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July 31, 2010
An angry, critical movie, but in the name of accessibility it foregoes complexity and depth in a subject that requires it.
July 5, 2010
I'd likely be damning Green Zone for facile political messages if it weren't for the fact that more than a fair share of people out there are in desperate need of them.
July 3, 2010
...there's a lot to like in directorPaul Greengrass' fast-break freneticism and in the evocatively fictionalized Iraq war story told here. It's nothing we haven't heard before, but - for Hollywood, at least - it's nuanced and exciting storytelling.
May 26, 2010
Merece créditos por se preocupar em usar sua embalagem de "longa de ação" para abordar um assunto sério que deveria ganhar mais destaque na imprensa mundial.
May 8, 2010
Green Zone says that not even Matt Damon in full fury can change much of anything.
April 26, 2010
Cliquez pour lire la critique...
April 15, 2010
Green Zone begins with Shock and Awe, and Paul Greengrass tries to maintain that tone for the rest of the movie.
April 10, 2010
Part political thriller and part actioner, 'The Green Zone' is a war movie that will appeal to thinking audiences and those who appreciate a rush of adrenaline.
March 31, 2010
A decent action film that tackles interesting subject material that deserves attention but many won't pay to see oversimplified finger-pointing even if it features some of our favorite actors.
March 28, 2010
With Greengrass compounding the tumult with his trademark Migraine-Cam, it's hard to come away with a clear image, let alone a clear message
March 27, 2010
Well done, if not amazing, "Green Zone" is an entertaining war thriller that delivers more often than not.
March 27, 2010
I had a horrible thought as I watched this lousy film: now there is one thing that Glenn Beck and I will agree about.
March 26, 2010
It's an angry film, and that anger is its biggest problem. It all starts to sound a little hysterical. Then again, maybe hysteria is what's needed.
March 25, 2010
Paul Greengrass's loud, Damon-driven documentary-style thriller confusingly weaves fact and fiction and whipsaws between various conspiracy theories, while the nonstop action mimics an Xbox splatter game.
March 24, 2010
It's a good movie, but definitely a few notches away from a great one.
March 23, 2010
"Green Zone" comes along as if to remind us how mediocre Iraq War movies were before Kathryn Bigelow's film came along.
March 22, 2010
A well-crafted, all-outheart-pounding and mostly compelling action movie.
March 22, 2010
It's certainly more intelligent than your average blockbuster - but it doesn't carry the weight of its convictions.
March 20, 2010
The pacing was strong, the casting was perfect, and the Message made for an interesting premise. Green Zone is probably not for everyone, but it is a solid piece of entertainment.
March 19, 2010
Made my eyes feel like little soccer balls being kicked around by gremlins inside my head.
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