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½ February 19, 2016
Disgusting. Who thought it was a good idea for a newborn baby perform cunnilingus on its mother?? #fail
½ October 5, 2015
This movie is so horrible, it's comical.
½ May 21, 2014
worst scary movie ever made
½ March 26, 2014
This movie is absolutely horrid. The movie isn't even scary, it's just plain gross and stupid. Who ever thought of this movie was high on acid...
February 23, 2014
Completely unrealistic. It's like this movie was directed by a 12 year old.
December 14, 2013
the baby was so FAKE :O
November 4, 2013
This is THE worst movie i have ever seen. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WATCHING IT!!!
½ October 20, 2013
Worse movie evvvvver!
October 10, 2013
One sentence summary: Numerology plus Mayan 2012 bovine scatology.

The film opens with a human sacrifice in some dark underground cultist den.
Then it jump shifts to a difficult birthing (Veronica, Carlos) in a modern hospital in Los Angeles. Mahari, the murderer from the first scene shows up; where did that come from? He disappears after murdering another woman who was trying to breastfeed her newborn. The arrogant physician goes to C-section after kicking out Carlos. This newborn is not delivered; he escapes. Even better, the 'newborn' never moves, but somehow kills the physician and the attending nurse. Someone else closes up Veronica, and she seems happy and calm while breast feeding the monster that just killed two people.
What a fine beginning that was. Mahari, still in physician's garb, tries to enter the crime scene, but the cops prevent it.
Six days later, Carlos, Veronica, and Sebastian go home. Soon odd occurrences start: the flies, the dead rat, Sebastian getting between Veronica's legs, Carlos pouring a kettle full of boiling water down his own throat, and Mahari shows up to try to steal Sebastian.
When the cops show up, Child Social Services take Sebastian. ("We're the good guys, Mrs. Delgado." )
Veronica goes to stay with her sister Gabriella Martinez. On the way to the baby lockup, CSS Officer Vokel gets killed by her seat belt. Barnes returns Sebastian to Veronica, saying a judge ordered it. Gabriella lets Barnes know she's still sore about CSS taking her child Brittany from her.
The weird events start up again, of course. Barnes lets them know that Mahari is on their radar; he's a Mayan prophecies doomsayer.
Sebastian kills Gabriella. This was entirely unbelievable. Mahari kills a variety of people. Sebastian goes off on his own. The dead rats and dead birds continue to be produced. The murders continue.
Does this thing ever reach some sort of resolution? About 60 minutes in, the fall into random events with no particular narrative, motivation, or logic is next to complete. Unfortunately, the film continues.


Cinematography: 5/10 Jerky camera movement; some of it so out of focus and badly framed that one would think the Blair Witch was nearby.

Sound: 5/10 Overbearing in some spots, quite weak in others.

Acting: 4/10 OK given the screenplay, I guess.

Screenplay: 0/10 The birthing scene was a motivational mess. I suppose births have been handled that badly, but I certainly hope not. The C-section birth has all the realism and logical soundness of a Chucky movie. The later actions have the same sort of problems with credibility. The badness just never ends.

SFX: 0/10 Hideous. Insulting to almost any sensibility. The scenes with Sebastian are ridiculous.
September 4, 2013
It was an ok Horror movie but I think the last 30 minutes of it was just making it go downhill, I liked how dark it was and I enjoyed the first hour of the movie alot... some scenes were unreal like a fork exploding in the microwave after 12 seconds.. and myth-busters proved that wrong and that myth has been proven wrong in real life.
½ August 22, 2013
One of the stupidest movies I've seen!
½ August 6, 2013
awful b rated movie. Plus they kept droping the f bomb
July 8, 2013
Messed up from minute number 1. This isn't a low budget film but definitely lower budget than your average movie. Story is decent, movie is ok. If your like horror/end of the world/ Satanic movies it's worth a watch.
½ July 2, 2013
I can forgive poor acting. I watch Sci-Fi original movies often. I find them funny. I can forgive them for forgetting to cover up the baby doll in several shots. I can even forgive the lack of continuity with the mother conceiving Sebastian, and a week after giving birth, having sex with her husband. (Have you had a baby? There is NO way anyone is getting any a week afterwards, C-section or not.) But what I cannot forgive is them depicting an infant performing oral sex on his mother.
½ June 18, 2013
Gorey but terrible. It had me laughing during the birth scene. I've never seen anything so horrible in my life.,
½ May 28, 2013
not a bad horror flick it was different
May 27, 2013
I think it is scarh I want to se it
½ May 26, 2013
1/2 a star for the laughs I got out of this movie! WTF?!?!
½ May 23, 2013
The top 5 worst movie ever!!!!!!
May 22, 2013
it was the worse movie I've seen and I watch alot
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