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July 9, 2013
Halo legends best video game movie ever animated
½ July 9, 2013
HALO Legends is like Batman: Gotham Knight and The Animatrix in that it is a anthology movie that contains eight episodes chronicling the much beloved HALO video game universe.
The tales told include (but are not limited to): A soldier with no emotion fighting off Covenant forces in a badass power armor suit, a group of ODST's and a SPARTAN assassinating a Prophet, the origin of The Flood and The Forerunners, and a SPARTAN down on his luck. All of the episodes are well animated, containing some breathtaking moments, and the many action scenes are pure eye candy. The dialogue is well penned and well voiced, with the strongest episode being the origins of the SPARTAN program. However, the one episode that really sticks out in a "not so god" kind of way is the one about the unlucky SPARTAN, in that it tries to be all jokey and shit. Problem is, not all of the jokes are funny.
But despite the one episode being mediocre, the rest of the episodes are incredible and should be seem by anime fans, and if you are a HALO fan like me this is a must buy.
½ July 7, 2013
Although it had action, comedy, and a wide variety of artwork for the segments, I expected for it to tell a story which it didnt offer. Not even close.
June 5, 2013
While the quality of the segments are all over the place in "Halo Legends", an animated anthology of stories based or set in the universe of the video, enough of them are entertaining and it's worth a look.

"Origins", the first segment (split into two parts) is the best and the most compelling visually and story-wise. If you're already a fan of the video game series, it will be satisfying to see the whole story laid out clearly and in chronological order and if you're just grabbing this movie as an introduction to the series or as a standalone Sci-fi story the concepts and creatures are quite interesting. There aren't really any characters to speak of because it's a "historical" retelling that tells a story that spans from thousands of years ago up to several hundreds of years in the future when humanity makes contact with alien races. The animation is well done, the story is clever and it's well written. A good start to the film and it gets you excited to see more of the universe explored.

The second segment "Duel" doesn't have a story that's nearly as engaging because you've seen it before. This one takes a lot of its material from feudal Japanese samurai stories. The main character is an expert fighter who refuses to partake in actions he deems dishonorable. The higher-ups brand the "Arbiter" a traitor and sends legions of goons after him in hopes of killing and humiliating him, while a backup plan to slaughter his wife and force him into a duel to the death is also set in motion. The visual style is really unique and is quite striking visually. Every frame looks like an oil pastel piece and this sharp contrast along with the fact that this segment contains no human characters whatsoever makes it quite unique. The nods to feudal japan are interesting, if a bit exaggerated at times (one of the aliens is wearing samurai armor; not something that look like samurai armor but straight up, feudal japan stuff). Unfortunately the originality stopped with the visuals because if you are at all familiar with characters motivated by "honor" or samurai stories you'll easily be able to see where it's all headed.

"Homecoming" is the third story and the one that features the weakest animation. Something about the way the characters are drawn, particularly the faces really look off and it's a distraction. The story itself is ok, you get some insight on how the "Spartans" (the humans' elite fighting force) are chosen and trained but the characters in the story itself are bland. The ending explores how awful it is to be a soldier that has no place outside of war in a "tragic" conclusion you've seen before in any war movie (particularly the science fiction ones where you have super soldiers bred only for war). Aside from a few overly sappy moments, it's not very memorable.

"Odd One Out" certainly lives up to its name. It's a comedic story that parodies the "Halo" Universe and other Japanese animated series (notably "Dragon Ball Z"). The main character "Spartan 1337" is an unlucky goofball that suffers from an over-inflated ego (probably because despite his horrendous luck he is still a part of humanity's last hope). The animation is perfectly suited for the light-hearted and comedic style and helps you adjust from the drastic change of tone. The story is utter nonsense but there are some pretty funny moments and feels pretty fresh after seeing two mostly uninspired chapters in a row.

"Prototype" has some very good and exciting sequences, but as the 6th segment starts to play out you'll realize that a lot of the stories don't have very strong plots. The main character here is a sergeant who's become numb by war and has decided to use a prototype exo-suit to combat invading alien forces while scientists from the facility he is defending escape. You get to see a lot of flashbacks to explore how "deep" his character is because you see, the last member of his previous platoon just wanted him to be able to feel again and "be human" one last time and told him this in a "emotionally moving" speech right before she died. It feels very similar to the previous "Homecoming" story and some of the later ones as well. It's sappy and cheesy, the ending will have you rolling your eyes but the action sequences are very fun and violent.

Chapter 7 is "Babysitter" about a squad member that gets upset when he is bumped down from first to second choice for a sniper assassination. The new soldier is a "Spartan" and we get a bit of the universe fleshed out when the characters discuss among themselves their feelings about these super soldiers. When it comes to the job, there's some decent action sequences, you get to see the "Spartan" ("Cal-141") be a badass while the protagonist whines a lot. Afterwards the the ending is a letdown, with some business about the bonds between soldiers and letting go of your preconceptions about super soldiers and that kind of thing. It often feels like a retread of "Prototype" and "Homecoming".

The final segment is also the only one that isn't traditionally hand animated. The action is pretty thrilling but it also gets extremely ridiculous. There's a booby trapped room that detonates all of the contents, including the people who were tricked into walking inside the room, but just to make sure, the baddies also detonate the entire ship. It makes you wonder how much time, money and effort is required to build a massive space shuttle that the villains in the story can just throw them away willy-nilly. The mooks that are thrown at the 6 "Spartan" soldiers are effortlessly blown away by the dozens but before the action gets tiresome the story ends. The action and space battles are good, the characters are just excuses to bring more guns into the battles, the story is nutty. Overall it's a decent entry.

One of the big faults in all of the stories is well, the stories. Most of them are very simple, take a lot of their material from already established tropes and other, better and longer works or are just excuses to have people shooting at aliens for ten minutes. A few of the stories mix it up, like the "Odd One Out" and "Duel", with mixed results. The animation is average to sub-par and the most interesting tale is easily the first one, which means it pretty much goes downhill from there in terms of writing. Thankfully the stories move quickly and it doesn't feel long despite its nearly 2 hr running time. It's worth a view but unless you're a hardcore fan of the franchise you'll want to rent it before you commit to buying the Dvd/Blu-ray. (Dvd, June 2, 2013)
May 25, 2013
a rather interesting collection of short animated films in the spirit of 'animatrix'
May 21, 2013
A really well made animated adventure set in the Halo universe!
May 12, 2013
Sigh, it opens okay, it ends even better, but the middle 80% of this is some of the most botched and directionless animation that I have ever seen! Don't people write scripts before making these sorts of movies anymore? Grr, most of this looks like it was made by a competitor trying to ruin the Halo name. Very boring, too long, a big waste of time.
April 25, 2013
Awesome, scifi,and action!!!love it
½ April 23, 2013
Loved it...huge fan of the series
March 30, 2013
Its halo. What else do i have to say!
February 17, 2013
this film will pull a couple of heart strings and make you realise why the halo universe has expanded from more then just a game.
January 10, 2013
The soundtrack gets me every time :) Highly recommended for Halo fans.
January 6, 2013
I didn't know it was a movie?
½ January 2, 2013
Excellent animation and slick action sequences combined with some truly interesting plotlines that tie into and shed light on the Halo multiverse make Halo Legends a treat for fans of animation and the Halo series alike.
December 25, 2012
Hit and miss collection of stories, with more misses unfortunately.
November 12, 2012
This must be really cool
October 28, 2012
Halo legends is a movie, or really more of a series of episodes that is made for a Halo fan.

The first two episodes revolves around the character cortona and the stories she tells to Master Chief. If you are not familiar with Halo lore, Cortana is an AI construct and is basically used as a data chip(she is essentially the navi for Halo, not the avatar one the Zelda one) for MasterChief, and master chief is basically a space marine. I will admit the first two started slowly for me, mostly because it was stuff that I already knew about, but it was still interesting seeing the images of Halo's origin. Those two episodes are the only one that I would say follow a specific story, even though it is just Cortana speaking.
The third episode is about the arbiter. This is my favorite one, simply because the water art in this is simply amazing, the animation is fluent and it is just brilliantly done. The story is very interesting and nothing I expected from halo but I really enjoyed it, I will not spoil anything about it but it is definitely my favorite out of all of them. This episode entitled duel definitely showed the artistic side of this movie/ series.
Now onto the third episode entitled homecoming. So this is another one that is similar to origins, it basically shows what people go through in the spartan program. Again if not familiar with halo the spartan program is a military program that basically creates human tanks( depending on which spartan). I cant say to much other than that because I would spoil it. All I will say is that the art style does change dramatically from the very beautiful and artistic watercolor to a more anime japenese style. I do like this and I think that it was a neat idea to blend all of these styles together. This is also a similar style to the origins.
Odd one Out. This was very funny to me, it is an anime that is set towards kids but with a halo skin, I loved the way that all of the gaming references were made, most notably being that the story follows a Spartan who's service tag is 1337. The art style is still an anime but in more of the Pokemon look to it, with all of the different motions and faces. The main protagonist of this is also hilarious, he is basically the deadpool of the spartan program and is portrayed amazingly. It was one that I think parents will enjoy more with kids, but I liked it.
The sixth installment is entitled prototype, it is about a marine, not a Spartan or overpowered person just a marine. This had to be the most action based one of them. It follows the dark story of a marine that is called by others as ghost, this is because he shows little emotion. His back story isn't the most original but he is the only marine that has an interesting story in Halo, with the exception of Johnson. I can't explain very much of this without spoiling, so I will simply say if you like mechs and the matrix this is probably the most suited for you.
The babysitter focuses around a group of ODST's (orbital drop shock troopers) and their mission to assassinate a political leader of the covenant. I probably should've mentioned this earlier but In halo the covenant are aliens and the Spartans are basically humanity and such. Any way the odst's are not big fans of the Spartans and usually never get along, so when one is forced to join their team things go well. I can't spoil still so that's it.
The Package. This one changes from art styles dramatically, going from an anime to CGI. It is not the greatest animation but it is still fairly decent and is definitely good looking since it is trying to blend anime and CGI. It is another story about the MasterChief. This is going to be my only mild spoiler. OK so the plot here is basically save the damsel in distress. I'm not going to go into much detail, but that's it.
As a whole this series of shorts are very impressive, I do find that they are all really well done. The music in each is very good and definitely one of my favorite soundtracks. There is also enough variety that I think everyone can enjoy, my only problem with it is, if your not a halo fan or don't know much about it you will most likely be lost in this movie since there is little explanation to most things, that being said if you are a fan of halo then this is definitely a great watch.
October 16, 2012
This may be a good movie but I want to see it.
September 24, 2012
I thought that this was an ok film. A good understanding of the Halo Universe. Forerunners, The Flood, female Sangheili, and other things. But I think that the people who did this should of never used anime. It was choppy with the animation like it was "supposed" to.
September 5, 2012
Very enjoyable for hardcore Halo fans and people new to the epic saga.
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