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February 16, 2016
Nick Cannon, thumbs up!!
½ May 10, 2015
Cannon and O'Leary had great performances.
May 19, 2014
must watch! loved the romance and acting.
April 6, 2014
I wish I could say I brought myself to sit through all of this because I could see the potential, but it was so unbelievably slow-moving I just couldn't stand it after the first half. Maybe I'll revisit it eventually, but I definitely could not take it today.
April 16, 2013
A pretty good film with a surprisingly solid performance by Cannon. This film tells the story of a Marines final 96 hours before being shipped off to Iraq. This is a very important story of American soldiers that is told told in a respectful, candid and entertaining nature. 6.5/10.
August 18, 2012
Sometimes rambling & undefined.
½ April 29, 2012
well done story of a marine's last 96 hours b4 shipping off to iraq well paced and kinda sad.
½ April 8, 2012
I was shocked by how much I liked this movie. With just days before Mike is shipped off to Iraq he goes home & decides not to tell anyone that he will soon be going to war. This leads to a good story of family & friends excited to see him & not worry about what he will soon be facing.
June 12, 2011
This movie wasn't that good. It's like they just threw a bunch of pieces together and said ok we got a movie. The girl who plays nick cannon's love interest is rather annoying. I thought this movie was going to be way better.
May 8, 2011
Not your everyday-type drama, but I must admit that the message is very powerful. Great acting, direction, and story.
December 31, 2010
Very well made. Nick Cannon's best movie to date. Very well acted and emotional. Not the right film for everyone, but I loved it.
November 2, 2010
only if your really boerd
September 22, 2010
Great movie, powerful performance this movie does a great job on showing what our american soldiers go through when they are faced with a limited time to spend with loved ones before they have to ship out..the movie is led by mike (nick cannon) and a powerful co-star performance by Christina (melonie Diaz). As they begin a new relationship before mike has to ship out to Iraq, the director does a great job on letting there love bloom through out the movie but still does a great job on catching the hardship mike has to go through on keep his deployment to Iraq a secret from Christine (as she thinks he is only going to a base for a year)..although the story between mike and Christine is enough to make a powerful story line there is also a side story between mike his friends and his family. As he only had a limited time to reconcile past struggles between them and his junkie brother...the director does a great job in tying it all in together for one great movie.

"what would you do if you had just four days to say goodbye to everyone who was important to you?"
August 29, 2010
Now thats more like it. A real story. Something I can believe in. A young Soldier going off to war at the dismay and disappointment of his family and new gal pal. A very real spin on a couple of the issues a young man in his position might go through. Nothing Hollywood here. Good Job!
January 19, 2010
lame. waste of time.
½ November 29, 2009
Awww look at Nick Cannon trying to act. So cute. This was bad and I don't think it was because of his acting. The story didn't have a point, a bunch of whinny obnoxious characters who seem to have no direction. Was this script trying to make me feel something about war or the soliders? What was the message? I didn't get it. This was just poorly executed. The script was horrible, the acting was subpar, the soundtrack was annoying, obnoxious characters, lack of depth, endless boring scenes. I'm supposed to believe two characters who have no chemistry fall in love with each other in an hour, the girl seemed needy and annoying, and her acting was clunky, akward and the character was unbelievable. Overall this movie just shouldn't have been made.
November 13, 2009
A movie that is basically about someone who will be shipping off to Iraq and has four days to say goodbye to everyone. The movie has a good tone, how he decided to go into the military while his friends are part of gangs, how he's changed and finds a love interest before he goes. It's not a fantastic movie with a lot of plot but underneath it all there is a good sense of heart and it does give a good, strong, message. If there is nothing else to rent, then this is worth the pick up.
October 27, 2009
An intimate portrayal of what's it like to spend your last 96 hours before heading out to Iraq. While I did like the simplicity of the story and overall direction of the film. It just moved along a too slow for me. Nor was any of the character gripping or interesting enough to hold me attention through out he film. Nick Cannon impressed me slightly. So using to seeing him in silly teen comedies. But I think it's April Grace and Chi McBride who really shine in the film I've seen them in a variety of other films they always give god roles even though their mostly small ones and here is no different. I really liked the romance between Nick and April's character and their interaction with one another and how it developed over the course of a few days. But for me that was the most interesting part of the film.
½ October 25, 2009
'American Son' is a dramatic turn for actor Nick Cannon,and arguably his best movie since 'Drumline.' Yes,his acting still could use much improvement,but somehow it felt like he actually embodied a troubled,young man torn between his duty to the army and his duty to his loved ones at home.With more roles like this,maybe people will start considering him to be more of a serious actor.
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