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March 15, 2016
There are definitely better Bollywood comedies to watch.
½ September 19, 2012
The worst film I have seen in a very long time. I would not recommend it even to my enemy. It is so bad.
½ February 18, 2012
A typical indian comedy. 6/10
½ June 4, 2011
A valuable cache of diamonds have been stolen from a dangerous mafia boss, and as a pair of incompetent henchmen set out to recover the jewels a quick-tempered policeman makes it his mission to jail every offender who crosses his path. The three misfits who immediately draw his suspicions are an aspiring mafioso who needs to make his first hit in order to truly become part of the family, an M.B.A. from Darjeeling whose success in life is largely a result of his well-honed ability to suck up to the boss, and a wealthy underwear salesman who has recently opened a factory he plans to one day hand down to his son. Paresh Rawal, Sunil Shetty, and Tusshar Kapoor star in a colorful crime comedy from director Ashwani Dheer.

not gonna say much or should i say anything about it but a bad bad bad comedy like always............ everything was pure bad in it. acting, technical and writing everything.
February 26, 2010
Day: Sunday
Date: 30 March 2008
Amt: 120/-
Time: 10.45 Pm
Over at: 01.05 Am
With: Ismail
Seat No. G11, G12
Theatre: Sterling Cineplex, Mumbai

Mindless Comedy...But some punches were good enough. Though not worth the money in a theatre.
½ January 23, 2010
Didn't see the movie earlier as found it stupid, but after i saw it yesterday on TV couldn't hold my breadth laughing.A must see for guys..!
Super Reviewer
January 10, 2009
No thankyou - Not interested.
½ December 11, 2008
Story is not good. Its too common and not exciting at all. Paresh Rawal was okay. Sunil Shetty was better.
½ October 19, 2008
funny at times, not bad for time pass
½ August 22, 2008
funny....had a good laugh...
August 13, 2008
About twenty minutes in, you're struck by a deathly realisation: it's the Hindi equivalent of "Blame It On The Bellboy". The one truly funny character is the mobster's mother, who dreams of her son committing three or four murders and then settling down (she sees him off at the airport with a loving "commit murder nicely!"); more typical of the "humour" is the moment where a character trying to dry his trousers in a public washroom is caught by another man in a position that suggests he's attempting to hump a hand-dryer. It's all rendered quickly tiresome by the director's manic efforts to enzany every last gag: the number of wacky sound effects used to underline each punchline is astronomical, though an equally high percentage of jokes still don't come over in the subtitles. A footnote: one early song, "You Gotta Rock", features perhaps the most remarkable compliment ever paid by one beloved to another, namely "Your gait is the best". A touch of WD-40 on the hinges; I find that always does the trick.
August 9, 2008
hahahaha, I lovvved it!!! thought it was bloody hilarious! very different from most bollywood movies... certain parts not as good as others... but so funny!!! :D
July 28, 2008
Ok....not bad....not great...
Super Reviewer
½ July 18, 2008
Saw it during my flight from Delhi and fuck me! This was my first Bollywood film and one of the worst films I've ever seen!

It's like a two hour episode of a soap opera tv show with the most pathetic acting and cinematography in film history. And I haven't even mentioned the script yet... Like I said, it could've easily been a 30 min episode but fuck no. They just had to continue to torture the audience.

Bollywood delivers more films than Hollywood or Europe and if the quality of the films are like in this, I swear in the name of the zit in my arse, I will never see another one. Nuff said!
July 15, 2008
dimag ko shot hai yeh movie :)
dimag baju main rakho .. u 'can' njoy it .......
½ July 9, 2008
absolute rubbish.. i was tickling myself to get me to even giggle.. annoyin comedy..
½ July 6, 2008
I love mindless comedies but this is so mindless that it is an insult to call it mindless and it is anything but a comedy. It is made worse by the fact that all its cast knew how senseless the script is an seemed to have decided not to act at all.
July 6, 2008
a true junk wid a lot of abuses
July 4, 2008
What a piece of crap and waste of time!
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