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October 15, 2013
Marthe, Michel e seus três filhos moram tranqüilamente em uma casa isolada no meio do nada, em frente à qual uma larga estrada permanece vazia, fechada desde sua construção. No início do verão, ela é finalmente inaugurada. A família tenta manter sua rotina, mesmo com o estresse causado pelo barulho incessante de centenas de carros. Mas os efeitos a longo prazo do incômodo com a constante perturbação instauram um clima crescente de tensão familiar. Ainda assim, eles se recusam a deixar o lar construído com tanta dedicação.
½ November 1, 2012
J'ai adoré le côté humain et émotionnel du film, par contre histoire invraisemblable, mais suspense et stress bien intense à un certain moment (pour ne pas rien révéler). Unique en son genre! Personnages incarnés, attachants.
½ May 28, 2012
A strangely depressing tale of a family facing uncertain times when a major highway is built practically in their backyard. Some events in this movie are so out of this world I can't help but think it was meant as an allegory.
½ May 7, 2012
Home (2008): Heartfelt French film about a family that have a motorway built on their doorstep, descends into chaos. Cool shooting 7/10
January 30, 2012
Another great film that requires a follow up.
½ August 21, 2011
As one critic said... "Though there is little here for an informed person to take issue with, the film's well-intentioned preachiness is unlikely to win over those who favor Genesis and denial over climate science."

Yea, those who favor Genesis, & claim that the Earth is flat, that the Earth is 6,800 year's old, that the Earth is at the "Center of the Universe", that 2 + 2 really does = 5 & that science has been lying to us all along are never preachy! So, at least their not hypocrite's...

I actually take some issue with the statistical information that this film play's with. It is apparent that they chose to group thing's all together, for example, instead of saying 6.7, 6.8, etc., billion, & stressing approximately, they just round it off to 7 billion. I would have preferred more precise statistical information. They likely didn't want to, & ultimately didn't, bc, of the idea that it would scare off the laypeople who don't want to feel like they are being hit over the head with number's; well, the idiot's need to learn, or they should, eventually!

And while I believe that climate change is obviously real & that global warming is obviously real, what is the precise cause & the idea that human's are the cause of it is pretty shaky; we have only been documenting accurate measurement's for a little over 100 year's or so. We not only need to be doing more to stop putting the garbage into our environment but, we also need to be doing more to develop & turn a profit with the technologies that will allow us to stop putting the garbage into our environment and to do that fast enough, as that would be the best incentive for us to stop being so stupid with our energy production and energy consumption.

Along with the idea that we only have 10 year's, or so, to turn the tied before thing's become irreversible, there are a few different thing's in this film that I found to be fear mongering but, at least it's for a good cause. Sometimes the end's really do justify the mean's. One thing that is irking me currently didn't do so until I got to this webpage; other than Glenn Close as the "Narrator", none of those actor's are even in this damned movie, unless they played some of the tiny little bug-sized ppl that were way down on the ground, far & away from the helicopter's & the jet's that contained the camera's that filmed this movie...

So, either the movie got it wrong and/or Flixster did; & more than likely it is entirely Flixster that screwed that one up!
April 24, 2011
Magnifica exploración de lo que son los aspectos familiares, como tambien el trabajo que conlleva mostrarlos en escena con la ayuda de un muy buen guión y tremendas actuaciones.
½ April 14, 2011
a brilliantly original story, Home loses touch in the third act but manages to keep your eyes on the screen till the credits roll thanks to a suitably simplistic script, great acting and a consistent tone of atmosphere.
Super Reviewer
½ September 30, 2010
A French family's behavior becomes increasingly erratic when a major highway opens in their front yard; they eventually wall themselves up in the house to escape the noise. An obscure metaphor that never gets up to highway speed. NOTE: This review referes to the French film; Flixter currently has the cast list mixed up with a 2008 American movie of the same name.
August 26, 2010
Okay, here I am after watching those bad movies I'm back on watching good ones. No more Alien Raiders, no more LA Takedown, no more Hills Have Eyes II, back to the good stuff now.

Home is an independent French film, I usually am prejudiced against French films but this one was excellent. It's about a family living in a house on a quite road in a rural area. Their life is changed for the worse when a highway is built right by their house. A road that used to see one car a day now sees non-stop traffic all day every day.

We follow this family as their mental states go to the dog house. It states lively and cheerful and ends claustrophobic and nauseous. Round the beginning we are greeted with nice scenes like a family game of slider hockey in the middle of the road and a lazy eldest sister relaxing in a bikini in a calm environment and round the end we get these uncomfortable scenes like a hot and sweaty family all trying to sleep in the same room just to get away from the noise and a family members doing random, irrational things like tearing off one's clothes and snapping about how they aren't as pretty as the older sister when simply asked if they have any whites in need of washing.

This is a manipulative film, a good script and good performances make you feel what the family feels. When they are happy you their comfort and ease, when they are stressed you feel their frustration and angst. This isn't a movie for everyone, it can be quite frustrating and uncomfortable at times and if you aren't into that then don't watch it. If you are one to appreciate a film for it's skill to make you empathise then I strongly recommend this.

4 stars from me
August 18, 2010
Não é este filme, é a versão francesa com a Isabelle Huppert. Estranho
½ August 13, 2010
Creepy in a French sort of way
½ August 10, 2010
(*** 1/2): Thumbs Up

I truly loved this eccentric film with its eccentric family. Very entertaining.

NOTE: I have no idea why Rotten Tomatoes lists Glenn Close as a cast member in this movie. She isn't in it!
August 9, 2010
We see a family having fun playing street hockey outside. They seem to enjoy each other's company. We see what they were playing hockey on is a 4 lane highway that's not being used anymore that's about 50 feet from their house. They have a chair out there, some other things that are strung about the road. It seems that almost everybody takes a bath together after their playing (remember this is a french film). They're a strong family unit. The eldest daughter lays out in the sun all day while the father goes to work and the two youngest kids go to school. The mother (Isabelle Huppert) is a stay at home mom doing what seems to be a lot of laundry sometimes asking everybody does anybody have "whites" that are dirty because she's doing them today. The boy (Kacey Mottet Klein) swears when he was playing with his friends at their playhouse down the road that he saw construction vehicles. Of course nobody believes him since years ago the crews came along and put tar down on the road and nothing became of it at that time. But then on the radio they hear that yes the road is being reopened and soon enough a faceless crew goes by them working on the road. The rest of the film deals with the choices and situations the family must make while cars going 70 miles an hour are rushing by them almost day and night. It is then that we see there are cracks in the family dynamic and we see the film go into a darker and darker place. Olivier Gourmet as the father turns in a great performance trying to make the right decisions for his family and trying to keep it together himself. I must say for me they are an odd family but you can see a lot of love for each other. The more liberal nudity in the family unit is a little odd to me but there is nothing but innocence in these scenes. I could have done without them but oh well. It didn't ruin the movie for me but this is still an odd film that i reservedly recommend.
½ August 9, 2010
Superbe! more than a simple movie, great performances, the caotic life brought to a peaceful place, is reduced to HOME the idylic place where everyone is safe, HUppert is wisely emotional but just for the character. the kids are surprisingly realistic.A psychological challenge!
August 8, 2010
Ursula Meier's debut film introduces us to a French family who have lived in their home, relatively isolated, for a decade or more. When a busy highway is constructed literally in their backyard, the entire family begins to unravel and slowly descend into madness.

This film is incredibly European, right down to the fact that there is a considerable amount of casual nudity. Although the nudity is very innocent and, I believe, meant to show that they are a very close and interconnected family, it may prove a bit shocking to some.

(the details on Flixster for this title are wrong -- it does not star Glenn Close and Marcia Gay Harden and is definitely not PG-13)
½ August 8, 2010
Addiction, alcoholism, adultery, unemployment -- these are some of the things we think of when pondering how families get torn apart. In Ursula Meier's Home, it is a freeway being built in the front yard.

A family with ten years of peace next to a patch of road that seems to have been forgotten deals with all the elements of a highway project being finished -- construction, then traffic, with emissions, and worst of all noise. When the highway opens, there is an unbearable, omni-present noise they're not used to, not only heard inside the house but felt in the rumble of constant tires echoing as felt vibrations in the floorboards and dinner plates. A parallel story forms in which the highway's noisiness is a reflection of a family that has lost its peace with each other.

Enter the "reverse road movie." It's a weird concept, and a strange little film, but french star Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher,
I Heart Huckabees) and Olivier Gourmet (The Son) combine with three young actors as their children to pull off some memorable scenes about a shut-in mom and family who support her, but they are slowly losing their grip when an unseen force brings havoc to their front door.

With cinematography by Agnès Godard, who lenses too many films to mention (always wonderfully visual), the house at first stands out against an abstract, natural background. There are no other homes, just endless nature -- fields and sky, birds and trees. The opening of the freeway interrupts this setting, and they need to figure out whether or not they continue with normal life on their property. Moving isn't an option when you love and live with your mom, and though it is never explained we can only assume she's a sort of a shut-in. The one great thing she needs to do is the one thing it seems she can't -- get the hell out of dodge. She's a good woman, though they are definitely another strange film family (not as strange as the recent family I described in Dogtooth, but nevertheless strange), and we hope for her like we hope for one in recovery to break through some barriers and leave the home with her family. Huppert is characteristically wonderful, and her scenes with Gourmet and the children are entrancing.

After writing the script, director Meier had to find a landscape with a half-built road, build a house next to it, progress with the narrative in turning the road into a highway, and bring hundreds of cars and trucks and extras to drive the road in front of the home. She found a small landing strip in Bulgaria, and they set off and made the film there. Outdoor scenes are an open-air shoot, and indoors, especially toward the end when the family actually begins to shut themselves fully in with mom, there's tense contrast between the open feel outside and the closed-in family falling apart inside the house.

I can't believe they went to Bulgaria to make the film. I think that is so cool.
August 1, 2010
This was an interesting story about the dynamics of extreme change and the family community. Watching the deterioration of the relationships within the family as the noise, lack of sleep and lack of privacy set in from the newly open highway. It was like watching an impending car accident but you are mesmerized to watch though you really want to look away. The movie would stimulate great conversation afterward but it is a movie to watch once & that is about it.
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