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May 18, 2017
I liked this movie. Did it come out on dvds?
½ November 7, 2011
"Proud American" is a curiosity of a film that is not a feature and yet not quite a documentary, but it is all awful and left me scratching my head. Where did it come from, who made it and why, and what did Walmart have to do with it? Like I didn't already have enough reasons to hate Walmart. The film is filled with horribly acted and written vignettes celebrating the American spirit, broken up with ridiculous musical montages that left me howling with laughter.
The acting and writing are on par with a LIfetime movie of the week, and there were some winners that stood out from the pack. I especially loved the story of the poor little Vietnamese girl who comes to America, learns English, wins new friends by graduating high school and opens her own software company. It's just one of many true stories that fill this insufferable picture, but you're left wondering just what the point is. There must have been a hundred better ways to rejoice in all the great things abut this country.
The video quality is on par with your average TV movie, and how it made it to theaters, even for just a week, may be the biggest mystery of all. The time creeps by and eventually you're so bored that the laughs dry up and you're left with nothing. I felt more patriotic watching "In the Army Now", but this film is funnier.
It's not un-American hating "Proud American". You're only doing what comes naturally. It's a one-of-a-kind picture, and in this case, that's definitely not a compliment. The songs are atrocious, and the acting is worse.
½ November 15, 2008
The year's worst corporate sponsored film that no one saw, thankfully.
November 11, 2008
HOLY CRAP. I just saw the preview for this, and I spent the largest portion of it just trying to figure out if it was for real, since the whole thing plays like a bad commercial. Look HORRIFIC. I can't believe it even got released in theaters. I wonder if the use of minorities as underdogs is as condescending in the movie as it appeared to be in the preview. I I really supposed to take something seriously from a director whose only film credits I could discover were in ADVERTISING!?
Super Reviewer
November 2, 2008
What a bunch of Dodo Bird..... are you serious. There are plenty of better patriotic American films. This looks horrible and it looks like the only people giving this good reviews are fake people.
October 26, 2008
Propaganda in its lowest form.
October 21, 2008
It's like Team America
October 17, 2008
That was easily one of the worst trailers I have ever seen. Not only do I not want to see this movie now, I don't want others to see it either.

So please, DO NOT SEE THIS FILM. It screams BS propaganda that will be studied in film classes in 30 years because it is so unbelievably ridiculous and propagandist. Avoid! And I haven't seen seen it!!
October 4, 2008
Why a 10, you ask? Simply this: What faster way to quickly assess the mood of a populace than by nationally marketing a deliberately dumbed-down product and then comparing how people bought it (literally and figuratively)? If no one goes to see it, you know it's not time for a coup just yet.

Simply consider: If this movie were actually top at the box office, what would it say about its audience? Perhaps some people deeply appreciate social engineering, but it's likely that most are so weakened by societal pressures that they actually buy into this film's overt propaganda, in all its self-conscious glory.
October 2, 2008
I can imagine this film will gloss over some uneasy facts of the history of America.
October 2, 2008
Dear God this looks like a cliché but I want to see it for the visuals
October 2, 2008
I want to see what happens when COCA COLA make a movie!
½ September 27, 2008
The, uh, let's call it "acting," was so horrible. And though I thought it was impossible, the music was even worse. If I wasn't being paid to watch it, I would've walked out about 15 minutes in.
September 22, 2008
Saw this film, and can't wait to see the Imax release...its a family film, but up lifting which is really refreshing.
½ September 19, 2008
While admittedly syrupy at times, Proud American covers stories that do capture the American spirit and can serve to remind us all that we have much to be grateful for. The fact that the actors are largely newcomers adds to the freshness of the film. Watch this with a loved one and especially your children. Feel good films are just what we need sometimes!
September 15, 2008
This is a propaganda film, paid for by US corporations to be dumped on the american population and it's 120,000 public and private schools, rescripted and sent with 'teaching' materials in DVD format. The theatrical/IMAX release is just to attract as many families as they can and legitimize it in the public eye.

I see children all the time at the schools I teach at. Most little boys I meet want to join the military by the time they're in the 4th grade. Any object is a gun and they want to shoot 'bad guys' for America.

I'm tired of the 911 cover up done by the US government and my fellow citizens' inability to see through the smoke and mirrors game we're all dancing and singing along to.

If something seems funny or doesn't make sense, trust your instinct friends.

Of course American Airlines is putting up a ton of cash to teach all grade-levels some religious extreemists orchestrated the 'largest terrorist' attack in the history of the world. They obviously had a hand in it.

Coca Cola, MasterCard and WalMart... all companies that have more to gain internationally if we just sit back and let them use the name of capitolism and democracy to rob other nation's natural resources and strip them of their basic human rights.

This is not just slipping by.

My mood says, "Grr..". I am not angry or frustrated, I am ENRAGED.
½ September 13, 2008
Critics will say that this movie is fraught with cliched, reader's digest-styled stories, which is the truth, but I'm just in incorrigible love with it for Christ sake! It tells about five "American dream" stories, in which we have a black young man, born in one of the harshest neighborhoods in Chicago, fighting his way to be a respectable doctor, a refugee who, in the 1970s, left Vietnam with her parents on an overcrowded boat, finally got her MBA and eventually found a software company with her husband, a Brazilian man who struggled to start his own seafood restaurant and a 9/11 widow who visits Ground Zero with her daughter, as well as footage of cemeteries and a military parade. For those having trouble grasping the messages, songs like "(I'm a) Proud American," "Free to Believe" and "Freedom Isn't Free" are there to help. Honestly, if you don't have faith in the message oozing in this movie, then you will most probably get bored by this documentary. However, I happen to be that kind of audience who are precisely in resonance with these inspiring stories and would like to swallow the spirit completely. So, here comes my rating,

½ September 13, 2008
A wonderful movie-makes you proud to be an American-to bad was almost empty for the Sat, 7;30 show.I guess many Americans just don't appreciate what we have in this country and are not interested in this movie about what is available to them if they want to work for their dreams.
September 13, 2008
This movie should not be marketed as a documentary considering how much of it was scripted. I almost walked out during the opening credits when I saw so many large corporations sponsored it. There is a shameless series of advertisements in the midst of it and it is littered with poor acting and bad costumes. It looked like they tried to make an Imax movie. It was not all bad there were some pretty good stories in it and we all get to see what the kid for Jet Jackson is doing now.
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