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May 27, 2015
Not half-bad for a PG slapstick film!
May 19, 2015
Absolutely worst movie I've ever had the displeasure of seeing! i litterally had to walk out mid movie. i enjoyed the original so much that the remake wasn't what i had expected. the movies "comedy" wasn't funny it just left me in a bore and for it making over 44 million it was a pathetic film!
May 16, 2015
Love, love, love The Stooges, can't wait for this
April 26, 2015
Los hermanos Farrelly, famosos por las comedias escatológicas "Kingpin", "Dumb And Dumber" y "There's Something About Mary" se arriesgan a hacer una nueva versión de "Los Tres Chiflados". En vez de hacer una película biográfica del famoso trío cómico (Sean Penn, Benificio Del Toro y Jim Carrey iban a interpretar los papeles), los Farrelly deciden hacer tres cortos unidos en un largometraje que llevan a la casi imposible misión actoral de imitar e igualar una leyenda. La sorpresaes másque satisfactoria: Chris Diamantopoulos, Sean Hayes y Will Sasso, no solo logran la perfección al encarnar a Moe, Larry y Curly, sino que generan momentos realmente graiosos e inspirados. La trama es estúpida y al final más que dulzona (los chicos intentan salvar un orfanato), pero la química y el esfuerzo es indudable. Se reconoce también a Sofía Vergara interpretando a una mujer fatal y a Larry David interpretando a la Hermana Mengele.
½ April 10, 2015
Not funny at all. extremely childish.
½ April 7, 2015
The problem with The Three Stooges is that the slapstick violence can only be funny for so long. The leads are EXCELLENT as the iconic trio and it's nice how The Farrelly Brothers avoided doing a typical autobiographical film, but all in all it's just really mediocre.
April 1, 2015
The Three Stooges are that kind of remakes that doesn't work, because this are not the original actors, and the script is not the same that made laugh so many people in the 30', generations change. 4.5/10
½ March 16, 2015
the performances of the actors who portrayed the infamous comedy trio were gr8 and their recreation of their routines was gr8 but their legacy , like all the classic comedy teams and all the classic cartoons alike are being put at the mercy of being watered down to the extreme for new generation audiences.
March 13, 2015
Hilarious and definitely an amazing tribute to the legacy left behind by the originals

I'll be begging until there's a sequel hopefully
½ February 26, 2015
Very funny! Confusing storyline.
February 17, 2015
this is a good tribute film to a black and white classics of the stooges. C
February 5, 2015
Three Stooges 2012 scores on account of its three leads' impressive imitation of the comedy legends, but falters from lame gags, Larry David's awful supporting performance, and already dated pop culture references (such as the presence of a certain rowdy, tanned and fist pumping group of Jersyans).
January 15, 2015
Hilarious sometime you forget that these aren't the originals!!!
January 6, 2015
My Rating: 2/5 stars; Grade: C; Gesture: One Thumb Down; Status: Below Average (Rotten); Emoticon: :-/.
January 3, 2015
92mins of my life i will never get back
December 28, 2014
Adapting the forgotten NES game, the bros Farrely tackle the 3 stooges in good form...enjoyed their effort.
½ December 24, 2014
This kind of comedy just doesn't translate into this time period. This does no justice to the classic episodes in the 30's.
December 12, 2014
Lmao could not stop laughing it's the best movie ever made
½ December 3, 2014
I HATE this movie. It is so stupid! I actually was able to spot the stupid cliches when I was 10. If it was that ovious to a fourth grade fan, it must been REALLY ovious to older fans.
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