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Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison Reviews

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July 11, 2013
I had of course heard the soundtrack countless times but had never seen the images of Cash playing at Folsom Prison. For the evening, the prisoners felt liberated and united in their common issues so wonderfully sung by Cash. A great moment in history.
March 1, 2012
Great music and a great story.
January 17, 2011
considering this was reconstructed without any live footage, its pretty impressive...probably helps if u're a Cash fan (I am) but an interesting look at a career defining moment
½ August 7, 2010
Un documental interesante que retrata de cerca el espíritu de johnny Cash y establece cierto paralelo entre la desgracia de los reos y los prpios fantasmas de Cash, como sus adicciones. A pesar de no ser largo, la duración se siente y puede tener que vre con que no hay registros en video del show que dio Cash al grabar ese disco. Interesante sobretodo para músicos.
½ January 18, 2010
Better than walk the line, and far more detailed on Cash's live and exploits.
June 19, 2009
The film has a unique way of coming at telling the story of a much written about person and event but the narrative isn't as focused as it should be and poor Johnny almost gets lost in the mix.
½ March 2, 2009
I had high hopes for this one, but was sadly let down. There was a lot less music than I expected, and it was kind of all over the board as far as the focus of the film. I DID really like the production elements while there WAS music playing, but it couldn't salvage the film for me.
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February 6, 2009
One of the finest performances in history by any artist. Johnny Cash is absolutely brilliant
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