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½ April 15, 2013
Fine for an afternoon where you just want to quickly watch a movie where over dramatic teenagers and murderous older teens kill each other and are forced to do so by a crazy, sadistic teacher and a corrupt government. "Sorta, Kinda, Maybe, I Don't Know"
½ March 8, 2013
Great movie, brutal and entertaining.
January 26, 2013
It's hard to be completely objective having already seen something like "The Hunger Games", but my reaction to just about every seen was, "what the...?" Could have been a good satire were it not for the numerous isolated nonsensities that constantly took away from the movie as a whole.
December 25, 2012
I watch this when I need a good laugh. (I am sick little puppy.)
December 19, 2012
If you want senseless violence, in the style of typical Japanese cinema which has no respect for the squeamishness of its audience then look no further! A classic of the ultra violent quirky Japanese cinema.
December 1, 2012
One of the best films ever.
½ November 26, 2012
too many love storys... but i liked the exaggeration in this movie...
November 7, 2012
One of my all time favourite films. Wonderfully acted .
November 6, 2012
Ovanlig och rätt så underhållande.
November 1, 2012
The Original & kick Ass Version of The Hunger Games ..
½ October 31, 2012
This movie was so confusing and disturbing that's it hard to enjoy.
½ October 8, 2012
Pretty solid movie. A movie about kids killing kids (it's not really that simplistic) that has a lot of parallels with the Hunger Games, although each are their own movies.
September 23, 2012
Just a riot to watch. I really liked what another reviewer said: magnificently tasteless satire. Gives new meaning to "survivor"! Classic Japanese special effects blood, guts and gore. Everyone wears the school uniform clothes, even the white shirts and ties - great stuff!
August 14, 2012
Great movie!! The cinematography, the characters, the plot, the writing everything is perfect. Thrillingly violent and gripping.
July 27, 2012
Unbelievably gory and bloody film about teens killing each other in a ruthless competition. Stranded on a deserted island, they need to transform into lethal assassins, in order to survive and come ahead of the competition. If you saw The Hunger Games and wasn't really satisfied by its childish tone and overall simplicity and you long for something more deadly and merciless, then Battle Royale is definitely a movie for you.
½ July 10, 2012
A very disgraceful gore piece of art which shows the worst of the humankind, while critizes the evolution of the contemporanean society.

Before watch this movie is important to understand that it's not a movie for everyone. Different from other movies like SAW or Hostel, the free gore show is not fun, nor even funny. It's just a mechanism to enforce the very disgraceful nature of the human being, and it has to be accepted these way.

A very mature film which is also very gross. Not for everyone.
June 16, 2012
This was much better than the Hunger Games. Japanese movies are so much fun to watch.
½ June 8, 2012
Twisted and deep, this is one of the best (and darkest) action movies ever, and not just mindless shooting. The heavy emotion behind each kill is one of the things that makes this movie so different. Almost perfect in every way.
June 4, 2012
no info = no interest
June 1, 2012
did you know they made a book based off this crap?
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