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½ January 15, 2018
Birth of the abomination waste.
½ January 2, 2018
hilarious. well made in all aspects. steve carell pulls off an amazing voice performance, bringing to life a great character in Gru (about 4 viewings)
December 27, 2017
A decent animated film with some heart.
December 19, 2017
Puntaje Original: 6.0

Una trama simple; con una historia cliché del lado bueno del villano, pero al final de la película te la pasarás bien.
December 7, 2017
this is still a heart warming and very funny animated film of all time. Despicable Me is really one of the best animated movies of all time with tons of humor and charm at the same time plus the animated in this is really will crafted and fresh too oh and also well done voice acting from the actors. And of course you got to love the minions their just so funny and i love them. Overall the first film is a well crafted animated film with humor,charm, and fun that make you want to come back for more again and again. well done Universal Pictures you made a well crafted film for the whole family and for all ages as well. well done and good job and come on minions can't go wrong on that I just love them.
December 5, 2017
This is a very fun family movie with action and excitements
November 26, 2017
Fantastic and heartfelt movie:)
November 19, 2017
ESPICABLE ME is not an animated feature. It is a flat-out feature-length cartoon, a rare bird in the field, and the first really successful one since THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE. If anything, it's better.

Animated features are typically fantasies, taking us to places and stories that cannot be filmed in live action. They can be dramatic, fantastic, inspirational, terrifying, all the range of emotions. Cartoons are different. Cartoons inhabit a universe that is a cross between Krazy Kat and the Keystone Kops. Walk off a cliff and you don't fall until you notice. Fall a thousand yards and hit the ground and you wheeze like an accordion until the next scene, when you're fine. Cartoons are silly.

And this one is very very silly, from Steve Carell's indecisively Eastern European-voiced Grue to Julie's Andrews who, as his mom, sounds like Beaky Buzzard's mother in Bugs Bunny shorts, to the seemingly indistinguishable minions who talk like Chip and Dale on helium -- Grue knows all their names. A modern supervillain has to have people skills.

The gags are all spot on in relevance and impeccably timed. The plot advances at a good clip and even the heartwarming aspects of the plot never descend into mawkishness -- the little girls whom Grue adopts to advance his plan to steal the Moon are endearing but frequently annoying.

I saw the 3-D version and the question arises, should you spend the extra money to see it in 3-D? I don't think so -- but then I am happy looking at stuff in black and white and even silent films. You may get a little more out of the 3-D version, particularly the credit extras. But that's up to you. See it in whatever form you like, but see it.First of all, I am real, not one of those big studios planted minions that come to IMDb to talk wonders about their new releases. You can check my history to prove that.

Second of all, to make your time worth, let me tell you what kind of movies I like and/or dislike (you know, to see if my taste is compatible with yours).

Taking into account only what would be considered "family friendly movies", Pixar cannot be topped. From Pixar I believe that "The Incredibles" is its under appreciated best product, although I have a soft spot for "Finding Nemo" and "Up" (hey, I agree, "Toy Story" and "Monsters Inc." are awesome!). Their worst effort is without a doubt "Cars" (I almost don't even like it), but even that is above a lot of other crap from other studios.

I like the first "Shrek", "Kung-Fu Panda"; found "9" and "Coraline" a little bit boring (but interesting, both!), and totally dislike "Shark Tales", "Planet 51", "Space Monkeys", "Surf's Up", the first "Madagascar" (except for the penguins and the king lemur, lol).

In a broader sense, my all time favourite animated movie (although not CGI) is "The Nightmare Before Christmas".

Enough of that! With that very well established, let me give you my opinion of this movie.

It is amazing! It is charming without being corny; hilarious without resorting to stupid pop-culture references; exciting without being overly loud.. and the best thing: it plays like a fable.

It is absurd! ... but in a good way. The whole plan is to steal the moon, for crying out loud! How ridiculous could that be? And yet, we are led to root for the evil genius to be able to do just that. The whole thing is so tongue in cheek that you will pee in your pants laughing at the effects of having no moon for a few minutes (it is a quick flash of things, for they are so funny).

The movie is incredibly intelligent. The jokes are dead on and VERY imaginative (for example - and this is not a spoiler - pay attention to how they manage to produce light when Dr. Gru and two of his minions are in a ventilation duct at Vector's fortress - just delightful).

You will fall in love with his minions, and if you have a soft heart, with the three orphan girls.

OH, I almost forgot!! The 3D... this is the best usage of 3D I've seen (excepting "Avatar", of course) in a movie. There is a roller coaster ride scene that will literally "tickle your tummy" (like my kids said). For the first three seconds it easily compares to the effects found in "The Simpsons Ride" at Universal Studios.

The action sequences are thrillingly enhanced by the right amount of 3D, and make sure you STAY while the credits roll on. There are some OBVIOUS usage of 3D on those scenes with very funny results. Actually, here's a hint: sit down and enjoy these scenes while the people in the rows in front of you try to exit the theatre; the point of reference they offer will enhance the 3D in such a cool way that it will seem that they will bump into the staircase and the minions protruding from the screen (I suppose that was the intention of these bonus scenes, and boy they nailed it!) All in all, do yourself a favour and go WATCH it... I am sure I will do it again!


P.S. Be sure to learn a little, tiny bit of Spanish so you can "get" one of the jokes... my family was the only one laughing like crazies during that scene.. cheers again!What a year it has been for animated films. So far in 2010 we have had three great films from three rival studios. DreamWorks kicked things off with the surprise sleeper hit How to Train Your Dragon and animation juggernaut Pixar countered with the hotly anticipated Toy Story 3. Now Universal's Illumination Entertainment has released the audaciously titled Despicable Me and while it may be the "worst" of the trio, it is certainly the most purely entertaining.

The strengths of Despicable Me lie within veins commonly found in animated features, but his entry simply utilizes them extremely effectively. Along with jumping on the 3-D bandwagon (my theatre was screening it in normal dimensions) Despicable Me boasts an impressive voice cast, a ploy first used with Robin Williams way back in the days of traditional days of animation with Aladdin, superbly executed slapstick and what I will call the sidekick factor. Whether cute or wisecracking, you would be hard-pressed to find a film in this medium that does not employ this tactic. Even so called "art-house" animated pictures like WALL-E follow the trend (in fact, that particular film contains two such supporting characters) and Despicable Me ups the ante and adopts thousands.

The villainous central character of Gru (voiced my Steve Carell) operates his evil lair with the aid of a multitude of adorable little yellow workers, and along with their "awwwee" factor, are the subject of a healthy portion of the aforementioned slapstick. Nestled in between the easy laughs however is ample heart and if you are prone to do so, you may very well shed a tear or two. This warmth is generated by three orphan girls, Margo, Edith and the doe-eyed Agnes, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.

All Gru has ever wanted is to be accepted, and what better way to achieve that goal than by resorting to supervillainy. After a fresh- faced rival villain Vector (Jason Segel) outdoes Gru by stealing a pyramid from Egypt, he devises a plan to obtain a shrink-ray from a government testing facility and use that technology to shrink, and then steal the moon. Things do not go according to plan after Vector steals the shrink-ray right out of Gru's spindly clutches. What's a supervillain to do? Devise another plan of course, this time using the three aforementioned orphans to infiltrate Vector's lair by selling cookies. It's all very complicated in writing but works very well on screen.

Steve Carell does an admirable job in the lead voice role, and his Russian accent helps us to forget it is an A-list star nestled behind the animation. Russell Brand gives an unrecognizable performance as Dr. Nefario, the brains behind Gru's operation, and Kristen Wiig is hilarious as the head of the orphanage. The most disappointing is certainly the great Jason Segel whose underwritten character fails him as does his voice. Half of the allure of Segel is his physical presence and that is neutered in a voice-only role. While the physical humour will no doubt please the kids, there is perhaps even more for adults and if a movie is able to make me double over in the isle, then it must be doing something right. With Shrek Forever After being the one misstep for this medium, I look enthusiastically forward to the remainder of the year. What I know for certain is I (and the audience I joined) had an absolute blast with this flick, that is despicable in name only.
November 4, 2017
I AM VECTOR! I commit crime with both DIRECTION and MAGNITUDE!
½ October 31, 2017
Well rounded thought out story. That brings out a pretty good story with a lot of action.
½ October 16, 2017
Quality family movie. Cute and funny throughout. 8/10
September 22, 2017
Despicable Me is a good animated kids movie. Let's just get that right. I really enjoyed this feature from ILLUMINATION and thought the girls were really good in it. Steve Carell was great as evil mastermind Gru who adopts three girls to help him with a heist. Definitely a good one to watch if there's nothing to do outside or anytime it's streaming.

VERDICT: Just suffered from an ending that felt too predictable and anticlimactic, but hey, that's what you get with kids heist movies. Still a good one to watch.

RATING: 7.7/10
September 21, 2017
As touching as it is funny, it's one of the sweetest animated films made in years.
September 19, 2017
One of the funniest animation movies I have ever seen, from Steve Carrel's awkward humour to the minions Mr.Bean type sounds.

The movie follows the lovable villain Gru and his minions, as he tries to become the best supervillain that ever lived, by stealing the moon. Of course along on the way he meets 3 girls who he adopts, which inevitably teaches him the error of his ways.

It hold up as a film for children and adults, a really good family experience. The littlest girl is the cutest thing ever and the minions are hilarious and adorable. It's a lot of fun to watch, by yourself or with your family.

I'd recommend it to anyone really, it's a heartfelt story with a lot of laughs.
½ September 13, 2017
Solid enough kids animation.
September 10, 2017
A great start for Illumination entertainment and a really enjoyable film and just use all your spare time to watch this.
September 3, 2017
I thought Despicable Me was a good one. The action and adventure is good. It is a good one in the Despicable Me Franchise.
August 30, 2017
I think it is boring
½ August 24, 2017
Tras varios visionados en estos últimos siete años, esta ya famosa cinta de animación ha perdido algo de su frescura y encanto (algo que no sucede con otras del género), pero hasta cierto punto sigue siendo muy entretenida y enternecedora. Aunque por una vez el doblaje al español no es de crimen (y con la animación suele serlo), perder la fantástica interpretación de Steve Carrell en versión orignal es todo un delito.

Si ya la habéis visto alguna vez y os apetece de nuevo, dadle una oportunidad al VO, no decepcionará en absoluto.
August 21, 2017
(4.5 out of 6)
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When we see we are all unique and not the same when we don't really know what we want until it stares us right in the face that melts into our insides that reveals what hidden all a long. When we see others share in such hidden needs deep within that need unearthing.
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