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½ May 12, 2011
not bad.. lots of blood :)
May 12, 2011
I have to say some of the actors were good and the story is sorta flaky, but i liked the imagination behind it lol
½ January 21, 2010
Waste of a movie. Trying to be something its not, namely a movie.
½ January 20, 2009
low budget movies like this can work really well,but this one fails miserably.most of the time it is either too dark or too fuzzy to comprehent what's happening,and what you can see doesn't add up to much.i was in the last 15mins before i even realised anyone had been killed and reading thje synopsis afterwards made me wonder if i was even watching the same flick.
January 15, 2009
Low budget and uninteresting plot line.
Super Reviewer
December 28, 2008
You know this film really did nothing for me, as I really didn't understand what it was trying to accomplish, so thumbs down for that.
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