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½ June 9, 2016
Remake of sorts of the hit television series about two unlikely partners who team up to go undercover at a local high school where a deadly drug has hit campus.
½ June 6, 2016
The film on its own gives us a some good laughs, and so long as you dont even think about comparing it to the original series it does well enough. The problem comes when, indeed you begin to compare it to the far superior Jump Street Tv series. in which case the appreciation for this film takes a steep dive and is like comparing the Mona Lisa to elephant turd on a pedestal.
The original series was a complex drama that did not shy from presenting a serious debate on society, whereas this movie is just here for dumb laughs. I seriously question the producers decision to title this film after the series when just about any other name would have done well enough, specially considering the celebrity power it already has, unfortunately this feels like it has tarnished the reputation of a classic series while creating something that will ultimately just be a good watch, whenever there is nothing better.
½ May 30, 2016
21 Jumpstreet is a solid comedy that hits almost all the right notes. It is fast paced and well written with great performances from it's male leads (Who knew Channing Tatum had great comic timing?). What's best is this film has a coherent story that is interesting with characters you care about. I would definitely recommend 21 Jumpstreet to fans of comedy.
½ May 28, 2016
21 Jump Street is surprisingly hilarious, with hilarious comedy scenes, as well as action scenes and a great plot, make this movie a must watch for comedy fans.
½ May 22, 2016
Lame in all respects: Weak plot, cliched characters, poor acting.
½ May 19, 2016
Everything is exceptional in this. The writing, the directing, the performances, you could tell they had a budget to! But the laughs are where it excels because this is one of the funniest movies of all time!
May 18, 2016
A good-natured must-see for fans of broad, silly comedies with a little something under the surface too. While the film struggles at the start as Tatum and Hill share little chemistry, they improve minute by minute. 21 Jump Street is nothing like the original series but it still manages to do just enough to earn your laughs.
May 17, 2016
Ice Cube was hilarious!
½ May 8, 2016
Witty humor of Miller and Lord definitely delivers in this film. Absolutely hilarious performances by Hill and - the guy you never thought would be funny - Tatum. The raunch is just right and appropriate.
½ May 6, 2016
I'm late to the game here, but I thought this was pretty funny. If you are watching films with a bunch of buddies, this might be a good one to watch.
May 2, 2016
Yes, Nataly, you were right, I loved it, and I FINALLY get the appeal of Charming Potato.
½ April 27, 2016
not like the good old tv show, but good enough!
½ April 25, 2016
FUNNIEST MOVIE EVER!!!!! It has it all a movie of all genres it had: Laughs, Drugs, Violence, and Sex.
April 17, 2016
This is not a good movie I think for one thing it is inappropriate with bad humor. so I would recommend kids not seeing this movie. I saw this movie and I think it's not a good movie.
½ April 12, 2016
Frecuent Laugh-out-loud jokes, being self referential and cliche killer, 21 Jump Street is a smart parody on typical teen movies and classic buddy cop movies, powered by a likeable energetic chemestry between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.
April 11, 2016
Very funny movie with great chemistry between the two lead stars who really lift the material here.
April 4, 2016
An adaptation of the 1987 TV series by the same name, 21 Jump Street is a movie about 2 cops who are tasked with masquerading as high school students to try and take down a new dangerous drug spreading around the high school. With smarter writing, directing, and acting than anyone would've expected, this is a surprisingly good movie
April 3, 2016
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have great chemistry which make for a hilarious comedy/action movie that is very nostalgic and fun.
½ March 29, 2016
I say for a buddy cop movie, that this wasn't bad! Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have great chemistry as partners, and the story and action kept my attention from beginning to end! Now that's some good entertainment!
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