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Ghost Town Quotes

  • WWII nurse: Come back soon.
    Bertram Pincus: What a terrible thing to say in a hospital.

  • Bertram Pincus: Did anything usual happen during my operation?
    surgeon: You... uh... died for seven minutes.
    Bertram Pincus: I died! For seven minutes!
    surgeon: We brought you right back. People die all the time.
    Bertram Pincus: Yeah, but it's usually just once... at the end.

  • Bertram Pincus: Dr. Prashar - you're from a... scary country, right?
    Dr. Prashar: ...I'm from India...
    Bertram Pincus: But, you're not... Christian, like us?
    Dr. Prashar: ...I'm a Hindu...
    Bertram Pincus: Yeah. So, um, how would you extract information from a hostile?
    Dr. Prashar: Well... as a... Hindu person... I would just... ask him... politely...

  • Bertram Pincus: Listen, our time together, as we both know, has been rather unpleasant. But I will say this: even though you're a vulgar man - boorish, distasteful, uncouth, uneducated, *stupid* - at least... [long pause]
    Frank Herlihy: You gonna finish?
    Bertram Pincus: Done. [shrugs]

  • Bertram Pincus: [pointing at the dog] When did you get your horse?
    Gwen: A couple of months ago. I found him at this shelter in Long Island. They were gonna put him down.
    Bertram Pincus: Then they lost their nerve, did they?

  • Bertram Pincus: You lied. Why would you do that?
    Frank Herlihy: Because you're a heartless son-of-a-bitch who doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone but himself. She's already had one of those.

  • Bertram Pincus: I love you!
    Gwen: Don't call me!

  • Bertram Pincus: All work and no play makes Jack- a vital member of society.

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