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November 8, 2015
Truly one of the worst war movies ever made. I don't think anyone who gave this movie a positive review ever served in the military, fired a weapon or sat through more than 5 minutes of a Vietnam War documentary. Uwe is notorious for turning video games into bad movies. Now he takes a movie and turns it into a bad video game. "Alone in the Dark: Rated S for STOOPID!"
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January 1, 2015
A movie which turned out to be really good actually and way over my expectations. It has unfamilar actors and the director Uwe Boll has done mostly low budget and not so great flicks over the years so thats what suprised me. Its not platoon material of course but for being a war movie generally its definitely worth seeing with a few nice actions scenes and solid performances overall.
December 24, 2012
Horrible movie with ridiculous combat scenes
December 16, 2012
It's really a low-budget horror movie disguised as a war film. By Uwe Boll standards, this is his Schindler's List. It's almost, ALMOST a good movie.
½ September 19, 2011
Say, did anyone ever wonder if Uwe Boll was the ultimate wannabe Vietnam War veteran himself?
August 15, 2011
This was just a brutal look at one area during the war in Vietnam where soldiers battled the Vet Cong soldiers in tunnels. It was all very hopeless looking and you already know the outcome wouldn't be good.
July 14, 2011
Wow, another good movie from Uwe Boll! He really caputures the sheer brutality and hopelessness of war in this film. I really taken back by the story of these true underdogs of the Veitnam War. I especially enjoyed Micheal Pare's role as well, who is becoming a regular to Boll's films.
½ July 5, 2011
Oh the horror!! Witness "artistic" shots of grown men crying, dialogue so wooden you'll be begging for Boll's usually unwelcome quasi-German efforts, repetitive and gratuitous gory violence and most significantly... prolonged scenes of digging.
At least he doesn't try to give the story any kind of coherent political message. Its just straight-up gore and violence... and digging.
½ March 27, 2011
So bad I didn't even finish it.
½ February 7, 2011
The great opening gets followed by a solidly staged film, whose dramatic parts are mostly wasted through its all-replaceable, personality-less characters. Rating includes Boll bonus.
January 7, 2011
A Vietnam film directed by Uwe Boll, this movie focuses on the underground warfare in all the tunnels constructed by the Vietcong turning this into more a claustrophobic horror than a war film. One striking element was the films score; Uwe Boll has used something similar in a few of his more recent directional efforts and seems to do the trick rather well.

There was no script for Tunnel Rats with the actors improvising all their lines, sometimes it shows with allot of the topics of the soldiers being very similar about missing their families and how to survive you have to shut up and keep your head down and get on with things. The people who were destined to survive were pretty predictable as one of the characters dreamed of going home and starting a restaurant that sold burgers, fries and a drink within minutes of ordering, i.e. McDonalds so if this guy is going to start McDonalds he has to survive right? The improvisation of the script didn't affect the quality of acting in the slightest and once the men entered the tunnels it didn't matter much anyway as there was little talking down there.

Having the war film set mainly in the tunnels gave this a very original take on Vietnam, it was essentially a horror and to go with this was the correct amount of blood and action. I distinctly remember a man getting hung with the rope to long which resulted in some unpleasant times for him, there was a graphic moment when a fella got a massive slice of bamboo though his neck and then probably the worst of all was when someone had to cut a dead Vietcong up in the tunnel in order to create enough room for him to squeeze round. With this films originality and gore I would certainly recommend seeing this at least once.
½ November 19, 2010
omg what a film. Two word: Uwe Boll......
½ October 27, 2010
A good Vietnam war movie
½ August 25, 2010
This movie will never get any of the respect it deserves, and it will never get a higher rating than it holds right now because people LOVE to talk smack about Uwe Boll. But all the movies that Boll makes that aren't based on video game adaptations, they seem to be good. In my opinion, anyways. Here we see a platoon of men in Vietnam going into the tunnels underneath the earth to fight one on one underground with the Viet Cong. An intense film about the kind of men that have to do these things, young boys led into terror by a commanding officer. There are some vicious scenes, one in particular close to the beginning of the 'punishment' they serve on a captured Viet Cong; the cold hearted nature of this scene is almost a statement for the entire Vietnam War. Great film, and I think that people need to let Uwe Boll make his movies and stop personally attacking him. Stoic, Darfur, and even Postal were awesome (Postal, albeit, in a very different way!), and Tunnel Rats included.
½ August 20, 2010
it tries just so very hard to be good....a solid effort but a flop in the end-too many
½ August 2, 2010
Uwe Boll, what's with you making good movies all of a sudden? Perhaps Postal got him out of the stupor of churning out celluloid crapshoots and now, more or less in his career, he's actually trying. This doesn't mean he's always a filmmaker that people should rush out to see. There's a reason, for example, that he won't have a movie play in theaters again the way he had with his video-game bullshit in the mainstream. But under the radar, he's able to do a little more than before, with a little ambition going a ways in a B-movie set up. Tunnel Rats is such a B-movie that there aren't any really recognizable actors (not even the somewhat recognizable star of Rampage). In that sense it reminds one of those old-school war movies of the 50's and 60's (Merill's Marauder's anyone) where the lack of recognizable faces lends further authenticity to the situations.

There isn't really a firm plot for the film, but this is not too much of a problem. What's basic to lay out is that there are a lot of intricate tunnels under the surface in Vietnam, and they've been dug by the Vietcong as their own kind of maze. We get to know the characters, more or less, though to keep track of names might be fruitless; we know these people more by type or by personality (one very pleasant touch is that one of the real walking cliches in war movies- the guy who prattles on and just can't wait to get home to his mama or wife or whatever- not only doesn't get slaughtered the first chance it should happen, but he becomes a momentary bad-ass in hand-to-hand combat right in the shit of things.

The lack of characterization could be a much bigger flaw to contend with if it were a firm character piece. But aside from some early getting-to-know-you chit-chat (and one other cliche, describing what it was like back home, is a little more intolerable), when the troops start to move out and go into the tunnels, it becomes a non-stop action film. And as part of Boll's ambition to twist the much done Vietnam-War film - a particular kind of war film sub-genre in some respects - most of the runtime is spent underground as the Americans and the Vietcong square off, in the dark, sometimes not knowing who is going to come upon the other. For two points of reference, think of the opening sequence of Casualties of War, only extended to the claustrophobic, horror film extremes of The Descent (albeit Boll is not as strong or inventive a filmmaker as De Palma or Marshall, save for the touches of claustrophobia and the ultra-grisly violence).

Boll doesn't turn away from the more gruesome bits, and we shouldn't either. We're in combat that is massive, all over the place, super-bloody, and it works to ratchet up the tension. We are also given a little of the "other" side, which is just as primitive in their reaction to the US and the US is to them (the "three of them raped a woman, I must kill them all" line is all we get for rationale, whatever). But in an odd way a woman with two kids ends up getting some complexity, if only towards the end during a very intense scene where she's confronted by another US soldier during a bombing raid. Boll could bleed (no pun intended) this over into melodrama, but doesn't too much. If he's guilty of things it's lack of characterization and a very strong story, which should be big cinematic crimes. However, he also has a fantastic sense of pacing action, knows well where to put the camera, and gives some of the soldiers a chance to shine on screen. When it keeps its focus narrow and strong, it's something of a triumph... and then one has to remember it's Uwe Boll. Once again, who knew?
½ August 1, 2010
Quelques petites maladresses scénaristiques mais le film est incroyable. On ne sombre pas dans le film moralisateur, au contraire, Uwe Boll traite son sujet sans prendre aucun parti et de façon bien plus contemplative qu'il n'y paraît.
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½ June 10, 2010
Tunnel Rats is a surprinsly accomplished film from director Uwe Boll. Based on the Tunnel Rats of the Vietnam war, 1968 Tunnel Rats is a thrilling low budget war film. The film has a take no prisoners attitude and it's by better than any other of Boll's previous repertoire of work. Tunnel Rats, though flawed is a very accomplished film, with a decent cast and claustrophobic scenes in the tunnel systems of the Viet Cong. Thought not accurate, it does give you a slight glimpse of what the men on seek and destroy mission in the tunnels of the Vietnamese jungle went through, a tense, thrilling film this is one oif Uwe Boll's better films. Tunnel Rats is a raw, gritty and gory war film not for the faint of heart or if you're a traditional Boll basher out to just talk shit about his films, then skip this one, because this one won't make you change your mind and you'll hate it just because Uwe Boll made the film.
May 26, 2010
this situation is anyone's worst nightmare. gory and no chance for character identification at all. i'll admit i watched most of this movie via peripheral vision because it was just too much to take.
May 13, 2010
Uwe Boll goes to 'Nam. Out of all the people to make a Vietnam movie, Boll would be one of the people I least expect to create it, but apparently, he's been cited as saying that Apocalypse Now is his favorite movie, so I held out hope that maybe there might be some inspiration here. Well, it's about the Vietnam War, where the Vietnamese used unorthodox tactics. One of those tactics was tunnel warfare, having an intricate system of dirt tunnels right underneath the battlefield. The U.S. had a special team of soldiers to do search and destroy missions in these tunnels that were chock-full of booby traps and Vietnamese soldiers who knew the tunnel systems lying in wait. What a great idea. This was clearly made by someone who has something against Americans, which is hypocritical when you consider the maker. Sure, that's where his harshest criticism comes from, but he can't forget that the majority of his business comes the American video game dollar. That said, this is easily Uwe Boll's most competently made movie, which is also why it fails harder than mostly all of them. The thing is that every soldier here is completely flat in character and just stereotypical, stock and borrowed from other, better war movies. You don't care if they die because you are never given any real reason to root for them. You're just supposed to root for them because they're American, because that's what you're used to doing. It would be fine to root for the other side in a nontraditional fashion, but you're not given any reason to root for them, either. The dialogue isn't as bad as it usually is, but that's because (Uwe's also been cited for saying this as well) there wasn't a script for the movie; all the dialogue was improvised. How you shoot a movie without a script, I don't know, but it would explain why the movie drags in certain spots. Bottom line, it's just a bland war movie trying to be different, but not succeeding.
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