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December 9, 2009
Looking like a rag-doll version of Terminator Salvation, the film boasts an arresting visual style.
October 30, 2009
This film will surely be remembered as an intriguing failure: a triumph of ambition over ability, of ideas over emotional resonance - just another grim fairy tale for these troubled times.
October 30, 2009
It looks great, but sadly the screenplay - in particular the stultifying dialogue - simply can't match the visual inventiveness.
October 30, 2009
It allegedly lasts 79 minutes. I think it lasted 79 hours, or 79 years, or perhaps 79 times the space of time between the extinction of allosaurus and the rise of Cro-Magnon.
October 30, 2009
The story drifts towards the mawkish without answering any of the big questions it tentatively raises.
September 11, 2009
There's no denying that Acker has a knack for bleak landscapes and an inventive salvage-yard approach to character design, but his narrative skills are less developed.
October 20, 2014
The new version stays so true to the original you could describe it as a feature-length short-which is not the most staggering accomplishment.
January 3, 2012
A potent reminder that not all shorts, even ones as brilliant as Acker's, will necessarily work well as a feature.
August 10, 2011
9 has a very Coraline-esque tone to it, so if that's a film you enjoyed, then this movie is definitely something worth checking out on the big screen.
July 28, 2011
Darkly beautiful to watch.
June 2, 2010
Feels unnaturally fleshed out and overthought, dampening the excitement through extensive padding...captivating eye candy, but something of a dramatic spinout.
March 27, 2010
If you're gonna be so downbeat, yah gotta be good. This ain't good. Paul Chambers, CNN.
March 18, 2010
9 is overall an enjoyable and inventive film.
March 6, 2010
Discovering the truth is good for the soul
January 28, 2010
A throwback to the industrial era, the film doesn't feel as important now as it might have then.
January 18, 2010
Proudly mature -- the movie deals much with individual death as well as doomsday -- so it's a welcome work, something we might even dare to call American-style anime.
January 4, 2010
This movie is what would happen if the folks at Pixar were manic depressives . . .
December 29, 2009
I think if I were not diligently taking notes for this very review I might have folded laundry or something to pass the time... It's a beautiful movie to look at and a clumsy story with a weird ending.
December 21, 2009
Totally lacking in character development. It is like seeing a love story involving toasters.
December 21, 2009
There is a lot that is interesting to see in the world created by Shane Acker but not enough to make the feature film satisfying.
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