Sep 17, 2016
Slender but fun.
Jun 22, 2011
Amateurish and crude, William Castle's film is better known for its aggressive publicity campaign.
Aug 26, 2010
Cheesy -- and gory -- classic; no young'uns.
Oct 23, 2009
It falters just as most of today's movies falter: too much emphasis on effects and not enough on characters.
Oct 14, 2007
A dull and crudely made haunted house tale.
Nov 16, 2004
Nov 15, 2003
Jul 23, 2003
Too bad the ghost goggles didn't blind you from this horrid film.
Dec 4, 2002
Oct 30, 2002
Oct 2, 2002
Quaint, creaky, and probably worse than the remake
Aug 8, 2002
Jul 26, 2002
Dry and dusty; the good bits are doled out slowly and sparingly.
Oct 16, 2001
The special effects were low-budget even for their time, but there are a couple of jump-out-at-you moments and plot twists that still work pretty well.