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October 20, 2015
The director, Dennis Iliadis, is exactly the right type of person to helm an upgrade of this manner: he is a genuine fan of the source.
August 28, 2015
A fascinating and confrontational horror film that deals with terrors a lot more chilling than some dude swinging a machete.
March 1, 2011
The remake deviates from its source material, giving something new for fans of the original to enjoy/moan about, and employ some imagination with a few of the killings.
May 29, 2010
An utterly stellar revenge picture...
April 15, 2010
As remakes go, Last House On The Left is at least a decent addition to the 1972 classic.
December 17, 2009
This version is a capably, confidently, and chillingly effective opportunity to place ourselves in the worst possible shoes for a length of time.
October 22, 2009
Remaking Last House on the Left seemed like a dubious proposition at best...yet somehow the new HOUSE works better than expected.
September 16, 2009
... superior [to the original] in that it makes clear the conflicting justification and degradation of the retaliation, establishing a grayer level of morality.
June 19, 2009
Given my particular distaste for both remakes and rape-revenge movies, I was as surprised as anyone to find that this is a better horror movie than it probably should be.
June 15, 2009
in its way [the film] out-Hanekes Haneke (without feeling like a lecture), by confronting us in the end with what we expected (and possibly also desired) all along from this kind of movie.
June 12, 2009
A grimly effective new version of the notorious Last House On The Left.
June 12, 2009
Dennis Iliadis's remake retains its ferocious power and provocative themes, and thanks to a focused script that unfolds in real time, it ratchets up the suspense and sucks us into a remorseless cycle of violence and revenge.
June 12, 2009
Its biggest shock is that there's much to praise, with a couple of stellar performances complementing the mounting tension and intriguingly twisting narrative.
June 12, 2009
Director Iliadis succeeds by building tension and putting everyone at unease rather than grinding out cheap shocks.
June 12, 2009
The cast bring a level of reality to this that's surprisingly impressive.
June 12, 2009
Nasty but sometimes effective.
June 12, 2009
As pointless remakes go, this is actually pretty good, thanks to strong performances, impressive camerawork and stylish direction.
June 11, 2009
This remake by Dennis Iliadis cost a great deal more than Craven's $100k and in many respects is an upgrade. What it lacks in the shock-of-the-new it makes up for with a more rounded storyline.
June 10, 2009
All the horror movie standards: sex, drugs, crotch shots and gore.
April 7, 2009
More a thriller about family ties taken to unimaginable extremes than an attempt to engage with any real subtext.
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