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Peter Debruge
February 23, 2012
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Andrew O'Hehir
July 22, 2009
Much of the allegorical force Harel and Sarmiento's film has built up is undone by its utterly conventional, lameass-switcheroo ending, which may be an indication that more than enough virtual ink has been spilled on this subject.
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Rex Reed
New York Observer
July 22, 2009
Written by a weirdo named Trent Haaga for no other purpose than to outrage, Deadgirl is part S&M porno, part supernatural chiller, and worthy only if you're interested in how far movies can go before the police arrive.
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Vadim Rizov
Village Voice
July 21, 2009
[It] has more fantastically blunt, clunky, and downright laughable teen-sex dialogue per minute than anything this side of Larry Clark.