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August 31, 2013
A narcoleptic transsexual prostitute who dreams musical numbers when she is asleep? What is not to love? Brilliantly acted with fantastic characters including a dwarf housemate and a bf who loves to be fucked hard with her big cock. Madonna even let them do the best routine you will ever see to True Love! Amazing!
July 14, 2013
Nice try, well directed
Super Reviewer
August 6, 2012
Visually stunning, somewhat weird but colourful. It's a comedy that is hard to describe, but it's a scrutiny on the world of transexuals, plus it's a musical, what a combination!!!! There's lots of symbolism and subtext, how a transsexual prostitute views the world and the contrast of the harsh reality was impressive.
May 19, 2012
Narcoleptic transvestite musical....what's not to like?!
April 8, 2012
Very good musical, all about laugh and fun.
March 15, 2012
Love all the musical numbers!!
August 21, 2011
Un poco de musical hollywoodense mezclado con la comedia picante a lo Almodóvar resulta esta peli. A la manera de "Bailando En La Oscuridad", Marieta, una mujer a la que le sobran 20 centímetros entre las piernas y no tiene dinero para solucionarlo, escapa de su realidad poco prometedora en fantasí­as musicales con canciones clásicas y de una gama muy diversa de estilos. Muy divertida y conmovedora.
½ August 17, 2011
so. much. fun! the campest and most colourful musical ever. despite severe story problems, very very very entertaining.
February 20, 2011
mee gustó mucho....
November 9, 2010
A film not for the Tea Party type.
July 5, 2010
Muito bom, muito original e divertido. As vantagens que 20cm podem trazer (ou não... :) )
March 13, 2010
Sexy with musical numbers. Very entertaining.
½ March 12, 2010
quite a fun movie with a colourful story. the sleeping fits are a hoot! :)
February 3, 2010
funny, colourful, over-the-top. just sit back, relax, and enjoy it kind of movie
½ November 21, 2009
Ver a "Anita" de Piedras tan sensual, de travesti, cantando Parole es genial! Adore los numeros musicales, cosa taaan rara en mi! Ramon Salazar es un genio, sin duda.
½ June 1, 2009
Probably the best I've seen in the Spanish-narcoleptic-pre-Op-transgender-dwarf-dating-hooker genre. Or at least one of the top five.
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January 25, 2009
"A narcoleptic transsexual prostitute finds herself transported into a musical world in which she is the star whenever she falls asleep." Could this movie be any more AWESOME?
December 29, 2008
Sin importar cuantas veces la vea, que divertida resulta cada vez!
December 21, 2008
This movie is wonderful fun. It manages to be campy and extravagant while still being emotionally touching. Can I get a hurrah for the main actress. She is without a doubt (no offense) the ugliest film protagonist I have ever seen (more so than Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and she manages to be abundantly empathetic, joyful, and yes, sexy. Brilliant.
November 15, 2008
excelente musical español dirigido por Ramon Salazar la protagonista un travestí al que le sobran 20 cm sera ese acaso su atractivo?
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