Mar 6, 2021
A beautiful story of friendship, forgiveness, love, and humanity although the differences. A humanistic story. [Full review in Spanish]
Nov 6, 2018
A film of astonishing beauty, Mary and Max is undoubtedly one of the films of the year.
Mar 11, 2016
Those adults brave enough to confront the perils of animation will be treated to a wise, visually unique, emotional gem of a film that will leave you wondering how two clay figures damn near broke your heart.
Oct 21, 2014
The universe that is inhabited by Mary and Max is breathtaking, and must have required years of painstaking attention to detail to forge.
Aug 8, 2014
"Mary and Max" dares to be equally funny and sad, making it as bittersweet as Max's favorite chocolate.
Jun 16, 2014
This clay animation feels as if it was written by the early Woody Allen. Actually the genius behind it is Adam Elliot, who wrote, designed and directed this eccentric, wryly funny story.
May 30, 2014
A deliciously sentimental film whose offbeat sensibility manages to keep it out of the realm of schmaltz.
May 30, 2014
Unapologetically bleak and delivered with dashes of sweetness and sharp wit, Mary and Max deserves notice for being such an unexpected change of pace.
Jun 18, 2012
Ultimately, Mary and Max is about correspondence and lack of correspondence, about how our images and fantasies about others fail to match up to what they are like, and about the constitutive gaps and misfirings in any communicational practice.
Feb 1, 2011
Everyone and everything is bursting with a hyper-real life that is pitched perfectly to the tragi-comic tone of the story.
Dec 31, 2010
Animated indie explores unusual friendship, heavy themes.
Nov 18, 2010
Funny, poignant and moving, this quirky and clever film oozes heart and insights into human nature.
Nov 1, 2010
The themes are nicely complemented by Elliot's animation style, which is full of wonky cityscapes and misshapen characters, something that gives this oddball story a lovely, tactile, handcrafted feel.
Oct 27, 2010
Has charm, curiosity and heart in spades.
Oct 25, 2010
An unorthodox but unforgettable valentine to a friendship that blossoms between two lonely people.
Oct 22, 2010
While occasionally over-sentimental, this is a wonderfully unique film.
Oct 22, 2010
It's a 20-year story that absorbs and beguiles, despite the ugly subject matter.
Oct 22, 2010
Elliot is a talent eccentric enough to make Nick Park look like an office drone, and the serious sadness underpinning his vision only makes the humour work better.
Oct 21, 2010
Elliot's record of an unconventional friendship revels in grotesque detail and scatological humour, but yields unexpected depth and poignancy.
Oct 21, 2010
A very odd, very unlikely animated film from Australia that manages to be sickly-cute, alarmingly grotesque, and right-on at the same time -- often in the very same scene.