Mirrors Reviews

August 28, 2015
One of the better films of the infamous J-horror remake onslaught. Relatively speaking.
March 14, 2009
...often far more entertaining than it has any right to be.
March 5, 2009
I love a good horror movie, and this offered something different from slasher remakes and zombie flicks.
October 31, 2008
An unexpected twist elevates this well constructed supernatural thriller whose chilling concepts and vivid imagery make it a scary experience.
October 10, 2008
Some credit for this stylish screamer goes to Sutherland, forming his doughy-handsome features into an emotional punchbag. More credit goes to Nemec, sowing a harvest of dark invention in the vast spaces.
August 29, 2008
The ground zero for ghosts here is a burned-out luxury New York department store, making this yet another thriller with post-9/11 associations.
August 20, 2008
If you found Aja's previous films repellent, vile and stupid, this may make you rethink your probable decision to dismiss him as Eli Roth with a French accent.
August 18, 2008
Aja's way with gristle and grue makes for a number of arresting images, and the second half, in which the secret of the mirrors is gradually revealed, is actually stronger than the first.
August 15, 2008
Alexandre Aja proves once again that he is the best horror movie maker working today.
August 15, 2008
The combination of Sutherland's beyond-the-call gravitas, director Alexandre (High Tension) Aja's demento visual sense, and a spookily lyrical ending earns it at least a short-term stay in the Halls of Yick.
August 15, 2008
Kiefer Sutherland as a man having worse days than Jack Bauer ever has.
August 15, 2008
If you're looking for another The Sixth Sense, The Devil's Backbone, or The Others, then Mirrors will definitely disappoint; however, if you just want to see some wild, wicked witchery and trippy trickery, you will get your money's worth.
August 15, 2008
It skirts along the edge of greatness, but for every one thing it does right, it does another so inconceivably wrong.