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June 13, 2010
Was a pretty good movie but had a very weak ending, didn't have that same effect like 28 days later but still watchable.
½ June 12, 2010
not what I expected!! et ne pas se fier à l'affiche non plus, c'est pas fait pour faire peur en fait.
la morale ? ben y'en a pas trop au final.
mais bon petit film & added bonus : y'avait Stabler! (de L&O SVU) ^^
June 11, 2010
Jeunes abrutis clichesques dans un pseudo film de zombies sans interet
½ June 10, 2010
Above all, Carriers is a dark and intensely personal journey through the well-trodden terrain of the post-apocalyptic genre. Thought-provoking, suspenseful and at times heartbreaking, Carriers shows us a world where we are all on the edge of a precipice, and where each man and woman has their own reasons for stepping, or not stepping into the abyss. The action and suspense in Carriers are very well done, but the strength of this film lies in the fact that its most vital gripping scenes are ones in which there is no violence, no gun-play and no horror; these are human-beings forced to make impossible and soul-destroying choices. The young and largely unknown cast is admirable, and prevent this film from simply being another 'disaster movie', 'disease movie' or 'apocalypse movie'. The direction (whilst by no means fantastic) is solid and workmanlike, and allows a great concept, excellent script and enthusiastic, talented cast to gel in an engaging and extremely emotional manner.
½ June 10, 2010
Kept waiting for something to happen, and it didn't. Not enough action. Disappointed.
June 9, 2010
Another "everyone's gonna die at once" storyline. I can't think of how many of these we've watched lately. Hunky Christopher Meloni was in it though...that was a ++++++++++!!!
½ June 8, 2010
More utter crap. I'm kind of over apocalyptic movies, although Zombieland was hilarious, this was just painful.
June 8, 2010
Alright movie. Glad I waited for rental
½ June 7, 2010
L'inizio potrebbe anche essere promettente, diciamo alla Stephen King. Solo che le cose che succedono sono più scontate che interessanti. Quindi promessa non mantenuta.
June 6, 2010
Another virus. Another epidemic. Another apocalypse. Another one of those films.
June 6, 2010
De bonnes idees et des plans peu communs. Une bonne surprise.
June 6, 2010
Cross between '28 days Later' and 'The Road'. An apocalyptic world of sorts where everyone is infected and dead or dying but without the zombie/crazed affects of the virus. Chilling, as this movie was, (probably what would happen if everybody on the planet started to drop off it from a virus, people only looking after number 1 as the alternative to isolation is death of a very horrible kind) it really wasn't that good. It was slow and plain. It lacked direction and decent acting. The actors weren't bad but they weren't real good either. The storyline simply meanders along until they got to where they were heading and that's one is around because everyone is dead...! It shows animalistic traits of mankind where survival is concerned and that is all this movie has. It lacks punch and genuine chilling moments, both of which are in the above mentioned movies.
June 5, 2010
Just an okay movie to watch if you are looking to pass time. I wouldn't consider it a horror or thriller movie, and its not really a suspense either. Its most close to being a psychological movie, ie how people act when push comes to shove. However I've seen better movies that portray such things. Had it not been for the stars in it, it would probably of been worse.
½ June 4, 2010
**Spoiler Alert**

Although reading this will probably save you time and money. In fact, you would be doing yourself a favor by not watching this movie.

The movie is based off a viral outbreak that is supposed to be HIGHLY contagious and Fatal. This group of 4 are traveling across the nation and ..... of course trying to survive.

After 20 minutes in the movie, I realized that it's not a movie I am watching, but a training video. It shows what morons do and exactly what you are not suppose to do during a viral outbreak.

It starts off with these morons picking up 2 hitch hikers, a father and her infected daughter. BTW, the moron that was supposed to be going to Harvard or Yale was the one who came up with the bright idea of bringing the father and infected daughter along. Guess Harvard or Yale lowered their standards huh?

Can you guess what happens next? One of the morons decides to get infected by doing something really stupid. SHOCKER ! The infected daughter was in the back of an SUV that was sealed off by plastic wrap and duct tape. The infected daughter in the back was choking and so the moron thought to help her out by breaking the seal and who knows what else she was thinking. Well during her heroic attempt to save a child that is already dead mind you, she gets infected blood on her face. I hope it was worth it Mother Teresa.

I did mention that there is a highly contagious virus that can be easily transferred by a simple breath, right? Yet these morons prance around infected areas without their mask and walk around non chalantly while touching anything and everything. Hey let's go play some golf on 18 holes! Oh let's come up to this golf club that could be full of infected people or not. Don't worry about clearing the place. Let's just wing it and hope no infected people are around. Hey what is that? Is that someone in the shadow moving? Oh let's go check it out, even though I don't have a flash light. It's probably a cute bunny and it wants to play tea party. We know how this ends.

What else can these morons do? So let's say they need gas and so they stop a car hoping to steal gas. Mr. GUNG HO moron decides to go gangsta and unload a clip on the driver. Well maybe if you were such a big man you would have killed both of the passengers, but no he doesn't. Instead the 2nd passenger gets out of the car and shoots Mr. Gung HO moron in the leg. Which then of course the leg gets infected. Way to go Rambo!

Honestly, I can't even figure out how these idiots lasted longer than 24 hours.
Oh and the ending? It's even more pointless than the movie itself.
June 3, 2010
Nothing new to the contagion apocalypse sub-genre. Worse, its just boring.
June 3, 2010
It's like a failed version of Zombieland.
June 1, 2010
Wasnt very scary or exciting but the characters were interesting and kept me watching its nice to know you can have a horror movie without so much blood!!
½ June 1, 2010
Quite a good film, short easy watch. Doesn't bring anything new to an already saturated genre.
½ June 1, 2010
small story but engaging to watch ;)
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