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November 17, 2011
October 10, 2008
Te story is efficient but strangely uninvolving and not nearly as scary as the Korean version.
October 10, 2008
The remake retains the sensationally creepy ending and it's all reasonably done, but no real chills.
October 10, 2008
There are a few effectively grisly moments, but no really new ideas.
October 10, 2008
This is without question the dumbest horror movie of recent years. There is simply no way to piece together its fractured shards.
September 1, 2008
at some point Aja appears to have decided that he cannot be bothered with all this remake malarkey, and instead he just goes completely ape with his plotting...could well go on to become a cult classic.
April 30, 2019
Always thought there was an evil design behind all those giant mirrors at clothes stores. But how evil are they? Put Alexandre Aja behind the camera, and what do you think?
August 28, 2015
One of the better films of the infamous J-horror remake onslaught. Relatively speaking.
February 15, 2013
Even the most forgiving fans of supernatural horror will balk at Mirrors' cookie-cutter characterizations, predictable shocks, and ridiculous, punishing plot.
December 19, 2010
Brutal horror movie offers little to reflect on.
April 25, 2010
Kudos to you if you can figure out what in god's name that ending is supposed to indicate, because I'm lost at this time...
December 17, 2009
Sutherland's natural stoicism does make the more risible developments and dialogue a bit easier to stomach (a moment when he goes all Jack Bauer on a nun comes to mind).
August 1, 2009
Alexandre Aja must have thought that just because he's basing a film around mirrors acting irrationally, he can proceed to remove logic from all aspects of the film.
April 4, 2009
Clunky dialogue sets up the film, unlikely backstory drives it along, and it all concludes in a ludicrous cataclysm of cinematic hyperbole.
March 20, 2009
As Joe Bob Briggs used to say: "too much plot gets in the way of the story."
March 14, 2009
...often far more entertaining than it has any right to be.
March 5, 2009
I love a good horror movie, and this offered something different from slasher remakes and zombie flicks.
February 17, 2009
Mirrors is less than the sum of its parts, a gorgeously photographed and constructed horror-thriller undone by stupid, almost indefensibly dumb script brutally undercutting everything about it that works.
February 9, 2009
In SUSPIRIA, Udo Kier says that "Bad luck isn't caused by broken mirrors, but by broken minds"-Well after making this silly movie, director Alexandre Aja might think otherwise
January 27, 2009
The principal extra is a picture-in-picture feature that enables you to watch the movie while listening to a commentary and seeing storyboard-to-scene comparisons.
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