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May 12, 2013
Opens up with the so called shock news of Izzard being accused of fraud for repeating old jokes. This unjust sensationist opening sequence is supposed to give some drama to the career of a now, very funny comic. But can see it took a long time for him to be such a polished performer. Interesting to see old footage from places such as Covent Garden. Also interesting to see him as a stand up prior to dressing up on stage. Not really enough gags in the documentary, but still interesting viewing
October 20, 2012
A bit long winded but thorough. I wish it would have explored the man a little more than his desire to suceed.
October 9, 2012
Documentary telling the story of comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, which follows him from his childhood right up to the 2003 Sexie tour.

Eddie Izzard has got to be one of the best stand up comedians out there, and this documentary is a very affectionate look at his life story. Charting his childhood, school days and rise to stardom, it follows him right up to his 'workshop' shows for the Sexie Tour. It is jam packed with interviews with family, friends and the man himself, and the chance to see some archival footage of his early days doing street performing is worth the ticket price alone. This is a very interesting, funny and (at times) emotional documentary which is perfect for the rabid fan, or anyone who has heard of him and wants to know more.
½ April 18, 2012
Interesting look at the origins of the unique comics success. The early material and the gutsy antics of a young man with passion for performance are illuminating and shine a light on the hard work 'over night' success takes.
March 24, 2012
this is an excellent and very intimate look at Eddie Izzard's life. Very funny yet touching also.
February 15, 2012
The life of a truly resilient man, the simply incredible comedian Eddie Izzard, is told through personal footage, specially recorded interviews as well as his very own material where he's previously spoken about events in his life. All tailored together by passionate director Sarah Townsend, this is the story of how Eddie continued to believe through many years of failure and rejection, until he got everything just right. This will not only inspire wannabe comedians, but any person in general, to set your heart on something and then never to give up.
August 10, 2011
i thought it would give a lot more background to the kind of comedian he is and why he goes the down road of surrealism. so not all that gripping but worth a watch nonetheless if you're a fan.
August 8, 2011
For en fan som meg var den veldig engasjerende, og det er vel det viktigste: Mest utbytte som fan, men interessant ellers.
July 26, 2011
love Eddie Izzard so this is a must see
July 26, 2011
It's really interesting finding out Eddie's back-story, and all the challenges he faced getting to become one of the best-loved comedian's on the planet. If you work hard enough and don't give in to the knock backs then anything is possible. Definitely my favourite transvestite!
July 26, 2011
It's really interesting finding out Eddie's back-story, and all the challenges he faced getting to become one of the best-loved comedian's on the planet. If you work hard enough and don't give in to the knock backs then anything is possible. Definitely my favourite transvestite!
½ July 18, 2011
Interesting to see the sheer effort and persistance it took Eddie Izzard to become famous. Unfortunately for a documentary about a stand up comedian, this is kind of unfunny.
July 16, 2011
If you was to ask me who my favorite stand up comedian was i would find it hard to give you an answer. Among my favorites are Bill Hicks , Richard Prior , Billy Connolly and Lee Evans but if i had to pick a favorite i would have to say Eddie Izzard.

This is a BBC documentary that charts the life of one of the hardest working men in show business and a fascinating watch it is.

Eddie tells his own story which includes the death of his mother and his upbringing in boarding school to his relentless and manic obsession with becoming a stand up comedian and actor.

What i like about this , is that this is that the story is told in his own words. It is intermingled with very old footage of his early work ( and it wasn't very good) to some of his iconic sketches , including my personal favorite , the Fashion full circle gag. Dick head , normal , trendy , Dick head!

He comes across as being a very intelligent man yet somehow venerable and i don't think there is anyone around at the moment who can hold a light to him.

½ July 11, 2011
Interesting and insightful, especially regarding Eddie's severely uphill struggle via Sheffield & Edinburgh, showing a willpower and belief that rivals Rocky. When he describes genius and madness being like a circle though, one can't help but wonder quite where he fits on that scale, especially if you've seen his Cows series or the early material in this documentary. The marathon running, politics and appearance in Valkyrie were rather notable omissions though, barely getting a mention... maybe there's a follow-up planned?
May 26, 2011
A great doc on a brilliant performer and comic Eddie Izzard. Well worth watching.
March 12, 2011
I didn't expect this to be as moving as it was. A touching insight into the man behind the comedy.
January 18, 2011
Terrible production. Amazing content. Total legend.
December 27, 2010
the problem with "believe" is that it isn't nearly as good or well-styled as its subject: eddie izzard! it's conventional, clunky and, at times, kinda boring. it picks up about an hour in - with more about izzard's most recent work and his decision to come out as transvestite - but, dammit, this should have been WAY better!

honorable mention.
December 18, 2010
Very poor, very disappointing documentary on Eddie Izzard. He's a fascinating and fabulous figure, but this is a poorly produced promotional puff-piece that would make a reasonable DVD extra but certainly has no place on the big screen.
December 18, 2010
A great documentary in showing how Eddie Izzard came from humble beginnings to being one of the worlds best comics, done in the tried and tested interview and old/stock footage way of documentary it is funny and brilliant apart from the fact it opens with gig preparation and then these scenes seem to quickly disappear and reaper randomly.
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