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September 12, 2015
Hard to really care about anyone in this movie, they're all unlikable. Not that it matters because in the end there's not really anything to care about anyway.
½ August 14, 2011
I know encouragement helps your performance

Craig Blackshear dated one girl most of his life, Zelda Sparks, and every time he tries to get rid of her, she sucks him right back in. She was a chronic liar and cheated on him regularly. Now that she is out of town, and they've both graduated, Craig thinks he is past Zelda and can move on in life with his new girlfriend. Just as things begin getting serious with Craig and his girlfriend years after high school, Zelda returns...

"Keep standing or be a passenger the rest of your life."

Jeff Glickman delivers Killing Zelda Sparks in his directorial debut. The storyline for this picture isn't overly original; however, the characters are interesting and well presented. The script is clever and there is a few comedic lines sprinkled here and there. The cast delivers solid performances and includes Sarah Carter, Vincent Kartheiser, and Geoffrey Arend.

"I'd be praying my pecker doesn't fall off in the shower."

This is one of those movies that you watch and catches you off guard. This was better than I anticipated by a long shot. I had never heard of this movie and decided to DVR it when I saw the poster while flicking through the channels. This movie has a combination of a clever script, great characters, and an entertaining plot and pace. This movie is an underrated gem that is worth your time.

"You've had your head shoved so far up your ass you see in beige."

Grade: B-
April 24, 2009
Amusing Indie film based on a little known play. Zelda Sparks is that uber-sexy girl in high school who seems to be surrounded by trouble. Very much a character driven drama, it's amusing, but ultimately fairly forgettable. The cast of relatively unknown actors do a fine job, but it's the Tarantinoesque style of jumping back and forth in times that ultimately gets annoying. Still worth a look for something different.
April 3, 2009
Started off good with plenty of potential but fell short as the story became more and more unrealistic. Vincent Kartheiser was terrible in this film, I found that he really did not fit the character that he was supposed to be playing and his acting seemed a little forced. This movie seemed to want to have that crazy twist ending but it never really came to fruition the way it probably was intended to. Geoffrey Arend was fabulous in this film but as a director he needs improvement, although his choice of music throughout the film was fabulous. The fact that it was filmed in Sudbury was really cool though.
March 28, 2009
Really jumpy. But still mildly interesting.
January 8, 2009
Phenomenal movie....but i was high....gotta rewatch.
½ December 7, 2008
Interesting movie but was not thrilled with the overall execution.
½ September 29, 2008
Extremely interesting movie about manipulation, deception and people unable to be true to each other. Fillmed in Subdury which is cool.

There is much to love about thismovie. The characters are really good, especially that is the enigmatic and manipulative Zelda. Her canivings drive people insane.

This movie is full of style, interesting filming techniques, and great characters. A must see.
September 9, 2008
Such a manipulative movie!! Luvs how she manages to mess up the dudes life...Heheh...and how she sooo got to hit that before he could...Heheh..funny...
August 20, 2008
This film surprised me. Not in a "I couldn't see that coming way," but in the way that a movie sticks with you days and weeks after watching it. I didn't expect this from a movie I had never heard of even though I now know it won the Heineken Red Star Award at the San Diego Film Festival. The dialog, characters, and events in the film are vivid, hard-hitting, shocking, and very true to life. We all know people like Craig and Terry stuck in their twentysomething turmoil, trying to legitimize their placement in adulthood, but unable to advance past their teenage eccentricities. They are antiheroes which only fits this crazy fun dark comedy about lies, love, and friendship. If you're in college, buy the DVD and watch it many many times while you drink with your buddies. You will be quoting this movie immediately and laughing your asses off!
½ June 25, 2008
In the end this felt like a half-baked concoction that might have been the result of a coroboration between Troy Duffy and Kevin Smith... only they didn't really follow the ideas through.

Style exceeds substance incredibly, which is a shame, because there were parts of this film, particularly one of the twists, that I really enjoyed.
June 14, 2008
This was a trippy movie..... and I mean it in the best way possible. It offered something new to filmmaking that was artistic and at times hilarious.....The only issue was I saw a bit of Zelda's manipulaive nature in myself.
May 31, 2008
It has come to my attention that multiple Sudbury critics gave Killing Zelda Sparks a negative review. Please disregard them. I eagerly waited to see this movie, and finally, it's on DVD. Although I must admit, since I was in this movie, I started watching it with optimism. However, the scene with me was over pretty quickly and I eagerly watched the rest of the movie, to see if the critics were correct. I am happy to say, they weren't. The characters were likable, and were played really well. Of course, having Colm Feore in a movie is always a bonus, but the rest of the cast did a terrific job. As for the plot... Without giving any spoilers, I will say this, I expected this movie to be decent, but I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was clever, elaborate and full of twists. And the film's artistic style was unique without being pretentious. I had a blast watching this movie, and sincerely wish they'd release it on DVD. If you get a chance to see this film, don't pass it up. It's much better than most of the stuff released in theaters these days.

Normally I'd probably give this movie 4 stars, but considering I'm in it, that automatically counts for an extra star.
½ May 28, 2008
this movie blew me away, i expected shit and gold is what i found. what holllywood asshole passed this epic movie up? it was a probally a good thing they did though. if you like story and a twist, go watch this movie
½ May 23, 2008
Very amateur. I feel like I've heard this twist, and I've seen this plot before... and done better. A sub-par script fueled by raw violence, dirty sex innuendos and two very opposite but equally miserable lead characters (how typical) whose estranged friendship is confronted by something/someone from the past (again, how typical)... I mean, the script had a few line gems, some promising actors with neurotic and underwhelming characters, was something I could have passed on and am completely indifferent to referring. I don't hate it I just don't care, and the only reason I didn't think it was a complete waste of my time was that the character Zelda Sparks was visually very tantalizing.
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