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June 30, 2017
12 Days of Terror: 5 out of 10: This is one strange film. A period piece Jaws taking place in Matawan NJ in 1916. (They actually do a nice job recreating the early nineteenth century Jersey shore line, except the boats are too modern.) I always have enjoyed a good (or even bad) shark attack movie. I always figured it was because of the fun munch the swimmer action. I never really thought about the T and A part of it. You know all those nice girls running around in their string bikinis or even less. Since 1916 female swimwear was apparently designed by the Taliban there is barely an ankle visible in the whole film. Funny how you don't miss the little things till they are gone.

Creating an even bigger quandary is the surprising over the top homoerotic overtones throughout the entire film. Seriously not since Jeepers Creepers 2 have I seen more shirtless boys making googly eyes at each other. The two leads Colin Egglesfield and Mark Dexter are supposed to be in a love triangle with Jenna Harrison but the way these two carry on with each other that poor girl doesn't have a chance no matter whom she chooses. It's like Brokeback Beach Bingo.

That aside this is Jaws by the numbers throwing out the actual historical facts and having our hero along with John Rhys-Davies (who apparently still will appear in any movie offered him.) go shark hunting with barrels and a crazy naturalist. (This along with the rundown ship having an inboard gasoline motor is needless to say ahistorical.) So if you like your Jaws slow paced, with a made for TV Merchant and Ivory feel and you prefer the first victim be a hunky guy in wet clingy cotton one-piece rather than a naked blonde girl. I have got your movie. I on the other hand am going to go watch a Ginger film to help clean my palate.
June 27, 2017
It's a 1916 version of Jaws.
August 27, 2016
So...I just watched a movie called 12 Days of Terror, and was expecting it to be what one might expect from a made for TV movie, with a not-so-great-as-an-actor-but-dead-ringer-for-Tom-Cruise lead and the one slightly famous actor, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The movie is based on the actual events of the New Jersey shark attacks of 1916, and of coarse as most movies will do, took some liberties with the historical accuracy, but none the less, I was much delighted by the film. Even as far as shark thriller type movies go, I would have to rate this among the best that I have seen, Even with a limited special effects aspect, the movie still was able to maintain a suspense aspect almost as good as Jaws itself. So if you have Netflix, and you enjoy a food shark thriller, I strongly suggest 12 Days of Terror.
July 10, 2016
Was definitely looking for more of a horror aspect to this early 1900's period piece. Instead we get a poorly acted TV drama (probably made for Shark Week) with weak characterizations and a disgusting lack of effects, unless you consider bloody water to be one. Boring, especially for a shark attack movie.
½ April 28, 2016
Oh boy this is just bad. I have seen a much better one by the discovery channel too. Called Blood in the water. With this being like, "LAWL LETS CONNECT ALL THE CHARACTERS!" I doubt Alexander Ott knew Lester stillwell, the fisherman or even the Tailor who. Its so bizare and inaccurate.
½ April 21, 2016
In a world that is flooded with Jaws ripoffs this one actually isn't that bad. In fact, I'd say it's actually one of the few really good ripoffs. While it does follow the same plot as Jaws it doesn't just copy the film scene by scene line for line; at least not that often and when it does it's subtle enough to were the connection is blurred. The story stays extremely loyal to the source material its based off of to the point where it actually looks like it could have actually happened instead of fabricating it to the point where it looks like a half-assed attempt to make a quick buck. And probably the best aspect: everything flows naturally. There's no forced subplot (okay maybe a tiny one but it's downplayed), none of the characters are cardboard cut outs of stereotypes that frequently plague movies like this, and the film does not rely on excessive gore or crappy CGI (the shark isn't even CGI) but relies more on fright and suspense and even some legitimate drama. Is it as good as Jaws, not even close. But if you like shitty shark movies but wouldn't mind seeing one that isn't that shitty this is the perfect candidate
½ April 20, 2016
Playing out as more of a drama than horror movie, 12 Days Of Terror makes for an okay timewaster that's better than a lot of its type with adequately developed characters and steady direction by veteran Sholder (who many of us know from helming The Hidden and 1982's Alone In The Dark). Co-writer Wallace has been responsible for many a horror flick sequel including, most infamously, the third Halloween movie.
½ August 11, 2014
I thought it was better when I saw it when I was a kid but now it just feels a little cheesy and the ending is unrealistic and its post to be a true story
½ July 31, 2014
série B de filmes de tubaroes! Nao é nenhum Sharknado, mas vê-se bem! e é baseado nos eventos reais que deram origem ao Jaws
October 30, 2013
An interesting look into what inspired Spielberg's Jaws. It was more believable with a real sized shark and you see all the grutesque wounds!
October 26, 2012
Honnête téléfilm avec un dialogue culte déjà culte: "désolé pour la bière sur ton costume l'autre jour..."
" nan ce n'est rien...je sentais juste un peu le saloon!" Mouwahah!!!
September 23, 2012
A very different take on a shark movie, as this is based in the early 20th Century and is based on a true story. Unfortunately, as its a B-Movie, the CGI is rubbish and the shark itself (when it's animatronic) looks worse than the legendary Bruce. The movie is filmed like a period-costume drama, with the added horror element, but for me the whole movie just didn't gel well. A little disappointed as I was expecting more.
September 19, 2012
Disliked the fact that in this movie, too, the species committing the nefarious deeds was a white (albeit MUCH smaller) while in fact t'was a bull shark, the only one that could swim 'up the creek,' pardon the pun, and thereby survive in freshwater (the ichthyologist on hand here mentions this). This film follows the facts of what unfolded in New Jersey nearly 100 years ago, but I nonetheless lamented, too, that it was nearly identical in plot to Jaws, down to someone being killed seconds after warning a small group to leave the water, a bullheaded official keeping the waters open despite the dangers, and the seasoned old salt chewing the scenery and being proven right.
½ August 18, 2012
Probably the worst killer shark movie conceived.
June 8, 2012
This movie is very interesting and I love it!!!!!
August 27, 2011
This movie is really bad.
and then that awful, awful romantic storyline in it......
½ August 10, 2011
It's Jaws, 1916 style.
August 9, 2011
loved it This is very much a real avent that took place and did not need to be dramatised and the film is almost a documentary. Jaws was inspired by this series of events and apart from a young boy being taken alive that is where it ends . If you are like myself that loves a film that sticks to the truth then this is a must see. You will still find it hard to believe but believe me it did happen. Not as good as my all time fav shark flick the reef (also based on true events) which as far as i am concerned is just a real classic. Please note The Reef is not as true as the real story look up the Adventura 1983 to find the real story but only after the film
½ September 25, 2010
Normalucha, con bajo presupuesto presumo, pero a pesar de los pocos medios entretiene, osea, se deja ver, recomendable para una tardecita tranquila
½ September 19, 2010
An okay movie, sort of the original Jaws you can say.
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