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½ January 29, 2011
Enjoyable diamond heist caper with Charles Grodin (who was a co-writer) providing a laid back performance and some sardonic voice over narration. Supporting performances by Candice Bergen, John Gielgud, Trevor Howard and James Mason are good. Also has a wonderful score by Michael J. Lewis.
½ January 29, 2011
"This is like no robbery you've ever imagined"

"THE RISK: Death...THE PLAN: Use amateurs armed with ingenuity, guts, a cockroach, a thin cord, and a vacuum cleaner...THE TASK: Break into the most securely guarded fortress devised by man...THE CHALLENGE: Steal 12 billion dollars in uncut diamonds"

With the help of a wealthy widow, an eccentric oil baron, an angry employee (James Mason), and, of course, a cockroach, a talented burglar (Charles Grodin) robs the world's largest clearinghouse for gems. A witty spoof on suspense thrillers. Canduce Bergen plays his lover, and John Gielgud as the mark.

Howard R. Chesser: Slow down! You're reckless!
Maren Shirell: I'm not reckless, I'm skillful.


Maren Shirell: [talking about her gun] This will stop anything...
Howard R. Chesser: From what?
Maren Shirell: ...living
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½ January 22, 2011
Breezy little caper comedy with an expert cast and a jaunty pace. Grodin's voice over is a nice touch. Candice Bergen shows her adaptness at comedy years before Murphy Brown.
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January 8, 2009
A fun and different kind of heist film.
Despite only seeing the TV cut, I enjoyed the heck out of it.
They even find a reason to have a big car chase near the end, with Candice Bergen at the wheel (!). What's not to like.
Aram Avakian brings a sort of quirkiness to it, and it's cool to see the dad from the Beethoven movies in another role.
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