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½ December 22, 2012
La película empieza bien, con escenas de acción, pero conforme avanza se va desmoronando con un guión malísimo y pésimas actuaciones, la historia esta compuesta por varios elementos, todos independientes que hacen que la película sea confusa y hasta aburrida en ciertos momentos.

Lo mejor de la película empieza en la última media hora en donde la mayoría de cosas que pasaron se logran entender, el final es conmovedor e inesperado. A pesar de que la película termina quedan muchas cosas sin comprender creo que allí esta el desacierto, otra cosa que falla es que la película es demasiada larga (duración).
March 8, 2012
Not bad but a little strange. This movie leaves more questions unanswered than it answers, I really didn't get what actually happened and honestly I don't like movies whose point I don't get.
December 10, 2011
OK, it;s confusing but with all the predictability of Hollywood, it's fun to watch a movie that keeps you guess until (and even well beyond) the end. Do we always need an answer at the end of a story, life certainly doesn't offer one!
September 2, 2011
My Flixterorama Buddy CloudStrife84 gave it 3 stars but goes on to say it was enjoyable but also made no sense whatsoever, soooooop, I'm confused....
Where Is The MAYBE I WANNA SEE THIS Option????
Super Reviewer
August 28, 2011
Started off very good, but then it seemed like the director had no idea where he wanted to go with the story. Some parts were enjoyable and nicely executed, while others made no sense whatsoever or were just cheesy rip-offs from American movies. If they had just stuck with the greatness and originality of the first 20 minutes, this could have been a memorable Swedish classic. Unfortunately, however, it all just ended up in a mediocre mess that leaves you disappointed and confused.
January 8, 2011
Pretty weird, a little bit disturbing, but very good.
½ December 27, 2010
Mina förväntningar var nog för höga. Det den första hälften bygger upp till förverkligas aldrig i den andra - det blir mest en rörig, intetsägande soppa. Enda behållningen var ljuddesignen och det faktum att huvudpersonen spelade någolunda när kaoset började.
February 20, 2010
Great swedish Dark City/Jacob's Ladder/Matrixesque thriller! It's great to see someone do this kind of movie making in Sweden!
½ December 30, 2009
This is one of those movies that you just stumble over, but it was actually a great movie
October 15, 2009
What the hell happened here? The movie advertises itself as a cross between the Matrix and Eternal Sunshine. Well, to me, it was a cross between Timur what?s-his-names? Wanted and The Butterfly Effect, two movies that aren?t nearly as good. It have a nive visual style, makes some great scenes, good performance from the lead and patience with some situations. But it?s all barfed up with completely ambiguous lead-ins and transitions that you don?t have a clue where it was going and what it meant.

Maybe it was just me that wasn?t bright enough to get it.

I followed it to understand what was supposedly happening in his past that shaped his current. How that makes him a key figure in this battle, I didn?t get. The battle itself, not developed enough. The relationship to the real world, no there. How these things happen to him, nothing. I?m sure there was something to be said here by the writers, but I hope they didn?t get frustrated like I did and just give up and say ?good enough, it?s got style?.
½ October 10, 2009
An impressively produced cyberfantasy flick. It's not horribly complex or deep, but there is a certain charm to the project. "Storm" feels fanny in a sympathetic way, and Eric Ericson ain't half bad in a familiar but pleasant everyday-joe -role.
½ August 2, 2009
It takes a nice lift-off, however it get's confusing and kind of loses it's point with the plot. Not brilliant, but watchable :)
½ April 24, 2009
This is a case in point for a remarkably shot, cinematographically beautiful film that is at its core an empty narrative. Wonderful scenes and promise begin the film, which then splits between awful CGI effects, a quasi-Lynchian interiority that makes no narrative sense, and a plot that gets more and more unreal as the layers get piled on with no affect and with no causality. A strong visual film but, apart from that, this is definitely one that can be missed with no regrets.
January 16, 2009
Really multi-layered trip to the traumatized human mind where different levels were connected like associations in human synapses. This was a good one!
½ January 16, 2009
En av de absolut sämsta filmer som någonsinn har gjort. Den vet inte vad den ska vara. SDka den vara en Scifi film för att lockla nördar. Ska den vara ett Noréndrama somska locka nördarnas mammor? Den faller platt till marken. intressant vändning med byte av inspelningsplats till trollhättan, i princip endast för att få bidrag till filmstöd... Undvik till varje pris, får ARN att framstå som 12faldig oscarsvinnare.
January 11, 2009
I really, really enjoyed this film, but I can't seem to find the soundtrack anywhere! Which is a shame because it was an ace soundtrack!
½ January 4, 2009
Swedish Matrix. Sjukt cool.
½ January 3, 2009
I liked it, but it reminded of a dozen other films :) It was slightly unintentionally funny at some points, but it didn't really matter...
½ October 29, 2008
Whee, Swedes really can film nice movies. This one is not about youth or drama, but instead some action, some science fiction, some fantasy, some still more. Can't find a genre really! The plot, although it is deliberately vague, is awesome. A very cool mixture of comics, computer games and everyday life, with the dark sides of it as well. And yet, what it ultimately turns out to be, is a psychological drama. Or something. :) A dive into subconscious? Whatever it is, the storyline builds well with those turns of its very own kind. I liked and can warmly recommend!
October 27, 2008
Haha Vi i klassen i gumnasiet fick han att storma ut ur klassrummet när vi på frågan "vill ni inte att jag ska vara här" svarade nej... fjolla
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