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Keith Quotes

  • Natalie: Fuck you!
    Keith: You just did, Partner.

  • Keith: fun? fun is fun, right?
    Keith: Fun? Fun is fun, right?

  • Keith: I had it all figured out. So i cut out a little early, who cares? Its probably a good thing. Life sucks, anyway. But I met you and it got weird. And you were so... Amazing. and I?
    Natalie: What? What?
    Keith: I just wanted a little more time. So all in all, I'd say you're the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Goodbye partner.
    Natalie: I'm staying with you until you leave. I don't care how much time we have! Give up you stupid jerk.

  • Keith: Wake up Natalie! Don't you see what happened to you? You had a beautiful life and I had shit. i hated your guts. I wanted to take you down. I wanted to make you as miserable as I am and that's exactly what I did! Now, How's that for a goodbye?
    Natalie: Pretty lame.
    Keith: Face it Anderson! I screwed you.I screwed you big time.
    Natalie: So you screwed me.So what? Me? I made love to you.

  • Keith: We're here in a yellow truck a road ahead of us and nothing but opportunities.

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