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  • Mike Enslin: $ 8 for beer nuts. This room is EVIL
    Mike Enslin: $8 for beer nuts? This room is evil.

  • Mike Enslin: "Sometimes you can't get rid if bad memories, you just gotta live with them"
    Mike Enslin: Sometimes you can't get rid if bad memories, you just gotta live with them.

  • Mike Enslin: Listen, I've been trapped.

  • Mike Enslin: ...but where's the bone-chilling terror?

  • Mike Enslin: Is this it?

  • Mike Enslin: Go to hell!

  • Mike Enslin: I have been a selfish man but I don't have to die that way.

  • Mike Enslin: The room's gotta be filthy. I mean, the sheets haven't been changed in... what, eleven years?
    Gerald Olin: No no no. We're very professional here. 1408 gets a light turn once a month. I supervise, the maids work in pairs. We treat the room as if it's a chamber filled with poison gas. We only stay 10 minutes and I insist the door remain open. But still... A few years ago a young maid from El Salvador found herself locked in the bathroom. She was only there for a few moments, but when we pulled her out she was-
    Mike Enslin: She was dead?
    Gerald Olin: No. Blind. She had taken a pair of scissors and gouged her eyes out. She was laughing hysterically.

  • Mike Enslin: Stay Scared..
    Mike Enslin: Stay scared..
    Mike Enslin: Stay scared.

  • Mike Enslin: They say you can't die in your dreams... is that true?

  • Mike Enslin: I'm going out to buy some cigarettes.

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