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March 28, 2009
Boring, stupid, waste of time.
March 9, 2009
this movie was to trippy it was all over the place i know the two main characters were on drugs but the story was to damn confusing going back and forth so it made it more borning to watch then anything this movie could of been alot better since the story itself wasnt to bad they just went about it wrong
½ February 25, 2009
Well I guess this gives the whole "don't do drugs" a totally different meaning, lol. Wow, where to start. This was such a confusing mess. The story was good, the cast was so so and the executing was just terrible. It had a lot of potential but they royally messed this up. Another waste of my sad.
½ February 21, 2009
What a horrible movie. Bad filming, bad lighting, bad acting... not a terrible back-story but all-in-all, it basically sucked.
January 7, 2009
This was ok, nothing more, nothing less, its based on true events apparently, loses things towards the end and is at least half an hour too long.
December 27, 2008
It was a good movie kinda weired at first
½ December 19, 2008
A couple is slipped acid which sends them on a bad trip. When they "crash" and are forced to run for their lives through the snow they realize there are in more trouble than they can handle. A great film with a good ending twist. A must see.
December 8, 2008
This is a pretty decent movie.
Worth watchin if your bored.
It shows how whether on drugs or not u can have a bad trip.
½ November 28, 2008
a couple on acid or something trip the fuck out and think they are seeing crazy shit. Seriously that's it! every bit of danger in this movie is just them bugging out.
then at the end it crappily explains what they were thinking.
ohh they thought these cows were farm workers...
½ November 25, 2008
Unless you're a fan of Al Santos (Jeepers Creepers 2, tv's Grosse Pointe), don't bother...this is a very boring "thriller." He also stays clothed throughout, so what's the point?
½ November 19, 2008
The film is suspenseful in general and does manage to create a good atmosphere. Eerie score. But the story has too many holes and makes no sense too often. Good try though.
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