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½ July 10, 2017
Another cheap Italian knock off of Escape From New York and The Warriors. That lead actor is really hard to take seriously though. Still, if you can buy into this world, there is some campy fun to be had.
June 30, 2017
1990 The Bronx Warriors: 3 out of 10: It's the distant future and the Bronx is now a no-go zone filled with criminal scum. A rich 17-year-old girl escapes her guardians and flees into the Bronx where she meets up with a large breasted male hairdresser who leads a motorcycle gang?

Hold on let me check the box... Italian eh? Should have known. Yes it's a rip off of Escape from New York mixed with the Warriors.

The film is loaded with problems even for an Italian rip off hack job. First of all they are clearly not in the Bronx. Helpful hints include the World Trade Center and UN building not to mention the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. I guess 1990 the Brooklyn Warriors sounded too much like a baseball movie.

Despite listing the Hell's Angels as technical support the biker gang leads are well gay. I mean Village people gay. The leads really don't even know how to walk like men literally swishing from one scene to the next. The fight scenes show off their ballet and modern jazz skills as opposed to actual combat skills.

And the outfits could give leather a bad name for years to come. It's a fine line between wearing your leathers to ride and looking like an extra from Cruising. Even the late Vic Morrow who keeps his manhood intact throughout most of the film goes leather bar at the end.

The dialog is awful beyond belief and the acting is community theater level. The gangs our heroes swish against are even worse. First you have the Rollerball rejects with Spaceball helmets and then the cast of Chorus Line makes an appearance.(This is not an exaggeration the motorcycle gang literally battles a Broadway review) Fred Williamson (who confusingly is called Trash while Vic Morrow's character is called the Hammer), Betty Dessy as Hammers girl Witch (In her only film) and Joshua Sinclair as Ice actually give entertaining performances.

The two leads however Stefinia Girolami Goodwin and Mark Gregory could simply not be worse. Their chemistry is nil and their line reading is atrocious. Looks like I owe 2019: After the Fall of New York an apology.

As Joe Bob Briggs might say 17 breasts, zero of which belong to the ladies.
July 21, 2016
It's kind of like a mix of The Warriors, Mad Max, and Escape from New York. But also Italian directed so has the special little touch you never knew you needed. WELCOME TO SCIFI HELL.
April 27, 2016
1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982) ??
Policeman infiltrates the Bronx, which has become a battleground for several murderous street gangs. Low-budget junk.
January 23, 2016
I gave this a a second look recently and had to knock my original score up by a full star, which I suppose shows how differently I'm viewing cinema than when I first watched this low-budget schlock affair, as I have a much greater appreciation for smaller films that basically did their best to ride the trends of the times.

Give it a rental, see if it grabs you.
½ September 12, 2015
It's low budget Italian action, which tells you everything you need to know. It's a movie better watched with a group of people. It's kind of boring the first half, but it picks up the pace in the second half with Vic Morrow's hammy performance, Fred Williamson decapitating people, and a gang of effeminate tap dancing thugs. A bit better than these types of movies, but absolutely should not be taken seriously.
Super Reviewer
½ June 30, 2014
For a low budget action film, 1990: The Bronx Warriors is one of those films that have interesting ideas of what it tries to do with its ideas. The result is decent at best and quite cheesy for what it does. The film is fun if you have nothing else better to watch, and for fans of low budget action, this is worth a watch. I thought that the ideas were quite interesting, but it never really materialized into something truly memorable. This is a film that is entertaining for what it tries to do, and it works, but it does leave a bit to be desired. Enzo G. Castellari directs this feature, and he crafts a tongue in cheek actioner that tries to somewhat replicate the mad Max, The Warriors type vibe, but it never really takes off. The film is entertaining, but it doesn't do anything to really grab your attention, and make you come back for more. This really should have been much better, but I guess due to its budget constraints, the film does what it can to grab your attention, but it leaves you wanting much more. The film has a good idea, but it's something we've seen before, and it never becomes something that really stands out, and it's a shame because this had the potential of being so much more. This may satisfy fans of low budget cinema, but if you're a casual viewer wanting something that stands out, you'll sadly be disappointed. The film is decent, not bad, but like I said, it really leaves room for improvement. I expected much more out of the film, but in the end, I was bit disappointed.
½ March 14, 2014
A very well shot, entertaining, slightly cheesey 80's cash-in lending heavily from "Mad Max", "Escape from New York" and of course "The warriors". The script may not be up to much, but the setting amongst the rubble of a huge group of vacant tower blocks is something really quite unique, and the action towards the end is almost like nothing else with horse back stormtroopers armed with flame-throwers. Well worth tacking down a copy for fans of Italian knock-offs and action sci-fi, as this is one of the best offerings.
½ December 16, 2013
Anne (Stefania Girolami) is the 17-year-old heiress to the arms manufacturing giant, The Manhattan Corporation. Unable to face her guilt over inheriting a morally questionable company when she turns 18, Anne runs away into the lawless wasteland of New York's Bronx, described as No Man's land run by different gangs. When she is attacked by a roller skating gang called The Zombies, Anne is saved by members of The Riders and taken under the protection of The Riders' leader Trash (Mark Gregory). The Manhattan Corporation hires then a ruthless and psychopathic cop named Hammer (Vic Morrow) who turns the various Bronx gangs against each other to ensure Anne is returned...

"1990: The Bronx Warriors" (1990: I guerrieri del Bronx) was filmed in 1981 in both Rome and New York. This was Vic Morrow's last completed film before his unfortunate on-set death while filming "Twilight Zone: The Movie" (1983). This is a pretty cheap rip off of "The Warriors" (1979), "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior" (1981) and "Escape from New York" (1981) in a gigantic mix. But, this is as well a classic Enzo G. Castellari movie from all angles as he is the master of rehashing other peoples conceptual cinematic ideas. We have as said several connections to the great "The Warriors", but instead of pretty rough gangs we get for example a tap dancing gang...?! The acting is pretty poor, the dubbing is wobbly and nice, the clothes and the weapons.. wow.., the sound effects are quite funny, the direction is all over the place, some scenes seems to have been added on a whim, the action is pretty laughable and yet this low budget B-movie almost becomes good in itīs badness. How can you not love that the cops arrive in the end on horses with motorcycle helmets and flame throwers. The title sequence is actually pretty cool. And the music is not too shabby either.
August 14, 2013
so much sweet post-apocalyptic action.

April 19, 2013
Eh this is ok for an early 80s Italian warriors street gang rip off movie. Its good to kill a couple hours on a weeknight when you can't find anything else to watch and don't mind an older cheesy action movie now and then. If anything some of the stupid parts are good for a laugh with your buddies and some of the action scenes are somewhat impressive.
½ March 10, 2013
Directed by Enzo G. Castellari, (The Inglorious Basterds (1978), (The House by the Edge of the Lake (1979) and Day of the Cobra (1980)). He saw this as his answer to Escape from New York (1981), and while it may look like a sleazy exploitation film, it's well made, and Castellari finds some innovative ways to film certain shots, and it's good to watch as well, and it has a few recognisable faces. In 1990, after the Bronx fell into gangland war, 17 year old Anne (Stefania Girolami) is the heiress to a company that makes armed weapons called The Manhattan Corporation, run by her father Samuel Fisher (Ennio Girolami), which she's morally against, so she runs away from home, and finds herself in the Bronx, which has since become a no-go area. She finds herself in with a local gang called The Riders, led by Trash (Marco Di Gregorio). However, Fisher sends psychopathic ex-cop Hammer (Vic Morrow) into the Bronx to ensure Anne is safely returned. Hammer comes up with the plan of starting an all out war between The Riders and another rival gang. It's a well made film, and it's well filmed as well. OK, the story might be a bit hokey, and while it also owes itself to Walter Hill's The Warriors (1979), there is some good moments in this, and while it was done on a low budget, it has a professional sheen.
½ December 29, 2012
why did i like this film
October 27, 2012
In 1990, the Bronx is classified as a high risk zone and is no longer patrolled by police. A young heiress to a corporate fortune flees the good life to go to the Bronx and hang with one of the violent gangs there. A bit far fetched.
September 3, 2012
Wow. This is probably belongs in the Bottom 250 if not Bottom 100 movies of all-time. It's terrible in nearly every imaginable aspect. But it transcends its badness for those who can appreciate Italian trash cinema (don't worry, everyone speaks English). If you've seen THE WARRIORS and/or ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK then you'll definitely appreciate how bad this rip-off is. You'll appreciate how flamboyantly gay the hero is (although he supposedly likes the ladies, his walking and motorcycling riding styles clearly indicate otherwise). You'll enjoy the ridiculous fight scenes (especially the one involving a tap dancing gang who loves to wear KISS-style makeup). You'll wonder why Fred Williamson bothered to cash a paycheck in this trash. Then you'll realize our hero's name is actually "Trash" (which you won't forget b/c you'll hear his name mentioned at least 100 times). The future apparently has no guns and lots of rollerskating criminals and a very small area of the borough that is the Bronx. And of course there's the drummer in the middle of nowhere drumming away outside for no reason at all. At least the ending delivers a solid punch for this genre of exploitative trash. It's as bad as it gets and if you like bad movies I fail to see how you would not enjoy this immensely. Grab as many friends and as many libations as you need and enjoy the intrepid madness and insanity that is 1990: BRONX WARRIORS.
August 19, 2012
Movies like this usually hold my attention. This one couldn't. An hour into it, I found myself clueless to what was happening. Somewhat entertaining, but thats not enough for me.
July 15, 2012
How have I not seen this film. Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of bad cinema especially exploitative action pics Savage, Streets, Chained Heat, Barbarian Queen, enough said. But this one...this one takes the cake. It centers on a young woman who escapes from Manhattan in the future "1990" it was made in 1981 which has becomes the arms capital of the world to the Bronx which has been declared a war zone full of degenerates. She immeadiatly falls in with Trash and his gang. But when Her rich Dad saids a ridiculous assassin to get her back who in turns plans on turning all the Bronx gangs against one another or something well chaos ensues. Now let's talk Trash. Wow he is one of the most stupefying, badly dressed, hunky conic characters I've ever come across. He has long curly hair, a muscular broad chest and sports a very open leather vest that ecposes his nipples from time to time and very tight Mom jeans that well just lets you see everything. oh and let me not forget about his knee high leather boots. Oh he is amazing. even more amazing is how commited he is too the role. And his acting is just so bad he even has an intensly dramatic crying homoertic moment when his best friend gets killed. And the film is filled with gorgeous moments like that. The bad ass assassin is about 60 and jumps down from first floor windows in slow motion, Fred Williamson shows up as a sort of disco pimp character and his sidekick is a feisty blond with silver claws, a whip and a shiny silver and black cape. And let me not forget about the gang on roller skates with rainbow elbow and knee pads and their samurai haired leader. Oh I could just talk about this movie all day. But here it is if your a fan of Trash cinema you will be a fan of Trash and his gang and this movie seek it out as sson as possible it's worth it
June 4, 2012
Was rad! I laughed a lot, and so many quotable lines!
November 24, 2011
Eh this is ok for an early 80s Italian warriors street gang rip off movie. Its good to kill a couple hours on a weeknight when you can't find anything else to watch and don't mind an older cheesy action movie now and then. If anything some of the stupid parts are good for a laugh with your buddies and some of the action scenes are somewhat impressive.
June 23, 2011
Bronx declared high risk and attempts to restore law and order abandoned. Despite this, Manhattan girl flees large inheritance to join motorcycle gang there. Borrows heavily from The Warriors and Escape From NY. Vic Morrow usually delivers more.
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