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Hounddog Quotes

  • Buddy: Guess what I've heard?
    Lewellen: What?
    Buddy: Guess!
    Lewellen: No, tell me.
    Buddy: I've heard that Elvis is comin' to town.
    Lewellen: Elvis is comin' to town.

  • Lewellen: It's for your face.

  • Granny: I've heard that you're talkin' to someone. Who are you talkin' to?
    Lewellen: Nobody.
    Granny: It better not have been one of those boys wantin' to do evil things with you.
    Lewellen: No, ma'am.
    Granny: Plenty of time for you to grow up and do all kinds of evil, but I just want you to be good while you still can. Gotta long time before you need to be growin' up.

  • Lewellen: Who are you? Where my daddy?
    Strange Lady: He's in the can. He'll be out in a minute.
    Lewellen: Who's the stranger lady?
    Daddy: We, uh, we were waitin' for you to watch Elvis.

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