feel reminds me of some of the shoestring classics directed by Roger Corman back in the 50's and 60's.
January 14, 2012
A dark comedy that goes beyond the genre by delivering a fine satirical message.
January 10, 2012
Truely hilarious. This film has a good storyline but the actual film is rubbish. They could of made it better. It was funny in some scenes, funny meaning ridiculous cheap gore scenes, and poor acting. This film was average, nothing special.
October 17, 2011
Though the ending is just a wee bit goofy and disjoiunted, the rest of the movie is pretty darn hilarious, if you like these somewhat minimalist, dark, low-budget horror movies. Mike Brune stars as Archie, a part time teacher / part time inventor, who invents a new fuel source when the gas prices go sky high. The source? Human blood. He needs the fuel man, how else is he going to impress his VERY dirty girlfriend? This movie is super crude, so be warned about that, but again, frequently hilarious. Highly reccomended if you're looking for just a wee bit of a twist.
April 24, 2011
literally one of the best films ever made
Ryan M
Super Reviewer
½ April 1, 2011

"Blood Car" is a fine satire looking for something to satirize. Perhaps it's a satire of human nature, our wants, or murder itself; but the film never quite accomplishes what its ever-so-big ambitions suggest. It begins and ends feeling sleazy. I can't say I enjoyed it. But I do appreciate the film, somewhat, for what it's at least trying to do.

The film takes place in the not-so-distant future, where Gas Prices- or the price of anything, for the matter- is going up drastically. People are trying as hard as they can not to go broke whilst driving around in their fancy cars.

So now, we have a young dreamer, who works as a Kindergarten Teacher. He's a Vegan, and he's trying to perfect a system which will be able to use vegetation-liquid as car fuel. He wants to rebel, although this plan hasn't worked. But like all dreamers, he gets another big idea; and this idea becomes the basis for the film. The idea comes in the form of a car being fueled by human blood. At first, our hero uses his own blood; but figures that this can't go on forever.

We witness him trying to get blood from others humans, animals, or beings. This is done in a darkly funny way (it's one of the best scenes in the entire film), with the character trying to shoot squirrels, dogs, and even kittens to get his blood fix. He's like a vampire who doesn't so much as drink the actual blood.

So where does this film go wrong? I have no problem with the premise, and I have no problem with how sleazy the production is. I guess one problem would be the humor. The film is really funny one moment, just kind of funny another, and then it's so obvious and amateurish that it's not funny at all. The filmmakers obviously have a fondness for horror films and satires. Their love gave birth to a good idea which is still searching for the right material to work with. In short, "Blood Car" is well-made, but it just doesn't work.

The film gets some points for being quite low-budget and Independent. If you're in to independent horror/comedies, then you may want to check this out. I have a feeling that some will actually like "Blood Car", and I have no problem with that. I can't say it's a good film, but at the same time, it's not a bad one. There are some good ideas here, although a little more exploration and intelligent humor would have helped. Approach the film as you will, if you will. I have a certain admiration for this film, but it doesn't amount to any sort of fondness. The film does have something good going for it towards the beginning of the film, but it runs out of fuel towards the end. It spirals into indie-filmmaking purgatory, which isn't a bad thing, but you know: it's far from a good thing. But if you want a sleazy "horror satire", then you've got one.
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