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The Debt Quotes

  • Doktor Bernhardt/Dieter Vogel: This is my hand. This is the speculum

  • Doktor Bernhardt/Dieter Vogel: You Jews don't know how to kill. Only how to die.

  • Rachel Singer: We can't go back.

  • Rachel Singer: My name is Rachel Singer. Please publish what you are about to read. In 1965, I was part of a mission to kidnap Dieter Vogel, The Surgeon of Birkenau, and bring him to Israel to stand trial. We have always claimed that Vogel was killed, trying to escape. But this was a lie. A lie I have lived with for thirty years. And now I understand that I must tell the truth.

  • Rachel Singer: God doesn't plant car-bombs.

  • David: If you could go back, would you change it?
    David: What if we could go back. Would it be different?

  • Young Stefan: No matter what the truth stays in this room.
    Young Stefan: No matter what, the truth stays in this room.

  • Young Rachel: I'm not brave, I'm terrified.

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