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The story revolves around a radio show team attempting to warn its listeners after a huge explosion turns zombies on the loose in L.A.


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  • May 04, 2011
    Not bad...interesting idea, but it's executed rather clumsily. The audience is kept in the dark for duration of the film, which really works well early on, since the audience can relate to what the characters are going through. However, the explanation offered about the virus is vague and pathetic...just because you can build suspense with lack of information doesn't mean that you don't owe the audience answers by the end of the film. Questions should be answered, and not in a halfassed manner, which is what this film does the few times it actually attempts to give the audience answers.
    Stephen S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 25, 2010
    Actor Corbin Bernsen brings together Bill Mosley and Patricia Tallman who worked together previously on the remake of Night of the Living Dead. Seeing them together again on film is pretty cool i have to admit, but this is nothing like the Night of the Living Dead remake. This movie is really, really bad. Mosley is the best actor in the film and that's not saying much, this movie uses really little of the Zombie lore and preys much more on Post 9/11 fear. The acting of the "Zombies" in this film is horrible, they just move like they are really stoned. I don't like the political overtones in this either, and usually I'm a sucker for the overtones. This movie just didn't make much sense to me and seemed uber stupid. I cant write much about it because i didn't enjoy it that much, all in all i would have to give this a 2 of 10. Try again later, Corbin Bernsen, or just stick to Psych on USA. Paranoia! Sid
    Brandon S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 18, 2010
    An alright zombie flick.Its like a cheaper version of 28 Days Later.It started out great for the first 40 mins then it started to go down hill.Its like they ran outta money or something,and cut scenes short and thier was a loss of killings and carnage.A good story to it.The acting is kinda chessy in it aswell.
    Daryl . Super Reviewer
  • Nov 06, 2009
    In the veins of "28 Days Later" and others, "Dead Air" is a micro-budget movie where there is not gore effects at all, probably, due to the lack of it, HOWEVER, the movie has a good script and some good storyline. The execution was below decent, the acting was not good in the main characters and the rest of the cast was even worse, specially the infected people. "Dead Air" is a regular effort in the mini micro low budget horror genre which I always skip and I think this script with a higher budget and better acting would be a very good piece of cinema. I want a remake!
    John M Super Reviewer

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