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July 13, 2014
When I saw Nate Z. had left a review on here I had to troll him. That loser hasn't even seen the film. Indeed, it is a good movie which presents some shocking revelations.
July 11, 2014
Great analysis America's Worst President.
July 6, 2014
80% of viewers like it. 26% of critics like it. Shocking
½ July 6, 2014
Supposed to be serious, I laughed so hard due to how many lies were told in this film haha
July 6, 2014
This was a excellent documentary on our history and where we are headed.
July 5, 2014
I think that this film is trying to irritate people, but not in a cautionary, or informative view, but in a "Obama out of the White House in 2013" way. It seems that D'Souza is trying to not just give us information about Obama that has not yet been confirmed, but create nothing but propaganda about him. Yeah, it's pretty bad. And the worst part is that people liked this film, most of the public was alienated and galvanized into this film. This film is just poorly executed, and just paranoid propaganda. This film is like an argumentative essay, a F graded essay that fails on an intellectual level.
July 4, 2014
This *great* documentary exposes with facts President Obama's low view of America and its foundations as a free nation and *the* leading nation in the world. It exposes his world-view which made him (by his own words) want to "fundamentally change America" to be like other nations. The disparity between positive audience rating and the mirror image negative rating of "professional" (generally Leftist) reviewers shows how out of touch reviewers are with the American audience, love of America, and reality. Hollywood is continually surprised by movies like this, as well as Christian-themed movies, because Hollywood thinks like Obama, that the world would be better off if America receded into the background and blended in, becoming indistinguishable from other nations, nothing special or different.
July 4, 2014
Great movie. Tired of being told our country should be ashamed? See this movie and have some pride again!
July 3, 2014
Great movie! Watch it for yourself and decide. :)
July 3, 2014
Very good documentary about a very controversial President by a man that shares many similarities with Obama but none of the leftist, anticolonial, antiChristian biases of the President
July 3, 2014
Super interesting! You will understand how the president thinks after seeing this film. He is more of a 'citizen of the world,' than I ever realized!

I just saw D'Souza's second film called America:Where would we be without her? I tried to review it on this site--fantastic show, even better than this one. Beautifully filmed with many clips of history that remind you of many things that you have forgotten ....and with a vision for the future!
½ June 30, 2014
Pretty decent account of the story of the life of President Obama and the foundation of his beliefs.
June 22, 2014
Insightful. Explains a lot about why the current Commander is making the choices he is. At least he is black though. Having a black president was so important! Thank goodness we got that accomplished....not saying color of skin matters though...errr right?
June 20, 2014
Great film, the fact that every progressive blowhard hates it makes
it just that more special. It reinforces the fact that progressives hate America and want to "fundamentaly" change it.
Super Reviewer
June 15, 2014
2016: Obama's America is, like its director and star Dinesh D'Souza, is a documentary of some interest and intelligence, yet one prone to simplicity and a lack of penetrating depth. Listening to D'Souza's media rounds, one cannot help but be impressed. He is intelligent, well-spoken, and controlled in his delivery. This lead me to check out his 2016 documentary, which has many aspects of merit, but never fully lives up to its promise.

D'Souza's thesis is that Obama's unique upbringing and family history has greatly shaped his world view. Specifically, D'Souza examines his father's socialist and anti-colonialist views, his college associates, and those individuals he has some sort of relationship with that, D'Souza contends, shaped Obama's worldview. This worldview analyses everything from an anti-colonialist view, one that de-emphasizes America's view, and looks to equalize the rest of the world at the sake of our nation's interest, and with a socialist economic bent.

While there's certainly a story to be had here, I'm not convinced D'Souza found it. One should look at all of his policies in context, which is more of the same, and an even greater bent toward militarism, centralism, and blending corporate and government power. If anything, the evolution seems to be that of an intelligence product/operation, with the "anti-colonial" and leftist rhetoric being more of a cover. D'Souza seems to pick and choose his facts, pointing to, as an example, returning a bust of Churchill as a rebuff to the UK, and backing Argentina in the Faulken islands, while ignoring the reversal on numerous military promises, such as Gitmo, and a foreign policy which is very much still interventionist. This speaks to another fault of D'Souza, he correctly exalts America's exceptionalism and our roots in liberty, yet equates that with a seemingly pro-interventionist bent, something very much opposed by our founding fathers.

On a technical level, 2016 is a mixed bag. The cinematography is good, yet the pacing is flawed. Too much time is spent on speculation with just D'Souza, too many filmed phone conversations. The narration is not especially compelling. What is effective, however, are the interviews with the little known family members, done in an un-opposing way, which lends to D'Souza's cool demeanor. What emerges is a certainly different aspect to the Obama story than many realize, yet one that perhaps doesn't fit all the pieces together. It's never boring, and manages to be informative and thought-provoking enough to warrant a watch.

3/5 Stars
May 23, 2014
Do you think liberals will give it a tomato? Of course not! They are dependent on hand outs!
May 10, 2014
Great movie that makes you pessimistic and dislike Obama even more
½ April 6, 2014
this video is excellent and haunts us for good reason
April 5, 2014
I'd rather keep politics out of my movies.
April 1, 2014
"You don't know him" Dinesh D'Souza gives us a fantastic motivation of President Obama's past and what shaped the man who now runs the country. What's more is he relates childhood experience to Obama's more baffling policy decisions and shows the man's sinister motives to his crimes. D'Souza tried to warn the nation and the nation didn't listen. The movie outlines the consequences of the nations mistake. Making this the scariest movie I've ever seen
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