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August 22, 2017
Follows the view of a fanatic that we silently root for.
August 16, 2016
Patron Oswalt, in an unprecedented leading role, keeps this unnaturally difficult sports comedy-drama grounded as it explores complicated themes.
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November 3, 2015
Big Fan is a humorous look at the lonely life of a fanatic sports fan, and first-time director Siegel manages what seemed to be almost impossible: to make a poignant portrayal of a loser who only thinks of football, a task that is helped mostly by Oswalt's terrific performance.
June 22, 2015
A brilliantly, well-made film by a first time director Robert D. Siegel. But it's Patton Oswalt who owns this film.
April 6, 2015
A very depressing movie but a very interesting character study
December 28, 2014
A simple, modest character idea executed without a lot of surprises but without overreaching. It's kinda short and the plot is laser-straight so it feels like a small movie somehow, but the character arc has plenty of depth and sensitivity. Oswald feels like he inhabits the role with a lot of investment, really selling a ton of little details even though they are often pretty stereotypical tropes for the lives-with-parents adult schlub. I was sort of afraid this was going to turn into a paean to the nobility of the loyal fan, but while Oswald steadfastly defends the basic legitimacy of his lifestyle, the movie never jerks him off for enduring his family's bullshit.
½ November 23, 2014
the dark tone far outweighed the dark humour making the movie simply an exercise. also, if the movie is going to be as bleak as it is, it has to commit to the end. at least that was my initial reaction. though I must say Patton Oswalt shows deeper acting capability than I might have guessed he was capable of.
September 7, 2014
Patton Oswalt is so good it's almost hard to believe.
August 7, 2014
I love this movie a lot. I'm not sure why, but I just like everything about it. The acting, the directing, the script, the unexpectedly interesting subject matter. The tone was really cool; the movie was really funny, but definitely a drama. I liked the main character so much.
July 11, 2014
Touchdown! Siegel proves himself, once again, as a pro-bowl writer, going... all... the... way... with this darkly humored character study that keeps you guessing until the end. There could have been more at stake for the main character but the overall idea is well executed. Great cast!
April 11, 2014
Dark comedy without the comedy. Big Fan's main character is a one dimensional misanthrope whose sad story is better told by listening to your random local sports talk show. Love Patton's other work, but this movie is as much fun as doing dishes.
½ April 5, 2014
An interesting look into a fictional life of a die-hard Giants fan and his reactions after his favorite player beats him up.
A great look into some men and their interest in football and how they ridicule and put down the fans of their opposing teams.
½ March 28, 2014
good performance by patton oswalt..not a fan of the movie but i liked the concept of this dark film.
February 4, 2014
Big Fan is hands down one of the greatest Football movies ever, although it doesn't show the game being played. that's the power each actor gives and theis wonderful script.
November 20, 2013
Want a really bad movie about a sports fanatic? Suffer though the Tony Scott-directed turd "The Fan." Want a really good movie about a sports fanatic? Look no further than "Big Fan." Bonus points for an accurate portrayal of Philadelphia Eagles fans.
½ November 14, 2013
lol were not completely obsessed with the players like this guy is haha...must see for any NFL fan
October 29, 2013
Good movie, you'll appreciate it if you're a fan of sports unlike I.
October 13, 2013
An effectively creepy performance by Oswalt elevates this otherwise slightly plotted story of obsession.
October 11, 2013
Paul Aufiero (Patton Oswalt) is a parking garage attendant who lives with his mother (Marcia Jean Kurtz) in Staten Island, New York. He relentlessly follows the New York Giants football team. He and his friend Sal (Kevin Corrigan) faithfully attend each Giants game; however, as they can't afford tickets, they must content themselves with watching the games on a battery-powered TV in the stadium parking lot. Paul is also a regular caller to the Sports Dogg's (Scott Ferrall) radio talk show, where he refers to himself as "Paul from Staten Island," rants in support of the Giants, and berates his mysterious on-air rival, Philadelphia Eagles fanatic "Philadelphia Phil" (Michael Rapaport). Paul's family criticizes him for doing nothing with his life. He disregards their scorn and happily devotes himself to his beloved team. One day Paul and Sal spot Giants star and Paul's favorite player Quantrell Bishop (Jonathan Hamm) and his entourage in Staten Island. They follow Bishop to a drug deal in Stapleton. Though the pair see Bishop buying something, they naively fail to recognize the transaction. They then follow him into a strip club in Manhattan. Mustering their courage, Paul and Sal introduce themselves to Bishop. All goes well until the two fans innocently mention that they saw Bishop in Stapleton. The intoxicated Bishop becomes enraged and brutally beats Paul, who is hospitalized for his injuries. Following the incident, Bishop is suspended from the team. Paul's personal-injury lawyer brother Jeff (Gino Cafarelli) and NYPD Detective Velardi (Matt Servitto) pressure Paul to bring charges against Bishop, but Paul refuses, worried about the effect on the Giants' performance if they permanently lose their star linebacker...

"Big Fan" is based on a the plights of an apparent loser and a true sports fan, where everyone around him tries to offer him a better life, whether it's jobs or moving into his own place. But, he firmly rejects them. In Paul's eyes, this is his life. He is perfectly content to be discontent. Thus thereīs no transformation from a to b of the character. This is not necessarily needed, but that also makes the movie lack of dynamics. Paulīs happiness comes in a small dose, a Giants win or ranting about the Giants on the radio. While others would think that is quite a futile life, Paul is still happy and in no need of a change. Patton Oswalt is not bad as Paul and I have always liked Kevin Corrigan. "Big Fan" is bleak, honest and real, but despite Oswalt's strong performance, thereīs something that just doesnīt make ends meet. Something that makes you feel really emotionally engaged in the story and its characters. In my eyes "Big Fan" gets stuck somewhere in the middle and it never recovers from that position.
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