Quarantine Reviews

February 20, 2009
A passably engaging claustrophobic horror thriller that eventually reveals the limitations of its storytelling mode and visual scheme, and descends into nonsensical confusion.
February 16, 2009
Extras on the disc include a commentary by writer/ director John Erick Dowdle and writer/ producer Drew Dowdle.
February 12, 2009
Grim, grisly horror film only for mature viewers.
February 8, 2009
It creates the same visceral response felt in the original, but it's not quite as intense, and the lack of mystery takes away from the experience.
February 8, 2009
An eye-popping both metaphorical and literal genocidal rat race scare scenario made especially haunting when it kicks in, with its post-9/11 domestic terror lurking around every corner, hyper-paranoid sensibility.